Fall Decorating Catalog in Zara of the Year

Your House has to adapt to the season , and if in your closet already there has been change by sleeves short sleeves long, why not do the same with your home? Although magenta already taught you part of this catalogue, they have taken advantage of the arrival of the first cold to reinforce it. Keep in mind that in the shops of decoration of Zara they follow the same strategy as in the clothing and almost every week renewed its offer of products keeping the infallible classics. give up the savings imposed by the crisis.

The Special autumn of Zara Home has a stellar protagonist who are blankets, have prices that depart from the 19.90 euro up to the 99. The variation depends on the materials of which they are made but also of its texture. If I had to choose three, I prefer, in first place, with blanket chenille intense purple, the color of the season, for only €19.99. Another blanket that I love is the blanket für Long, not suitable for homes with children but simply beautiful and so warm! Your problem is the price, which almost comes to the 100 euros and it can not be washed…
Among the novelties for the living room, I’ll stick with metal plated Mae table mirror and it costs one 49,90 EUR. Also in that same table you would a Chambers vase that I think that it is perfect. The problem you are having is that to be resin not are you can fill with water, but by €14.90 give a touch of class to your living room.

Finally, I would like that you take a look at Ingrid carpet in red and, while it is in the section “Linen” I would call it perfectly in a room to give a stronger air. It costs about €199,90 and it has a few measures of 150 x 200.