Famous Attractions in Molivos

By | January 20, 2021

The medieval village of Molivos, or Mithymna as it is actually called, is a well-visited place on the Greek island of Lesbos. The whole village breathes history and romance and follows strict rules on how the houses and architecture should be preserved. This small fairytale village is a sight on the whole and just by following the alleys up to the castle, makes the thoughts undeniably brought to Mont St. Michel or some medieval mountain village in Italy. The whole city is built on the hill around a mountain and at the top you have the large fortress that was there to spy on intruders from the sea.

Gattelusi Castle

At the top In Molivos, lies the castle or fortress Gattelusi. Several concerts are held here every summer that you can go to. The castle was built in the 14th century and today there are mostly ruins left where you can walk around and enjoy the view. At the top there are also a few restaurants to sit down and rest at, as you will probably feel your legs when you have finally got up. The castle closes at 16 so was out in good time.

The Ottoman Baths

It is not only in Turkey that there are hammams to clean up. Greece and Lesbos have also taken part in this tradition, which is not surprising since they come from the same peoples with the same traditions. In Molivos, an old hammam called Ottoman Baths in English has been preserved. This hammam, which was used until 1961, stands out due to its stylish interior and size. Today, this old charming building is a museum that is well worth a visit.

The port of Molivos

According to collegetoppicks, Molivo’s harbor is very atmospheric and is a perfect end to the evening when you see the sunset and can sit down at the many restaurants or cafes there. Anyone who is only curious about nice boats or wants to look at people should also go down to the harbor. People of all kinds gather here to socialize, eat and discuss. The port also has a range of hotels which means that most of the city’s visitors are here. This port is one of Lesbos’ most photographed attractions, as it is both stately and charming at the same time. If you plan to eat here, it is recommended to choose the port’s most served meal Meze, which is a Greek variant of tapas.


The picturesque shopping street in Molivos is named the world’s 5th most beautiful street. and the charm is truly amazing. This cobblestone road is largely completely free of sunlight as the trees above provide shade along the entire road. In the spring, the wisteria flowers on the trees and color all shades purple, which is a delight to the eye. It feels as if you are walking in a fantasy maze and along the way you encounter both enchanting arches and alleys.

  • A tip when visiting churches and chapels is to be aware that certain places may not be violated or opened. If you are a man, the church must be closed for 40 days and if you are a woman, the church must usually be burned down. Due to the fact that tourists often do not know about this, they have adapted a little and instead of burning down the church, the person in question who committed the violation is fined. You should therefore make sure to look at what applies before opening a door in Molivos.

Famous attractions in Molivos