Fostering The Creativity of Our “Small Artists”

All that we have children we know that, at some point in their life their need to express themselves leads them to “decorate” which have more hand, whether tables, comfortable or walls and floors…
For encouraging creativity our locos bajitos and not take more tantrums of the strictly necessary, the first thing to do is get ahead of the artistic moment.

On other occasions we talked about that a great idea is to paint a wall with magnetic paint home, and over slate painting. Does not need to be black, the market offers us paintings of colors, such as the of the Interior Designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. But if that is not enough, we can purchase furniture low cost for the quarter of toys. A versatile Ikea Rast Dresser can be turned into a forest with a little imagination.

Does require us to become in Beatrix Potter, just a little bit of creativity or a templates appropriate and pine furniture completely change the look of the room. A good idea is to include dwarves in the transformation process, you will love help.

It has already begun ARC, the fair’s most important contemporary art in Spain and is new space for young emerging artists… Debuts at home your own “Young Art”, Who knows? The same us surprise.