Go to Cyprus and Calm Your Curiosity

By | February 5, 2021

Cyprus has often been considered an island with a lot of secrets. Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite and has some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. For several decades, Cyprus has been a charter paradise and it does not seem to be declining. Swimming and sunbathing but also a hectic nightlife is typical of Cyprus, but the island also has several attractions to explore.

A little lesson about Cyprus

According to topschoolsintheusa, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and it has long been disputed whether it is a European island or an Asian one. Geographically, it is located in Asia, but since it is located in the Mediterranean, it is still considered a European holiday destination. Cyprus began to be visited after 1960 when the island became independent. The ethnic groups consist mainly of Greeks and Turks since the 16th century and as you can imagine, there are many old conflicts and burrows beneath the surface. Politically, it is a rather complicated situation, but it is still quite calm here. Nowadays, the island has been divided into the southern and northern parts. The south consists mostly of Greeks and the north of Turks. Keep in mind that it is possible to pay with both euros and Turkish lira, depending on where on the island you are.

Looking at Cyprus

Most people usually go to Cyprus in the summer, but spring is an equally good season to pack your bag and get here. As I said, Cyprus is a divided country, but it does not affect tourists who can travel freely however they want. Ayia Napa is the most popular place and is actually quite quiet, although some partygoers find their way here as well. But for the most part, you will find older people and families with children here. Paphos is located on the west coast and since it is not the destination that Swedes visit most on the island, you will find more Russians and other nationalities here. A tip, however, is to try to get here as Paphos is considered one of the greenest areas on the island and the surroundings are more beautiful than on the east side.

Nicosia – the capital

Cyprus’ shared capital is called Nicosia and is located in the middle of the island. Here it is not sun and swimming that counts, but sun hat and sunglasses and a hefty bottle of water as it can get extremely hot here. However, the town is located on the river Pedieos. Nicosia is a rich city and it is noticeable on both the population and the standard of the buildings. The capital is the center of both the economy, business and tourism, as well as politics that you can sometimes notice. The city has a number of museums such as the Cyprus Museum or the Archaeological Museum. Nicosia’s old town is full of charm and shopping so make sure to take at least one full day in the city. The nightlife is noticeable and it is relatively safe to be out here as all the streets are lit. Getting to Nicosia is easy with the island’s local buses that run from all cities.

Get to Cyprus

Charter flights are the most common to get to Cyprus, but the low-cost airline Norwegian also goes to Larnaca Airport. You can also take Ryanair from Skavsta to Paphos Airport. Nicosia Airport is now closed to international air traffic and if you want to get here you have to take local buses or travel further within the country.

Go to Cyprus and calm your curiosity