Hansa Bathroom Accessories | 1911, Germany


Brand Facts: 

  • Hansa is a leading brand manufacturing high quality sanitary accessories for kitchen and bathroom.
  • They follow the philosophy value of “Green Responsibility” and “Experience water”, and they pay much attention to the sustainability and environmental protection, devoting to improving the efficiency of their products for water and energy savings.

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Bathroom fittings, shower competence, kitchen fittings, complementary products, object


Time and place: 1911, Stuttgart, Germany >> countryaah.com

Original name: Pressing and Stamping GmbH

Early products: special fittings for the automotive and aircraft industries

Founder: Karl Goehring

Parent company: Oras Group

Hansa Bathroom Accessories

Headquarter Location: 

Stuttgart, Germany

Worldwide Locations: 

Germany, Austria, Egypt, South Africa, Mauritius, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, UK, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

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Price Range: 

Shower heads: USD30-USD671.25

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