Holidays in Turkey

By | May 20, 2022

According to Country Matters, Turkey is still one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. Even during its closure, people flew there through other countries, and when it reopened, the joy of tourists knew no bounds. And no wonder, because Turkey is just perfect for a beach holiday, and there is something to see here.

Shopping in Turkey

Many shopping enthusiasts choose Turkey for trips, as here you can buy unique things inexpensively. Almost everywhere it is customary to bargain, only in large stores you will not be thrown off the price. In general, merchants like those who bargain and talk a lot with them. Many merchants know Russian quite well.

There were no sales at all in Turkey before, now they are from July to September and from January to March. But it’s better to buy something on street stalls in October, when hawkers are trying to sell their goods.

Shopping tours to Turkey

Shopping tours are a very popular destination. Basically they are organized in Istanbul. The cost of such a tour includes accommodation, flights, as well as trips to shops and bazaars. Such tours are often organized for the purchase of fur coats.

What to buy in Turkey

From Turkey you can bring a wide variety of souvenirs:

  • Textiles, no less high quality than in Europe or America. It is worth paying attention to clothes and bedding, but the shoes here are not very high quality;
  • Leather products, high-quality and inexpensive, soft, pleasant to the touch;
  • Jewelry – high quality and low prices. There is both gold and silver. Be sure to require certificates so as not to purchase a fake
  • Carpets – quite expensive, but really chic, soft and very high quality;
  • Faience and ceramics. Especially popular are vases and plates in the style of the 15th century;
  • Hookahs and pipes;
  • spices;
  • coffee grinders;
  • Coffee and tea.


There are really a lot of hotels in Turkey, so you can find accommodation for every taste and budget. In those places where Russian tourists often rest, most of the staff can easily speak Russian. In general, Turkish hotels of any star rating are distinguished by a very high quality of service. If you plan to mainly swim and lie on the beach, then it is better to choose a hotel closer to the coastline. If you want a relaxing holiday, then settle somewhere in a quiet area.

Hotels offer tourists a wide range of services, usually they have bars, shops, you can call or exchange currency, and there is also where to leave the child. Hotels work differently – some close, for example, after 23:00. This question needs to be clarified.


Very often in Turkey, meals are fully included in the cost of the tour, that is, tourists fully eat in hotels, often even with snacks on the beaches. Of course, this is not always the case, and with all-inclusive meals, you often have to dine outside hotels.

In the resort area, food is usually organized as usual – a tourist comes to a cafe, receives a menu, chooses a dish and waits for his order. There you can try European and Turkish cuisine, but in general it is better to go outside the resort area for traditional Turkish cuisine. There you can dine in a tavern or restaurant – the first one always serves thick soups, and the second one will definitely have a roast, but you can’t find soup. The menu is usually not given – guests simply go into the kitchen and choose their favorite dish.

In Turkey, you should definitely try local pastries, sweets and kebabs.


There are many pharmacies in Turkey, but very rarely they work around the clock. The simplest drugs are sold without a prescription, and the range of drugs is quite wide. It is better for foreigners to have health insurance, which will open access to highly qualified assistance.

There is no need to vaccinate before traveling to Turkey – it is enough to drink only bottled water, wash fruits and vegetables, and follow basic hygiene rules. You should also carefully monitor your feet – fungal diseases are very common.


Turkey is primarily a country of beach holidays. Here, in numerous seaside resorts, all conditions are created for comfortable lying on the beach and swimming. Yacht cruises in the Mediterranean are very popular in Turkey. Of course, there are a lot of various sights in this ancient country that can be freely explored both with excursions and alone. There are several medical resorts with thermal waters in Turkey. There are also many ski resorts in the country – many people come here in winter to ski. In Alanya, and in other resorts, you can go diving or go on a jeep safari.

Turkey is famous for its wonderful water slides and attractions on the beaches, which are enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults.

Holidays in Turkey