Hygiene in Bangkok

By | April 15, 2021

Abdominal disease

Many claim that everyone who has visited Thailand has contracted stomach disease, but this has not been true for a long time. In Thailand, gastric disease such as food poisoning is about as likely as in Finland, and there are no norovirus epidemics or other unfortunate common diseases in Finland today. In general, the level of hygiene in stalls and restaurants is high, and food is prepared with clean ingredients, equipment and methods. Competition for diners is fierce, and causing stomach upset for customers will lead to the destruction of the company.

In stalls, food is pure from vegetables to fruits and snacks, but there are a few things to look out for. Especially at the night markets but elsewhere you can see that the sushi is sold piece by piece in the stalls and should not be eaten as they have been warm for a long time. In general, meat dishes can cause the most stomach upset because the meat is easy to store incorrectly or it may at some point be too warm for too long, and the same is true for chicken. Fish dishes and Seafood are the safest in this respect, as they are fresh daily and are constantly kept cold. It may not be sensible to taste the various products of market stalls, such as sausages, grilled meats and other similar products. The safest snacks are fruit,

Tap water should not be drunk, but children can also brush their teeth.

Equally, you should prepare for stomach ailments by purchasing diarrhea medications such as Loperon, and there are medications and herbs for various stomach aches on site in pharmacies and supermarkets. All medicines can be bought in Thailand, because their prices there are completely different than in Finland.

There are medicines and herbs for various stomach aches in pharmacies and supermarkets on site

Febrile diseases

One concern for those traveling to Thailand is the various febrile illnesses of which malaria is the best known, most dangerous and most feared. There is no malaria in the Bangkok area, and anyway, during the dry travel season, the risk of fever in Bangkok is extremely low.

A milder fever than malaria is dengue fever, which, however, spoils the holiday and from which complete recovery can take a week. Like other febrile illnesses, you get a mosquito bite, and therefore you should get mosquito and other insecticides from a supermarket that you should put on your entire body, including your hair, many times a day. The best are sprayable poisons that get well into the hair as well. Particularly dangerous time for various injections, the majority of which do not cause any health problems, is the evening, and in the evenings it is good to be in rooms with fans and where it is difficult for mosquitoes to fly at will. In Bangkok, however, such worries are minor, and the greatest danger lies during the monsoon season, when it is not really worth traveling to Bangkok.

There are some areas in Bangkok, such as Pratunam Market

Drugs and other substances

Many have heard of something that in Thailand anything is possible and there you can buy anything from pharmacies and bars and from the streets you can get everything you can from drugs to anabolic steroids. However, the reality is quite different, and one thing that will soon become clear is that substances classified as narcotic drugs and prescription drugs are extremely illegal and the person in possession of them can face a large fine, Tuko’s other problems, or the requirement to get out of the situation. have to pay the police even 10,000 euros. Not only will there be no illegal substances in Bangkok, but if someone offers something on Khao San Road or Sukhumvit at night, for example, there is something wrong and it does not make sense for those who are interested to negotiate.

Until a year ago, Thai pharmacies received all kinds of over-the-counter drugs, and Diapam and other prescription drugs elsewhere were affordable everywhere. Although there are still pharmacies where you can get sedatives or other prescription drugs around, these drugs are not legal and pharmacies take them at great risk when selling them. A tourist who takes medicines without a prescription also takes some risk, but in Thailand it is not very common for goods to be examined or such things to be blamed. Equally, all the many prescription drugs that some pharmacies sell without a prescription are not even genuine or are not entirely what is claimed.

The biggest risk of having to deal with the police is in nightlife, as police often carry out raids on nightclubs and bars. In Bangkok, however, raids are not as common as in southern beach resorts, but there are always police officers in civilian clothes around Khao San Road and Sukhumvit’s nightclubs, for example.

Other hazards

There are many things to consider in Thailand. However, there is no need to be unnecessarily worried about making mistakes, because Thailand is not a dangerous place. Bangkok as a large metropolis is relatively harmless and crime is low too, but there are a few things that are good to consider.


The king and the royal house are sacred in Thailand. Images of the king are everywhere, and the Thais like their royals immensely. Each banknote has an image of a king or other royal, and therefore the banknotes are handled tactfully. According to the law, nothing negative can be said about the king and no other royals can be criticized.

Buddha and temple areas

The Buddha is sacred in Thailand, and Buddha tattoos are not considered good. The main statues of the Buddha should not be bought, and in general the images and symbols of the Buddha should be treated with respect. The temples where one goes to worship in front of the Buddha statue go without shoes, and outside there are instructions on what kind of clothing is allowed.

You should not go to the temple areas in a sleeveless shirt, small shorts, torn jeans or women so that your shoulders are visible. There are a huge number of temple areas in Bangkok, some of which are the main attractions of the city, and outside of them, it is made clear what kind of clothing is allowed and what kind of tames are not allowed in them.

Smoking and e-smoking

Smoking is banned almost everywhere, and smoking in the wrong place can be followed by a large fine. The threat of a fine applies to many hotel rooms and all interiors, station piers and more. Outdoor bars are allowed to smoke but never really in restaurants.

In Finland, many travel sites have also spread false information that e-smoking is illegal in Thailand. It has been illegal there for several years to sell any products related to e-smoking, but there has been a lot of talk lately that the law is going to be changed in a more permissive direction. However, an e-smoker going to Thailand should bring liquids and atomizers with them, and it is also worth remembering that liquids are placed in a suitcase but the device containing the battery itself is placed in hand luggage.


Drinking alcohol is prohibited on public transport, especially public, and if you go somewhere on the bus or subway, you should not get on it with an alcoholic beverage. The same goes for long-distance buses and trains, but you can drink alcohol in private taxis.

It is noteworthy that alcohol is sold in shops and out of other points only from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Alcohol is sold almost anywhere, but non-local whiskeys and rice liquor are quite pricey, especially if compared to other price levels.