Joy and Satisfaction through Round Animal Motifs

Joy and Satisfaction through Round Animal Motifs

Imagine sitting in the bushes with binoculars and observing different animals. This is exactly what you can experience from the comfort of your own home when you look at your animal themed wall art. Take a look at a Kvilis wooden picture with animal friends in the forest, where a bear, deer, rabbit and birds communicate harmoniously with each other. This behavior goes great with a circular mural. Or experience visually how dolphins or a turtle move underwater. Your choice of a round picture is particularly effective if you choose a glass picture with a 3D look or an aluminum Dibond picture with a 3D look, for example. In the gallery you will also find the portrait of a lion’s head, a swan in the full moon by Kubistika as a glass picture, an attractive owl or a poster with a gorilla. In order to let the supposed distance work on you, we recommend choosing a picture with a sea motif with many birds circling overhead. It is a good idea, for example, to put such pictures of nature in the bedroom, where it is most important to be able to rest. In the children’s room, on the other hand, your little ones are usually most enthusiastic about cute animals such as a small piglet as a mural. The round shape in particular makes it appear as if the little pig is stretching its head towards the observer in a targeted and expectant manner. This automatically creates a certain liveliness that will bring a lot of joy to both younger and older people. For more beautiful living room or bedroom pictures, the repertoire includes a deer, galloping horses, elephants or a fox. The contentment of the fox depicted is an example of how valuable such a state of mind is and reminds us to strive for it ourselves.┬áIf you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find small wall clocks online.

Tranquility, romance or life goals with nature and plants

With wild grasses on a wood picture, you can optimally show that you like to be active. For this reason, it makes sense to hang such a motif either in the living room or in the bedroom. In this category, the illustrations of tree trunks in the forest or a handful of delicate blossoms stand for absolute peace and privacy. Both are therefore ideal for the bedroom. You can also opt for a cherry blossom motif to welcome spring in your apartment or house or to keep it there all the time. Romantic feelings are sure to come up when you have a stained glass picture with a poppy field in front of you in the sunset. If you are already in a good mood, the picture will boost your mood even further. However, if you’re not quite up to it, looking at the illustration can significantly lift your spirits and inspire new imaginations. After all, our thoughts are often the forerunners of our subsequent actions. If you want to float in nostalgia, the best thing to do is to use a wooden picture with vintage blossoms. On a poster find a powerful water wave. You could see this as activism or pure love of life. The portfolio also offers realistic depictions such as Cape Arkona on a glass picture. Maybe you have already been there and would like a nice reminder in your living room, or you feel a kind of longing to visit the place in the future and want to keep your goal in mind with the motif. A glass picture with a dandelion in the wind reflects to you how many possibilities and ways there could be for a certain thing.

Form a large whole with geometric figures

In the category with round motifs there are also several that also have geometric figures. It is precisely the fact that the exterior as a circular image itself represents a special geometric figure that makes the combination of content particularly interesting. For example, many small triangles are integrated into the circle, resulting in a mountain landscape as a whole. In a playful way, a moon was also placed in the middle of the upper half, which is particularly effective here due to its round shape. Another picture in the gallery shows a composition by Mondrian. Squares and rectangles of different sizes are presented to you on this, some of which are painted in red, yellow, black and blue. Such a picture of wood can be installed in the bathroom or in the kitchen like a missing piece of the puzzle and looks as if it always belonged there. Cubes stacked on top of each other in both shadow and light colors can become meaningful when you think about getting to a goal step by step. On the way you will encounter successes, setbacks or detours that have to be mastered. As a sign of these possibilities on the path of life, this decoration fits into almost any interior. It is also one of the fascinating creations when Frederiksson, for example, depicts honeycombs in gold and copper tones, which form an amazing unit, especially on a round wooden picture.

Live and love with lettering on murals

Who doesn’t want to feel as good as possible? An aluminum dibond image serves as an incentive with different lettering and drawings. For example, a “love 24 hrs” is framed by a heart, while the alliteration “live laugh love” can be seen right next to it. Below, the wisdom “Let your dream be bigger than your fears” is focused quite large. A feather, a rose and various arrows can be seen as visual support. It’s also simpler with an aluminum dibond picture on which “love is everything” is noted. The decision for a round mural also fits the theme of love pretty well because it is ultimately about eternity and that is exactly what the circle symbolizes. Anyone who is primarily interested in a “good” life, in which food plays a major role, is most likely to enjoy a motif with the words “.

Joy and Satisfaction through Round Animal Motifs