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By | February 1, 2023

Kansas is home to over 600 zip codes, covering a wide variety of cities and towns in the state. From the bustling city of Wichita to the small farming towns in rural Kansas, the state has something for everyone. In western Kansas, there are several zip codes that cover the larger cities such as Garden City, Hays, and Dodge City. The zip codes in these cities range from 67801 to 67864. Garden City is home to some of the most diverse populations in Kansas and is also a hub for business and industry. Hays is known for its abundant agriculture production, while Dodge City is a popular tourist destination with its historic Wild West theme parks.

In central and eastern Kansas, zip codes are found in many smaller towns such as Salina, Topeka, Emporia, Lawrence, and Manhattan. Salina’s zip code ranges from 67402 to 67401 while Topeka’s range from 66601 to 66609. Emporia’s range from 66801 to 66860 while Lawrence’s range from 66044 to 66049. Manhattan’s zip code ranges from 66502 to 66503. These cities offer unique experiences for residents who want to explore the rich history of Kansas or experience small-town charm in a larger city setting.

Finally, there are several rural communities located throughout Kansas that have their own unique zip codes as well as many unincorporated areas with no official postal code at all. These communities provide great access to natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities while still offering close proximity to larger cities throughout the state.

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List of all zip codes for the state of Kansas, KS. Sorted by city. For each zip code listed, names of city and county are provided. For specific information of each postal code, please click the following links for Kansas zip codes.

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List of Zip Codes in Kansas by City

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The fifth city on the list of top five cities in Kansas is Lawrence. Located in Douglas County, this city is home to the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University. Lawrence has a population of around 90,000 people and is a hub for culture, art, food, and entertainment. Lawrence has a vibrant downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, galleries, and more. The city also boasts many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. Lawrence has an abundance of parks that offer plenty of recreational opportunities as well as places to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Additionally, there are many festivals throughout the year like the Mayor’s Art Fair and Free State Festival which allow visitors to experience all that Lawrence has to offer. The city also hosts several music festivals such as Wakarusa Music Festival and Harvest Music Festival which draw large crowds every year. All in all Lawrence offers something for everyone!

105 Counties

Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. The state has a total of 105 counties, each with its own unique history and culture.

The most populous county in Kansas is Johnson County, which is home to two of the largest cities in the state: Kansas City and Overland Park. Johnson County has a population of more than 607,000 people and a median household income of over $66,000. It’s also home to several universities including Kansas State University and Johnson County Community College.

In northeastern Kansas lies Wyandotte County, which is home to Kansas City and its suburbs. This county has a population of around 168,000 people with a median household income of nearly $48,000. Other major cities in Wyandotte include Bonner Springs and Edwardsville.

Shawnee County is located just south of Topeka in eastern Kansas. It has an estimated population of 177,000 people with a median household income of nearly $50,000. Topeka itself serves as the capital city for Shawnee County while other major cities include Rossville and Silver Lake.

In central Kansas lies Sedgwick County which contains Wichita – the largest city in the state – as well as its suburbs such as Derby and Haysville. Sedgwick County has an estimated population of around 517,000 people with a median household income over $50,000. Wichita State University can be found here as well as McConnell Air Force Base located on the southern edge of town.

Rounding out this list are several more counties located throughout Kansas including Butler County (home to El Dorado) Harvey County (home to Newton), Leavenworth County (home to Leavenworth), Riley County (home to Manhattan) and Reno County (home to Hutchinson). Each county offers something unique whether it be historic sites or outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting throughout their various parks and trails systems that span across each respective area.

Kansas Zip Codes