Knobs with Lights and Cement Facts

Cement is a material with which you can build the most beautiful buildings with more complicated forms. But serves not only for big things, we also can do with the small details for our home. Only desire and a good cast are needed to create the most varied objects. A light bulb may be a reef in this regard, since it can be used as mould for knobs or hooks.

It is an idea that I’ve seen on Instructables, and it caught my attention for two reasons. The beauty and the uniqueness of the cement, It creates subtle landscapes with changes of tones and small holes, making it unique to anything built with this material. And for the originality of the idea that has been able to see how to recycle, creating a convenient object.

We will need a fused bulb, cement and a double screw. We must empty bulb with care, it is often not difficult but it will be good to protect your fingers with a glove to not cut us. We can find in DIY stores small packages of cement. We will make the mix according to your instructions and we fill the bulb, but not previously inserted screw on CAP making a hole with the drill to measure and leaving on the inside a good screw.

Then return to join CAP and bulb strongly, and leave it to harden. When we are sure that the cement is ready (recommend leaving it 72 hours), we can break the glass and the knob will be finished. It is advisable to do it inside a bag for prevent accidents with crystals.

Playing with the different sizes of bulbs will obtain from small knobs for cabinets up to handles for light gates. And by placing several on a wooden base or directly on the wall have a hanger the original sea.