Landmarks of Panama

By | November 18, 2022

The Republic of Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. Panama is best known for the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In the twentieth century, the presence of this huge canal has contributed greatly to the economic growth that the country has experienced in that period. Although management of the canal was cost-neutral until 1999, Panama benefited from the presence of thousands of Americans during the period that Americans controlled the canal. Furthermore, the channel offered the opportunity to earn good money from logistics services, trade in the free zone and other services resulting from the presence of the channel. Since the end of the twentieth century, Panama has become a lot more popular as a tourist destination. People who now experience neighboring Costa Rica as too commercial see Panama as a nice alternative. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Panama.

Top 10 things to do in Panama

#1. Panama Canal
Panama is world famous for its Panama Canal through which thousands of ships pass each year. The canal of about 80 km cuts the land length of Central America in half, making a passage from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The ship is brought to water level by means of locks in three places. The tides of both waters are quite different. Container ships and cruise boats are pulled through the canal with a kind of train. A cruise through such a canal takes on average between eight and eleven hours. The highly ingenious system of the Panama Canal is still highly regarded in the world.

#2. San Blas Islands
The original inhabitants of Panama are the Kuna Indians. These Indians are still living in the coastal strip of Kuna Yala province, also known as the San Blas Islands. Here they still live with many norms and values ​​for nature. For example, no diving is allowed around these islands of Kuna Yala and nothing may be taken from the sea that you have not been able to reach using your own lung capacity. Their traditional way of life is very fascinating to see. There are very few tourist accommodations to be found. There are several tours to book, some of which consist of day excursions. The most famous and accessible islands are El Porvenir, Cartí and Isla de los Perros. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Panama.

#3. Miraflores Locks
Locks are of great importance to the Panama Canal. They are necessary to navigate between the tides of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This makes them very important for sailing through the Panama Canal. The locks are then controlled from a control room. The locks at Miraflores are the most famous in Panama. Here you can see how the huge sea giants are pulled through the locks with trains, where the space to the side sometimes seems to be only a few centimeters.

#4. Panama City
Some make the comparison between Miami and Maracaibo. Whether you agree or not, Panama City is a city of great class. There are many contrasts to be found and it has its own skyline of towers that can be found in the Punta Paitilla business district. Old Panama City, Casco Viego, has a bit more of its colonial charm. The cathedral ‘Iglesia de San José has a beautiful appearance due to its old and new combined appearance. It is located on the most important square ‘Plaza de la Independence’ of the city. The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo on the edge of Cerro Ancón is a wonderful place to visit in this vibrant city. It has a lot of modern contemporary art and regular temporary exhibitions. For shopping you have to be in the El Cangrejo district.

#5. Darien National Park
In a beautiful piece of rainforest in Panama lies probably the most beautiful natural park in Central America. Because there are so many animals, the park has been declared a biosphere reserve. The most beautifully colored frogs happily jump around here. Crocodiles and caimans dominate the waters in this wooded area. It is not advisable to explore this park on your own. Outside the protected areas of this rainforest you can encounter guerrillas and other gangs.

#6. Fort San Lorenzo
On the Atlantic coast of Panama is the San Lorenzo Fort. This fortress has a tumultuous history of looting and attack going back some 400 years. It has already endured a lot. In the early 19th century it still served as a prison. The fort is in a beautiful setting.

#7. Parque Nacional Portobelo
The once most important treasure harbor of America was that of Portobelo. Many silver fleets have sailed through this port carrying various valuables such as gold, silver and emeralds. Part of this history can be found in this beautiful park ‘Parque Nacional Portobelo’. There are ruins of about 500 years old and you will find many colonial Spanish buildings. The cannons still lying on the edge of Castillo de San Jerónimo confirm that many attacks have taken place. The old Real Aduana customs office now houses a small museum about the history of Portobelo.

#8. Rum factory Carte Vieja
The agricultural area of ​​Panama is Chiriquí. This area has beautiful mountain rivers, volcanic mountain ranges and a rum factory. The rum factory Carte Vieja is located a few kilometers from the beautiful town of Davids in the village of El and offers tourists a nice tour with of course a tasting of the delicious stuff. The Carte Vieja rum is a highly prized rum in Panama.

#9. Mi Pueblito
In the special place Mi Pueblito, on the outskirts of Panama City, three important cultures of Panama can be found. Namely the indigenous culture of Indians, the West Indian culture of people who helped build the Panama Canal and the culture of the farmers. You will find, among other things, a replica of a Kuna village with houses made of palm and reed. But also the typical houses of the West Indians.

#10. Causeway
“The place to be” for an evening stroll over the long dam along the Panama Canal. During the day there are many runners and cyclists on this beautiful part of Panama. With a relaxed walk you will automatically arrive in Isla Flamenco where you can enjoy shopping or have a drink in the harbor with of course a beautiful view of the marina.

Landmarks of Panama