Lanzarote – The Island on the UNESCO World Heritage List

By | January 5, 2021

In 1993, Lanzarote became more than just a tourist destination – the island was also recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco and consists of interesting and unique nature reminiscent of both the moon and Southern Europe. The black ash on the ground and the small craters interspersed with vineyards and the swaying flowers, make Lanzarote not only a well-visited place among nature photographers but also adventurous tourists.

Lanzarote is the most volcanic island in the entire archipelago of the Canary Islands and if you want to experience the nature around lava and spraying volcanoes, you should go to the nature reserve Timanfaya where people go with eggs to fry directly on the mountain. If you want to ride a camel as a bit of a change, it also works well. For a charter destination like Lanzarote, it is quite incredible to be able to experience this type of nature so close to the sandy beaches and parasols with ice cream and drinks in hand, but that is also what makes Lanzarote so unique.


According to agooddir, the island is the easternmost of the entire archipelago and is thus closest to Africa – only 100 km if you are careful. This is also noticeable in the climate as you have about 300 sunny days a year and only 15 rainy days to wait.

Typical of Lanzarote

Just as the Swedes insist on their red cottages with white knots, Lanzarote has introduced a rule that houses should be white with green wooden doors and green-blue window frames. Behind the idea is the architect Cesar Manrique, who is the island’s pride. He has also played a major role when tourism began to take over the island and hotels and shopping centers had to establish themselves in the cities and on the coasts. In this way, you have chosen to preserve your style while building something tasteful and uniform.

How to get to Lanzarote?

Either you can go charter directly from e.g. Stockholm or you can change in one of the European cities, mainly in Spain or Portugal. Nor does a low-cost flight like Ryanair or Norwegian connect Sweden directly with a scheduled flight, but it is possible to change with Norwegian.

Once in place, the local buses are a safe card and a rental car if you feel like it. In some barren lands it can be good to have a stable car to stay in, as the roads do not always look like here at home.

Important resorts on Lanzarote

Lanzarote has some popular tourist destinations and here the nightlife is also relatively hectic. Puerto del Carmen is best known and also has the most bars and discos. The other resort of Costa Teguise also offers dancing, music and bar tours. The charm of the capital Arrecife also makes people come here in the evenings to walk by the harbor, drink drinks and eat tapas in large groups. The inhabitants of Lanzarote are hospitable and quite easy to get in touch with, so if you would rather practice your Spanish than speak Swedish with the many Swedish tourists, this is fairly easy.

Alternate training and sightseeing

Lanzarote is packed for those who like to move around. Hiking , golf, cool car rides in the volcanic areas, paragliding, water sports, horseback riding and mountain biking are the backbone of training for tourists and locals here.

Lanzarote - The island on the UNESCO World Heritage List