Luxury Baroque Wallpapers

Luxury Baroque Wallpapers

The baroque era was lush and magnificent. The nobles of this time celebrated pleasure in all areas of life and constantly outdid each other in flaunting their splendor. In recent years, baroque wallpapers have experienced a veritable boom and have meanwhile become the undisputed star among patterned wallpapers . Living like Louis XIV is more popular than ever. Let yourself be carried away into the glamorous world of the magnificent palace of Versailles. With a sophisticated baroque wallpaper, the majestic splendor of this epoch shines in your home and you can feel like a king at home. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find decorative wall clocks online.

Baroque wallpapers in many different variants

Baroque wallpapers look very classy, ​​but also playful at the same time. Geometric elements flow symmetrically with floral patterns, decorative ornaments and imaginative tendrils and merge into an extravagant work of art. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer more filigree patterns or more flat, stronger structures, seductive, darker color variants such as black or purple, lively, saturated colors such as violet or ocean blue or elegant, delicate tones such as cream tones or pastel colors, you will find a huge selection of designs and color variations. There is something for everyone. If the glamorous pattern of a baroque wallpaper is not luxurious enough for you, our wallpapers in satin or metallic look give you an extra boost of shine and glamor paired with an extravagant modern touch.

Baroque wallpaper combined in a glamorous way

You can choose to combine our baroque wallpaper with simpler furniture or keep the entire interior in the sophisticated baroque style. For example, dark tones look very harmonious with light furniture. A particularly stylish combination is also created if you only paper one wall with baroque wallpaper or decorate a single-colored surface with individual stripes. There are many ways to add a touch of glamor to your home. Discover our extensive range of baroque wallpapers and simply let your imagination run wild. Are you still undecided and would you like to see more wallpaper variations? Then go ahead! We offer you an extensive selection of patterned wallpaper such as stone look wallpapers or wood look wallpapers or retro wallpapers or floral wallpapers or chrome metallic wallpapers . Let yourself be inspired.

NEW BUDE 2.0 reloaded: trendy designs, strong characters and first-class material quality

Neue Bude 2.0 – the second edition of the successful series also impresses with young, stylish non-woven wallpapers for a variety of living styles: Mia, the stubborn rebel combines romance with punk and stands for opulent flower power creations. The charming, casual Ben also loves contrasts: natural cork prints with metallic effects and baroque designs with a used look. The imaginative Ella prefers to surround herself with pastel flower designs for a relaxed feel-good style. And the smart hipster Tibo likes a luxurious retro look with rough edges: with a cool brick wall look and multi-material with rusty elements. “Neue Bude 2.0” is THE strong lifestyle brand for young, individual living styles for the 20+ generation. It sets new creative impulses for unusual room designs. The processing of the non-woven wallpapers is also very easy, because they can be processed using the so-called wall-pasting technique. Simply paste the wall, insert the strip of wallpaper and press on! Ready!

Product features:

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Backing material: fleece
  • Properties: highly washable, good lightfastness, completely dry strippable, flame retardant, dimensionally stable, very easy to use without soaking time, use of the wall-pasting technique is possible
  • Mass (LxW): 10.05mx0.53m
  • Rapport: 64cm (straight)
  • Colour(s): Black, Metallic
  • Label: FSC-Mix, RAL-GZ 479. CE C-s2. d0
  • quality

Luxury Baroque Wallpapers