Modern Hard Foam Pictures

Modern Hard Foam Pictures

In room decoration, modern hard foam pictures are among the most popular trendsetters. Ultra-light, stable and brilliantly colored, the solidified working foam guarantees quality, beauty and durability. Try it out and enjoy an eventful shopping excursion in our hard foam picture store. Imaginative animal motifs, scenes from nature, multi-part wellness scenarios, sayings for the kitchen, cities & travel decors – experience exclusive art enjoyment with a feather-light wall design in a noble look. We offer you in the category murals sensational creations made of rigid foam for each of your rooms. Discover idyllic natural motifs for the bedroom, typographic art for the hallway, collages with frames or magnificent panoramic city silhouettes in our selected portfolio. A fine selection of artists’ pictures and brands is also represented in our gallery. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wooden wall clocks online.

Wall motifs on hard foam – creative decoration with fine elegance

Would you like to make your walls in the living room, bedroom or office attractive? With high-quality murals made of hard foam, every room can be beautified in a modern, aesthetic and individual way. In the repertoire we present the popular wall highlights in a variety of motifs for every furnishing concept – whether Skandy style, California glamor or country house look. Impressive color intensity and brilliant color reproduction are achieved through high-resolution UV direct printing on 5 mm thick hard foam panels. The Forex® panels, made of foamed plastic, are stable, weather-resistant, extremely light and environmentally friendly. Due to the bright white, smooth material surface, color contrasts, shape dimensions and depth are enhanced. In our portfolio you can expect fabulous hard foam pictures in a variety of dimensions for your desired format. Experience breathtaking Nature motifs on a panorama, let crisp sayings move into the kitchen on a square format or transform your hallway into a private gallery with multi-part works. Wall motifs on hard foam enable creative decoration with fine elegance. In the Cities & Travel category, embark on an exciting tour through vibrant world metropolises and along fantastic sights. Enjoy the view of New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Tower Bridge in London from the comfort of your own home. Our unique animal motifs show very special moments from the fauna. In the hard foam picture store you will discover expressive creations by talented photographers who skilfully capture the creatures and create true art. Many of these and other motifs are also available with frames. Get to know the advantages of our hard foam murals:

  • Robust Forex® plates (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Nice matte finish
  • Dimensionally stable, pressure-resistant, UV-resistant
  • Maximum color saturation
  • Easy to recycle
  • Ultra-light, even for large formats
  • Long lifetime

The right rigid foam wall art for every room

Bare walls appear dull and cold, but you can fill this emptiness in no time with room artists made of rigid foam. Mother Nature opens up the most beautiful templates for Forex® images. Trees, tendrils, flowers and exotic bamboo forests bring a green oasis with a fresh touch to your four walls. With a large portrait or landscape format, you can stage a harmonious interplay between furniture and art in the living room. Stroll along forest paths by the river or let an abstract artist’s picture invite you to a colorful play of colors. In the bedroom, exclusive hard foam creations exude a calming ambience. Dream in the open air or under the protection of a golden Buddha. So no boredom in the kitchen comes up, we have sophisticated rigid foam motifs ready for you in the corresponding section, for example fiery red chili peppers for hot cooking experiences. In our mural repertoire we also offer you an inspiring selection of wellness Designs for bathrooms and relaxation zones. Brighten the atmosphere of the room with the bloom of orchids or a turquoise blue sea scene on the tropical beach. In the brands section there are Bundesliga motifs in club colors, witches’ fun with Bibi Blocksberg and lots of luck with Sheepworld for an inspiring atmosphere in children’s or young people’s rooms. A detour to the Miscellaneous area is also worthwhile. Everything is colorfully mixed here, from the two-part starry night sky to Bob Marley’s likeness in black and white. You will find the right hard foam wall art for every room – be it to beautify your living area or as an effective decoration in your company.

Set ingenious accents quickly and easily with murals made of rigid foam

Our images, produced using the latest printing technology, on high-quality rigid foam panels stand for excellent quality. The compositions are characterized by captivating color radiance, durability, lightness, high strength and insensitivity. With murals made of hard foam, you can quickly and easily set ingenious accents or create a special themed ambience. Showcase ornaments from the occident with frames or let the sundown in Manhattan shine on an XXL panorama. Stone decors, wellness motifs and geometric designs are also ideal for realizing a theme. Amazing animal motifs, impressive natural scenes, moving sayings, unique cities & travel Impressions – in the rigid foam picture shop we have divided our rigid foam collections into clear categories. This enables you to carry out a targeted search based on various criteria such as colour, format, area of ​​use or brands . Are you an avid art lover? In our gallery you will find rigid foam works by world-famous and up-and-coming artists, which make walls in private apartments, commercial spaces or public buildings fascinatingly the center of attention. Stroll through our wide range of artist pictures and discover your favorites in your desired size easily online. Light and shapely, stable and changeable, our hard foam wall pictures are created for a variety of decorative tasks – whether as a horizontal highlight, eye-catcher in panorama style or flexible in several parts.

Buying beautiful hard foam murals comfortably and conveniently

Rigid foam pictures in subtle and bright colors complement wallpaper designs or painted walls wonderfully. Make your living room wall, your dining area or your cooking area a spectacular eye-catcher – either in matching colors or in contrasting nuances. Do you like to stroll through autumn forests or extensive dune landscapes? Then browse through our wonderful creations from nature. If you’re a fan of motivational quotes, be sure to check out our typography designs. Animals, sights, landscapes and Zen motifs also come into their own on bright white rigid foam boards. In the Miscellaneous section you will also discover an extensive portfolio full of decorative treasures. In the Swiss interior shop, decoration fans of all ages can conveniently buy beautiful hard foam pictures from many different themes online. To help you with the attachment, we deliver your favorite motif with a pre-assembled wall bracket, and self-adhesive spacers are also included in your package. Dispel the monotony of boring walls in the bedroom, hallway, bathroom, children’s room or living room. Give your rooms personal charm with a picture made of ultra-light rigid foam, be it in soft shades of green, rich red, restrained gray or soft pastel colours. Expressionism, impressionism, baroque, comics – there are no limits to our range of art styles either.

Modern Hard Foam Pictures