Modern Hexagons

Modern Hexagons

Hexagonal phenomena are often observed in nature and are also very trendy in decoration. That is why modern hexagons are ideal as furniture or wall decoration for unique interiors. Six sides of stylish design are just as pleasing to the eye in the hallway and kitchen as in the living room, bedroom and children’s room. Stage a breathtaking wall collage or complement the geometric highlights with other stylistic elements such as decorative letters or wall clocks. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find silent wall clocks online. Be inspired by hexagonal murals made of different materials in the trend decoration gallery. Whether aluminum dibond with gold effect, birch wood veneer, mirror set, artist creation or plants and animals – in our category there are six decorative elements that are incredibly versatile and fit into any living environment.

Aesthetic design with geometric decoration in the shape of a hexagon

Geometric decorations offer numerous design options in different furnishing styles and lifestyles. Hexagons are particularly popular, and they ensure contemporary living styles with ever new ideas for patterns and motifs. Order, dynamism and modernity merge in the hexagonal shape. Colors such as silver, gold, red, black or delicate pastel shades emphasize the creative design. Three-piece muralsmade of fine aluminum Dibond with a matt, shimmering silver effect and finely stylized lettering give your entrance area a representative character. Gold or copper effects create a warm contrast to cool-toned interiors. Mirrors are in great demand as wall decorations or to visually enlarge the room. Enjoy the glamorous world full of reflective eye-catchers in our gallery. You can attach our luminous mirror hexagons to the wall or place them on a piece of furniture and lean against them. Our beautiful designer hexagons, which we have ready for you in the artist section, are a real enrichment for young and old. Funny animal motifs by Sisi And Seb bring comfort to the children’s room and awaken the spirit of discovery. You can experience bright times with art by Elisabeth Fredriksson. How about a black and gold mosaic hexagon that fascinates with irresistible radiance? In their unbelievable diversity, plants are among the most coveted hexagon motifs. Lush blossoms, tropical palm prints or deep green forests – in the Hexagon collections you will find botanical designs for every style taste. The aesthetic design with geometric hexagonal decoration sets new interior standards. Order your favorites in the desired color and size, select by artist or simply by product type:

  • Alu-Dibond pictures
  • Alu Dibond decoration
  • decorative letters
  • Spiegel
  • Wood pictures
  • wall decals

The new decorative highlights are hexagonal

Hexagonal creations that look like architecturally perfect honeycombs hold enormous potential for admirable decorations in living, sleeping and working areas. Elegant lettering and visually interesting decorative letters come to life on an aluminum Dibond mural with a gold or silver effectto live. Here and there cute animals such as cute baby lions, funny llamas and cheeky foxes appear on the hexagonal designs. Sometimes paradisiacal and picturesque, sometimes abstract, sometimes typographic or photorealistic – there is the right hexagon design for every room in your home. Create an inspirational wall collage in the kitchen or dining room with thematically appropriate trendy motifs for cooking, baking and enjoying. Fiery chili, freshly roasted coffee beans or original pineapple decorations put you in a good mood and express what makes up your personal culinary world. Fascinating natural beauties are our hexagon creations made of wood. The wooden accessories made of grained birch veneer not only adorn rooms with a country house look, but also conjure up urban, Nordic or minimalist living environments a cozy atmosphere. We offer you authentic-looking wooden hexagons in many different sizes, designs and colours. If you want to present your wall decoration in an impressive way, you can create impressive room settings with stylishly coordinated multi-part pieces. Exclusive Alu-Dibond hexagons with a gold, silver or copper effect transform living and relaxation zones into modern art spaces. Also with wooden pictures placed around corners or arranged next to each other Mirror sets are a creative interior upgrade. The new decorative highlights are hexagonal and are waiting for you in the Hexagon Shop in varied designs from many collections.

Art form, motifs, themes – Hexagon Inspirations and ideas

In the Hexagon Gallery you will find everything you need to know about designing trendy hexagon decorations at a glance. Do you want to surprise your pot of gold and redecorate the children’s room? It doesn’t matter whether it’s funny owls, funny jungle animals or magical unicorns: in this category you will find pretty hexagon motifs that invite the little ones on an imaginative journey. There is also a large selection of relaxing natural designs. In our Hexagon category Plants you will discover a wide variety of motifs from delicate dandelions to ferns of filigree elegance to dreamlike forest landscapes. With their soft green and brown tones, they give a wide variety of rooms a soothing ambience. Do you have a penchant for minimalist style? Timelessly beautiful black and white hexagons are very popular, which, with their monochrome designs, bring out drawings, art prints or illustrations in a particularly impressive way. Are you looking for stimulating ideas and inspiring hexagon inspiration? In the Hexagon online shop you can learn more about art form, motifs and themes. Styles and tastes are constantly changing, which is why manufactories, manufacturers and designers are constantly bringing new innovations in room decor onto the market. So that you don’t lose track of the multitude of new interpretations, classics and revivals and find exactly what suits your individual sense of style, our well-structured categories give you quick and easy access to all content. Cheeky animal motifs on wooden hexagons by Laura Graves, elegant lettering on aluminum Dibond decors with a gold effect or Wall tattoos in honeycomb form – the Hexagon repertoire has an eye-catching highlight in the desired design for every preference.

Hexagon variety

Shabby chic, Scandinavian, maritime or retro – in our section of hexagonal stylistic devices you will discover exciting designs that perfectly match your furnishing style. Among romantic, young, original and natural styles, choose a hexagon highlight designed to interpret your love of art or a specific theme. Would you like to turn a children’s hexagon into an unmistakable one-off? In the Custom Text subcategory you will find heart-warming wooden decorations that you can personalize with names, date of birth or place of birth, for example. Experience the great variety of hexagons and order your favorite motif individually online. Enjoy an inspiring journey through our world of images. We are sure that you will discover your favorite wall design. Design your kitchen in a fruity-fresh fruit look or in a trendy coffee style. Create a cozy room atmosphere in the bedroom with wooden decors in warm tones. Place a durable Aluminum Dibond picture with copper effect on your sofa landscape and give your living room the glamor factor. Incidentally, these finely finished aluminum prints also feel good outside on the terrace or balcony. The most beautiful hexagon designs come together in our portfolio. See the animal and plant kingdom with different eyes, bring great artist works from well-known names into your home. In the extensive range, you can expect endless design options with hexagonal, easily combinable room beautifiers – for walls and furniture, in bright nuances and subtle colors, from single images to multi-part formats in excellent quality.

Modern Hexagons