Mural Sets

Mural Sets

Rest and relaxation with natural motifs

To finally let some peace return to your everyday life, it helps to take a look at your murals, which best depict something from nature. Because in this way you only see an “actual state” without having to deal with a number of additional activities. That one look you capture with it can make you let go of your tension and just enjoy the moment. Sink into wooden pictures with a warm sunset or a three-part Alpine panorama, in a canvas picture with individual trees, in a glass picture demonstrating a sunset at the lake, or in an acrylic glass picture with a four-part dandelion. Decide on a set to realize on the one hand that each piece is already calming on its own and all together they give a feeling of real wholeness. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to place your very own nature scene at any distance on your walls in the living room, bedroom or office. Creations with the sea, beach and palm trees, for example, fit wonderfully as a background backdrop in the living room. Sit on the sofa sipping cocktails and mentally catapult yourself straight to one of the beach areas.Canvas prints are available. The repertoire also includes a fascinating prospect of bringing in the reins. This stunning 5 piece canvas set is not to be missed. Because the view of the mountain landscape, the water and the cloudy sky will undoubtedly cast a spell that you can hardly turn away from.┬áIf you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wall clocks with gears online.

Your life motto with texts as mural sets

If you are looking for something amusing as a decoration, you should reach for a three-piece set with “Denglish” versions. Here you will find, for example, posters with the words “With me is not good cherry eating”, “I think my pig pipes” or “That makes me foxdevilswild”. For a classy combination, choose a hexagon, on which two parts show a forest and a bridge leading to it, while the third conveys the message “Paths are made by walking” directly from Franz Kafka. The piece of text is framed by a section of the bridge and by the forest, so that a unity can be perceived overall. To demonstrate the love of nature in a simple way, the portfolio offers, for example, a hexagon set with two forest cutouts and a piece that only says “pure nature”. If you find it difficult to get going in the morning or if you need a break in your everyday life, a motivating set will help, which has a motif made of coffee beans, one with an owl made of coffee beans and finally an illustration with the slogan “The world looks a lot better with coffee”. It is best to place such a mural set in your kitchen or in your office, where it always comes into its own. Three things are particularly important for a generally fulfilling life: enjoying every moment, loving actively and laughing every day. Each motto is available as a wooden part, which then all together form a set. The English keywords “live”, “love” and “laugh” are highlighted in cursive.

Animal pictures for children, adventure and romance

Hardly anyone can resist animals: For this reason it is also worth getting the beautiful creatures with fur as a motif on the walls. children are certainly enthusiastic about a set with unicorns, which revives the belief in such creatures – maybe also in a figurative sense. In addition, the portfolio features a four-piece forest animal set as a poster. The animals fox, rabbit, hedgehog and deer are illustrated and therefore appealing to the little ones. The same applies to Hagenmeyer’s cat club, where different cats are demonstrated on three hexagon plaques. Loske’s various creations are also quite fairytale-like, for example the depiction of “Thumbelina”, in which a bee can be seen on one of the three parts. To cover more of the tropical area, you are welcome to make do with a flamingo illustration that will surely give you a great holiday feeling. A four-piece set with giraffes in the sunset takes you into an enchanting world of adventure. This is just right for your living room or bedroom. When Alu-Dibond pictures you will receive, among other things, an exotic cockatoo set. A picture set with a golden moon behind leaves, a dancer on a golden moon and a swan swimming in a golden moon is not only elegant but also romantic in this category. In addition, you can beautify your walls with foxes in the snow as a two-part poster, with a deer as the ruler of the forest in the form of a canvas print or with a zebra foal as a three-part set. Illustrations with shells remind you of the fascinating world of the sea.

Artist pictures and other things: nature, cities, fairy tales and stimulants

In the artist pictures section you will find motifs by Kubistika, Loske or Fedrau, among others. Follow Kubistikas warm sunset, enjoy Loske’s animal illustrations or experience the calm nature of Fedrau. A quite expressive work is “Neptune’s Empire”, on which the fascination of water can be seen. It is available as a canvas picture. In another picture, two parts make a whole, called a “connection”. But Fedrau also created a somewhat abstract depiction of a skyline. With its moons, Kubistika creates a pleasant evening atmosphere that is a pleasure to be accompanied by. The gallery also presents a gopher by van Dujin. The artists Yan and Roemmelt focus on various landscape views, such as the panorama from Roy’s Peak or from Reinebringen. With a canvas picture set by Toetzke, you can experience an Indian summer in colorful nature. A cityscape, however, namely New York, shows a poster of Massimo. If you’re a fairy tale fanatic, you or your kids will likely enjoy a four-piece Blanz mural set fairy tale scenes . In particular, if you want to see far away while actually staying at home, you have the option to opt for space imagery! If you are looking for something suitable for your kitchen, it is advisable to decorate it with cupcake pictures to sweeten it or with a fruit motif for refreshment. As a coffee fanatic, a hexagon with numerous coffee cups should not be missing. For connoisseurs, the repertoire also offers various cocktail images with Mojito, Tequila Sunrise or Cuba Libre as a set. Or make your interior shine with the illuminated Venice as a glass picture.

Mural Sets