Murals for the Bedroom

Murals for the Bedroom

A relaxed ambience is of particular importance in a room of rest and retreat. Stylish murals for the bedroom underline a pleasant atmosphere and have a relaxing effect on mind and body. Get to know our portfolio of multi-part canvas pictures with nature motifs, glass pictures with floral decorations, typographic posters and exquisite aluminum Dibond pictures. Also in murals repertoire to be found are rustic-looking wood pictures, modern interpretations of artist pictures and extremely elegant acrylic glass pictures. Discover unique designs for dreamy creations that harmonize perfectly with your interior both visually and haptically. Look forward to hand-picked decoration for the wall, which can be romantic, puristic, classic or abstract. In every category of our mural gallery you can expect great room artists who transform the bedroom into a cozy oasis.

Atmospheric bedroom pictures: beautiful decoration with a feel-good effect

The bedroom is a haven of peace where we can have a wonderful slumber, switch off in between and recharge our batteries. An aesthetic mural is a magnificent eye-catcher that is just as much in demand in minimalist facilities as in playful or rural interiors. In our wide-ranging portfolio, we have atmospheric bedroom pictures ready for you, which cause a sensation as beautiful decoration with a feel-good effect. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wall clocks for bedroom online. Experience the frameless elegance of modern glass pictures, which impress with an impressive depth effect and unique color brilliance. Canvas prints with nature motifs in fresh shades of green or in warm earthy colors convey harmony and security. In the bedroom murals category, we also offer you an extensive repertoire of posters to match any interior – from black and white typography to turquoise blue seascapes. Wood pictures exude a cozy warmth, beguiling with their natural charm and are ideal designers, especially in Nordic living styles. Razor-sharp motifs show highly modern and extremely durable Alu-Dibond images with silver, gold or copper effects. Do you love artistic works for a representative bedroom? In the mural gallery you can buy fascinating artist paintings directly online, Gustav Klimt . From the shatterproof acrylic glass picture in panorama format to smaller, multi-part wooden hexagons – the wall picture portfolio in your Swiss specialist shop reveals itself with a variety of designs, materials and formats for designs according to individual taste. Our ingeniously crafted wall decorations for the sleeping area are real gems that leave no wish unfulfilled:

  • Motifs, sizes and colors of all kinds
  • Latest design trends
  • Decorative partners for every style
  • Excellent quality
  • Highest technical precision

Realize heavenly dream oases with exquisite wall art

Whether rectangular canvas pictures with wonderful natural motifs, round glass pictures with light-dark effects in the silvery moonlight or artist pictures laminated on Alu-Dibond – our portfolio of aesthetic bedroom murals is immense and there is the right design for every facility. Enjoy a good night’s sleep with varied and captivating artists of harmony in your personal retreat, so that you can start the new day cheerfully the next morning. Realize heavenly dream oases with exquisite wall art for bedrooms. Design this living space in such a way that you feel comfortable in every respect and experience real relaxation. Delicate blue-grey has a calming effect, soft pastel shades bewitch with a soothing touch, gentle gray-green is as peaceful as the morning hour. How about a wooden picture in a weathered plank look, that scores with a unique grain and stages an ambience full of retro charm? If you want to create an elegant mood in a room, make a decorative Acrylic glass picture turns the wall into an absolute eye-catcher. The matt shimmering surfaces of Alu-Dibond pictures create particularly style-conscious contrasts to glass decorative objects. If you have a penchant for posters as a form of presentation, you will find plenty of motif designs in the wall art gallery. Amusing giraffes, blooming beauties and puristic black-and-white typography ensure the best company in slumberland. With us you will discover bedroom murals that have been put together with the utmost care, which will bring out their strong side in any interior. Experience the unobtrusive feeling of balanced well-being in your home.

Immerse yourself and enjoy: Fascinating images in your relaxation room

Do you want to give your bedroom or dressing room a special flair? In addition to furniture, floor coverings, curtains and accessories, tasteful murals underline the sense of well-being. Intuitively select your favorite work from our exquisite repertoire and order sensational decorations that bring style and class to the wall. You will find brilliantly colored glass pictures made of ESG safety glass with an impressive depth effect, high-quality printed canvas pictures on a stable stretcher frame and wooden pictures with a nostalgic vintage appeal. Also take a look at our metallically shimmering Alu-Dibond pictures that provide the wow effect with their elegant look. Would you like to enjoy very special art experiences with designer flair in the sleeping paradise? Then let yourself be carried away into the world of dreamlike artist paintings. In our portfolio we offer you masterfully staged works as high-quality reproductions, for example by Julia Delgado, Aurelie Blanz and Eugène Delacroix. Browse through our well-assorted categories with a wide range of designs, formats and materials. Enchant your personal retreat with nature motifs on multi-part canvas, discover typography posters with the finest lettering or decorate your walls with blue geometry on an acrylic glass picture in landscape format. Regardless of whether your facility in Scandinavian clean chic, colorful pop art look or cool industrial style – with our diverse bedroom pictures you can celebrate walls with a highlight character in every style of living. Dreamy natural landscapes, graphic patterns, abstract art or romantic flower creations underline the individual look of a bedchamber. Use our clear categories such as art form, subject or image type as a valuable guide to choosing your visual favourite.

Order elegant bedroom murals safely, quickly and easily online

Square canvas prints, uniquely grained wood prints, vertical format glass pictures, trendy posters or round Alu-Dibond pictures – in the wall picture gallery you can easily access the most beautiful wall art for a harmonious bedroom design. The multifaceted nature of the motifs, colors and materials enables maximum individuality and precise adaptation to your room situation. Find out in our exclusive portfolio the uniqueness of these wonderful style elements that would love to move into your dream oasis at home. Let yourself be surprised by magnificent nature motifs, original animal photos, overwhelming 3D optics and outstanding artist pictures. In all qualities, the flexible designers raise your furnishings to a new level. With the high-quality processed home accessories, you can create a cozy feel-good landscape with personality without any effort. bedroom Murals safely, quickly and easily online in your Swiss decoration & interior shop. Beautify the smaller single bedroom, the larger double bedroom or the adjoining dressing room with your favorite pictures. Create a soothing, cozy and homely atmosphere with the highest design factor. Our modern shop system allows for an effortless ordering process in just a few steps. The product detail pages provide you with detailed article and material descriptions in a convenient way – whether you are interested in a single vertical acrylic glass picture or would like to buy a multi-part wooden picture ensemble. Let yourself be guided competently through the repertoire and discover breathtaking compositions that emphasize the cozy ambience and create a pleasant balance to the hectic everyday life.

Murals for the Bedroom