Murals for the Living Room

Murals for the Living Room

If you feel connected to nature and like to be outside, it is worth hanging up murals in the living room with appropriately natural motifs. Choose between glass pictures, canvas pictures, acrylic glass pictures, wood pictures or an aluminum Dibond picture. Imagine being in the middle of the deep forest and being able to forget everything around you, gazing at the sunset or seeing an almond blossom or a sparkling dandelion appear. You also have the option of designing your living room as if you were in the immediate vicinity of the water. For example, it is possible to create a lake panorama, move into a water bungalow – at least in your mind – or relax by a mountain lake. Finally, there is also a combination of forests and water bodies as an illustration with a forest path by the river. Idyll also reveals itself to you when you look at a sailing boat in the sunset. Should it be a bit more wintry overall, are an Alpine panorama, a foggy forest, a tree in winter or a winter landscape is recommended. You can also choose between a golden fern, the Amalfi coast, Campania in Italy, a small village in the Dolomites, Mount Fuji, pink beach, nature details of New Zealand or Thailand, vineyards in Champagne, golden leaves, a desert cactus, northern lights, daisies , a cloud city, a date palm, the bamboo cave in Japan, the beach in Dubai, beach chairs on Hiddensee, rice terraces in Vietnam, lavender blossoms in Provence, green meadows, the rocks near Capri, the Königsstuhl on Rügen, palm trees, a eucalyptus branch or the Lighthouse on Hiddensee. If you decide on a place or a region, you can present your preferences clearly in your home. Of course, it is also usefulto devote to nature or the world. This allows you to mentally travel from one place to another in your facility at any time. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find wall clocks for living room online.

Animals and famous people as ideal companions

As an animal lover, there are many murals or posters available to you. For example, get a bull, a cat, a swan, dolphins, animals living in Africa, a panther, a flamingo, a squirrel, a peacock, a tiger, a deer, penguins, an elephant as a motif, koalas, a giraffe, a lion, a Friesian horse, a gorilla, a goldfinch, a flock of sheep, a whale, a parrot, a snake, a Haflinger horse or a herd of goats into your apartment or house. To make things a little more amusing, you can put a picture of a monkey doing yoga on your wall. Or you can put yourself in the shoes of a cat, which can assume many different positions, and look at such a motif. In addition to animals, there are also many famous characters or people that you might even regard as idols. Then why not bring your role model straight into the living room? Let Frida Kahlo, the “Joker”, Winnetou, Johnny Depp, Roy Black, Costa Cordalis, Karel Gott, Elvis, Eminem, Messi or Bob Marley take part in your life. In addition, real artist pictures are a good alternative. Here you can, for example, make do with motifs fromBanksy like the girl with the balloon or boy drawing, Vermeer’s young wife with the water jug ​​at the window, the girl with the milk jug or Spitzweg’s poor poet or his Sunday walk.

Sayings about dreaming, loving and acting

If you see yourself as a saying fanatic who regularly spreads a lot of wisdom around you, it makes sense to look around the repertoire of sayings. For example, if you sometimes take a nap on the sofa, the lettering “sweet dreams” on a black background invites you to take a restful sleep break. Especially when times are generally not so rosy, it is helpful to always keep the small and beautiful things in mind. This is underlined by the saying “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”. The situation is similar with the request “Take time to do what makes your soul happy”. If you also put your ideas into practice in this regard, you will certainly feel all the better. Got your heart man found, a romantic saying like “You are my favorite day dream” is very appropriate. The note “We found love in a hopeless place” could be just as appropriate. There is also a concrete confession of love in French with “je t’aime”. The word “honey” in one heart or “together” in two hearts is also a bit simpler. But maybe a little reminder with “love each other” is appropriate. For the adventurous, this section offers sayings such as “Say yes to new adventures”, All we have is now”, “la vie est belle”, “be the reason someone smiles today”, “always look on the bright side of life” or ” now or never”. Furthermore, words of wisdom such as “Never give up on your dream”, ”

Enjoy life with surreal and other objects

The portfolio also includes objects with a partially surreal design. In the mural gallery you can discover golden marbles, octopus tentacles with ice cream, a telephone with a chameleon as the handset, lollipop-shaped tulips or a pineapple owl. A giraffe on roller skates, a luminous basketball, a snail with a disco ball, a zebra with balloons, colorful mountains, a unicorn, pizza with flowers, ice cream with a flamingo on the top half, an avocado guitar or flowers can also be used as interesting decorations attached to the popsicle stick on the wall. The category is complemented by black lines, a selection of bicycles, the construction of a bicycle, an antique wooden door, coffee variations, a bale of straw, a fresh lime, a perfume bottle, a collage with beach objects, various coffee cups or the shipwreck on Zakynthos. While a picture with an explosion of color certainly exudes creative joy, the “black hole” creates a mystical mood. There is also a matching illustration with a number of parts of the Apollo 11. Or look at work on a construction site before ringing in the end of the day with a fresh orange juice as a motif.

Murals for the Living Room