Murals in the Hallway

Murals in the Hallway

The entrance area is the calling card of a home and, with an aesthetically pleasing design, becomes a place where we like to be. Stylish murals in the hallway give you a positive impression and can be tailored to real needs. Welcome your guests with amazing decoration for an individual ambience. Enjoy the graceful grace of the canvas pictures, posters and wood pictures, aluminum Dibond pictures, glass pictures and artist pictures in our gallery. Create feel-good places with nature motifs, black and white designs or original depictions of animals. The wall artists in the murals repertoire are made to reflect the style of your interior skilfully emphasized. Whether round acrylic glass pictures, portrait-format rigid foam pictures or multi-part canvas prints: discover impressive hallway pictures in our portfolio with an immense selection of motifs, colors and formats.

Beautiful and expressive hallway pictures – your entrance area in new splendor

In the hallway murals section, we present you with tasteful creations in a wide range of colours, materials, styles and art forms. All you have to do is find the perfect decoration for an inviting ambience. Refine the entrance and give your guests a pleasant welcome. Let yourself be enchanted by dreamlike nature motifs on canvas pictures, discover posters with black and white typography, experience filigree line art on Alu-Dibond pictures with a metallic effect. Look forward to unusual wood pictures in the trendy hexagon style and noble glass pictures with spectacular city views. Beautiful and expressive hallway pictures let your entrance area shine in new splendor. Our broad portfolio includes floral wall decorations, geometric designs, illustrations and drawings, brilliantly colored photographs and street art style artist pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer flowers and plants, patterns and ornaments or beach and water, in our thematic category there is a suitable hallway picture for every taste and every interior. In narrow passages, colorful and deep patterns come into their own. XXL Acrylic glass pictures, multi-part canvas prints or large-scale wall prints set striking accents in spacious floorboards. Whether short and narrow, with low ceilings or little daylight – here we offer you an exclusive selection of motifs, sizes and image formats for different types of rooms and floor plans. Would you like to turn your entrance area into a stylish anteroom? Then discover distinctive hallway murals in our gallery that perfectly reflect your personality and style, e.g.:

  • city ​​panoramas
  • nature motifs
  • typographies
  • Original animal pictures
  • Expressive art
  • Soothing Zen motifs

Wall designs in the passage room – inspiring decoration ideas for the big entrance

The hallway or hallway are the most viewed rooms in an apartment or house. Expressive murals give each entrance area an outstanding character and an atmosphere in which residents and guests can feel really comfortable. In the murals store we show you the most beautiful trends for a hallway design with a unique look. If you are looking for aesthetic, modern and high-quality wall designs in the passage room, you will find inspiring decoration ideas for the big entrance in our repertoire of hallway pictures. Stage an effective picture gallery on the staircase with round artist pictures made of wood, on which heavenly beautiful natural motifs can be seen. Huge potential to draw everyone’s attention, have impact-resistant glass pictures in a minimalist black and white look. Posters with cute rabbits, funny giraffes and sweet alpaca unicorns provide animal entertainment. multipart Canvas prints with flowers, blossoms and tendrils create an ambience full of romantic aesthetics. Transform your entrance area into a new favorite place with incomparable charm. The focus of our portfolio is the enormous variety of motifs, materials, formats and colors. The palette of wall decorations ranges from imposing skylines in shades of gray to landscape motifs in warm shades of green, blue and brown to luxuriously shimmering aluminum Dibond images with silver or copper effect. The picture collections in the mural shop show you everything that puts the entrance, hallway and reception area in the limelight and creates a homely atmosphere. Whether rectangle, square, hexagon or as multi-part, smaller formats – in the hallway pictures category you are guaranteed to discover your personal favourites.

Impressive artist pictures: the noble way of hallway design

The mural gallery offers you a wide portfolio of murals for the entrance area. Posters with black-and-white figurines or canvas prints with dreamy natural motifs beguile the hallway, as does a saying painted on an acrylic glass picture or a world map on a matt gold shimmering aluminum dibond picture. Our impressive artist paintings are particularly interesting, coveted and diverse. The varied world of art combines the most diverse styles, so that there is a suitable wall design for every preference and every facility. Realize the noble way of hallway design with a positively eye-catching work of art – whether classic, romantic, abstract or animal cute. Our portfolio includes Cubist-style works by Boris Draschoff, adorable peek-a-boo animals by Sisi & Seb and artworks by successful graffiti artist Banksy. Also the lovely illustrations by Kristina Kvilis and the works of the artist Annette Schmucker, which lead to atmospheric worlds of thought, are represented in our repertoire. Let yourself be inspired by the round Kubistica wood pictures, captivating animal motifs on posters or van Gogh’s Almond Blossom as a canvas picture. Increase the feel-good factor in the hallway and buy artistic decoration easily online. Search for a specific name in the Artists category or specify a medium of your choice in the Art form category, such as photography, 3D or text of your choice. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find personalized wall clocks online.

From canvas prints to glass pictures – hallway wall pictures of all colors

If you want to give your loved ones and your visitors a pleasant welcome, hallway pictures conjure up a completely new atmosphere in the room. The wall designs in our mural gallery inspire with soothing nature motifs, happy animals, modern typography, elegant geometry and delicately painted illustrations. It doesn’t matter whether your furnishings radiate a rough charm, come along in an ethnic style or present themselves in bright retro pop – in our selected portfolio you will discover fantastic wall accessories for every style of living. Be inspired by classic canvas pictures, modern acrylic glass pictures, unusual posters and elegant aluminum dibond pictures. Also in the categories hard foam pictures, wood pictures, wall prints and wall picture sets, you can expect effective style elements for the individual design of hallways, hallways and staircases. From the multi-part canvas print with harmonizing nature motifs to the rectangular glass picture with an imposing lion’s head – in this category you will find inexpensive and durable hallway wall pictures of all colors. Using the highest quality materials, we use sophisticated printing and design technologies to produce unique creations that turn every entrance area into an unmissable highlight. The selection of formats, colors and sizes is as diverse as the variety of interiors. This is how effective walls are created according to personal styles and individual tastes. In our shop, experience the wonderful possibilities of creating a dream hallway with the perfect picture design that just sparkles with charisma. If you are looking for charm, comfort and style for the corridor, our gallery is the right place for you.

Murals in the Hallway