Murals with Desired Text

Murals with Desired Text

We offer you the opportunity to freely design beautiful murals with text of your choice. Customize canvas prints, posters, wood prints or wall prints with names, dates and sentimental words. The self-designed creations from our portfolio are the favorites in the children’s room, create lasting memories as a wedding gift and are very special stylistic devices for your own four walls. Be inspired by the variety of motifs, colors and materials in our category Custom Text Murals. Our repertoire for personalized living experiences is broad. Look forward to fascinating home beauties that you can design according to your personal preferences. Discover enchanting floral decors, adorable animal motifs and lifelike wood designs for effective personalization in your mural gallery.┬áIf you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find vintage wall clocks online.

Homely oases of well-being with personalized wall designs

So that you can also pursue your desire for individuality in wall design without any worries, our creations are based entirely on your personal ideas. In the murals with text of your choice you will find fantastic decors that have exciting potential for implementing your own ideas. Whether it’s a cute animal poster with a baby’s name in the children’s room or a nostalgically staged wooden picture with stylized flower tendrils and couple’s initials in the bedroom or brilliantly colored glass picture with family names in the hallway – personalized wall designs create cozy oases of well-being, set visual highlights and are an expression of your own style. The individually designable room artists in the mural repertoire show themselves in a wonderful symbiosis of motifs, colors and typography to give your walls an almost magical fascination. The areas of application of the personalizable wall decorations are versatile, they are just as popular with children as they are with adults or score points as an imaginative gift. A timelessly beautiful canvas picture with a fairytale wedding motif, under which the names of the bridal couple and the wedding date are immortalized, is guaranteed to make the recipient’s eyes shine. Our modern wooden hexagons with slate-black letters entwined with flowers, which stylishly refine the ambience in the living room, entrance area or kitchen, are particularly popular. personalized posters,Glass pictures , wood pictures, canvas pictures or hard foam pictures : the collections in the wall picture gallery do everything to conjure up an individual style. Fill your living space with joie de vivre. Cute children’s motifs in bright colors are joined by filigree blossoms in pastel shades and lettering with sweeping lines. You can quickly find everything at a glance in the well-assorted categories:

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Wedding, baptism, birthday – individualized murals as really brilliant gifts

Personalized wall decorations create wow effects with a mix of impressive motifs and individually compiled letters, numbers or symbols. These design elements are sought-after style elements in different interiors, be it a Nordic look, shabby chic, art deco or minimalism. The constantly new pattern, typography and color ideas in our varied custom text portfolio not only offer a multitude of possibilities for trendy furnishings in your own home. Individualized murals turn out to be really ingenious gifts for numerous occasions. A large format canvas full of hearts with the names of the bride and groom in the middle of the work of art is absolutely unique and a wonderful surprise for the wedding, which is not on the gift table a second time. Would you like to present a meaningful and personal christening present? In addition to the traditional christening candle and the famous silver spoon, personalized creations combine the sheer joy of the birth of the newborn with heartfelt blessings. A successful example is the “Hello World” hard foam picture for girls or boys, which you can have individually decorated with the name, date of birth and birth weight of the person to be baptized. The loving design brings warmth and comfort to every child’s room. Of course, there are many other opportunities to reconnect with family, friends, Inspiring neighbors or work colleagues with a self-designed wall highlight. There would be Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary celebration, children’s day, mother’s day, Christmas or Easter. Phenomenal wall decoration with text of your choice provides variety in a very personal way and creates a unique spatial effect.

A mega trend: The personalization of typographic wall art

Baroque ornaments with wedding date, baby names combined with cute motifs of funny animals, floral creations with a heart of a name, graceful lettering and initials on wood decors – in our wall pictures with text of your choice we have thought of everything that conjures up a feel-good ambience with a personal touch. The selection of materials, shapes, sizes and colors is enormous. Dark brown wood images with a weathered plank look underline a lively atmosphere and are often used in shabby chic. High-quality canvas prints in soft pastel colors with fingerprints and your text are the perfect counterparts for a harmonious style of living. Posters inspired by handpicked artists like Judith Loske or Kristina Kvilisdeclare themselves to be paradisiacally beautiful decorative partners in the children’s room. Whether as a romantic wedding gift, as an original surprise for school enrollment or simply to keep for yourself: the personalization of typographic wall art is a megatrend. We make the dream of this highly hip trend come true. With the multifaceted nature of our repertoire, you have numerous options for designing an individual wall design. The combination of canvas picture and couple’s names can be just as exciting as the mix of wooden hexagon and initials or glass picture and love date. The text of your choice gives your favorite wall design its unmistakable charm. what materials Motifs and colors match your personal style? Thanks to our structured categories, you can easily find your way around our portfolio and quickly find your personalizable mural.

Design murals with text of your choice and buy them conveniently online

Would you like to transform a magnificent canvas picture, a colorful poster for the children’s room or a rustic wood picture with names, dates or emotional words into an unprecedented one-off? Decorate your home with some truly eye-catching wall art or give the newlyweds a memorable wedding gift. Create in our murals Gallery in just a few steps a brilliant living and lifestyle accessory. Put initials, children’s names, dates of birth or anniversaries on canvas, real glass, rigid foam or environmentally friendly poster paper. Combine lush flowers, whimsical animal motifs, colorful houses, famous sights or beautiful lettering with letters, numbers and symbols. Our special category for customizable wall decorations stands for variety. Let yourself be inspired by motifs, colors and shapes in our portfolio, which sometimes appear playful, sometimes elegant, sometimes futuristic or cosy. Browse through our varied collections of personalized wall designs, which contain fascinating pictures and posters, which present themselves in your home with a unique character or cause a sensation as sensational gifts. A moving saying with a star and baby’s name in the children’s room, your family name in the middle of a flower arrangement in the entrance, a couple’s name with the date of the year in the Bedroom – create wall artists that bear your own personal signature. Let great, extraordinary and incomparable creations speak to your walls. Enjoy your stay in our colorful custom text worlds!

Murals with Desired Text