Nevada Zip Codes by City

By | February 1, 2023

Nevada is home to a variety of zip codes, and each one has its own unique features. In the northern part of the state, zip codes 89431 and 89445 are located in the Reno area. 89431 is a suburban zip code that encompasses the city of Reno and some of its suburbs. The area has a diverse population and is known for its affordable housing options. 89445 is also located in the Reno area and covers some of the more rural areas in Washoe County. This zip code is known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, biking, camping, and fishing.

In the southern part of Nevada, you can find zip codes 89002 and 89015 located in Las Vegas. 89002 is a residential area that includes many mid-sized homes with access to shopping centers and other amenities. 89015 covers a wide range of neighborhoods within Las Vegas, from high-end luxury neighborhoods to lower-income areas with more affordable housing options. This zip code also has plenty of entertainment options available for visitors to enjoy such as museums, theaters, restaurants, parks, casinos, and more.

Heading west along Highway 50 takes you through some more rural areas in Nevada with their own unique zip codes such as 89301 (Eureka) and 89403 (Carson City). 89301 covers Eureka County which offers plenty of outdoor activities like hunting or fishing as well as small towns with local shops to explore. Meanwhile, 89403 encompasses Carson City which has become an increasingly popular destination due to its close proximity to Lake Tahoe’s beaches and ski resorts as well as other attractions like casinos or museums.

Nevada Map

List of all zip codes for the state of Nevada, NV. Sorted by city. For each zip code listed, names of city and county are provided. For specific information of each postal code, please click the following links for Nevada zip codes.

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List of Zip Codes in Nevada by City

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The fifth city on the list of top five cities in Nevada is Reno. Located in the northwestern part of the state, Reno is known for its numerous casinos and resorts. It is the second largest city in Nevada and is nicknamed “The Biggest Little City in the World”. Reno offers a wide variety of attractions, including its famous casinos and resorts, museums, theaters, art galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs, and more. Visitors to Reno can enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding at nearby ski resorts or hiking and camping at nearby Lake Tahoe. There are also many festivals throughout the year that offer entertainment for both locals and visitors alike. In addition to its casinos and nightlife scene, Reno also has several museums that focus on local history as well as art galleries that showcase works from local artists. The city also hosts a variety of annual events such as Hot August Nights which celebrates classic cars from around the world.

17 Counties

Nevada is an interesting and diverse state, with 17 counties to explore. Clark County is the most populous county in Nevada, home to the famous Las Vegas Strip. It is a major tourist destination and has many attractions including casinos, golf courses, and nightlife. Washoe County is the second most populous county in Nevada and contains Reno, one of the state’s largest cities. While it is known for its gaming industry, it also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. Carson City is the state capital and located in Carson City County; it has a rich history as well as modern attractions like Lake Tahoe. Humboldt County borders Oregon and Idaho, offering stunning landscapes from mountains to deserts. Churchill County provides visitors with plenty of outdoor recreation activities such as camping and fishing at Lahontan Reservoir. Elko County has some of the best hunting grounds in Nevada; it also has several ghost towns that offer a glimpse into Nevada’s past. Nye County contains Death Valley National Park which features unique desert terrain and wildlife; it is also home to the famous Area 51 military base.

Las Vegas

Fascinating glitter city in the middle of the desert.

Welcome to the largest playground in the world! Las Vegas is a large entertainment park, a game oasis in the middle of a desert. But the entertainment metropolis is also increasingly becoming a city of relaxation and enjoyment. Numerous restaurants lure with culinary specialties and the hotels have wellness areas that lure even Hollywood stars into the Nevada desert. Las Vegas shines with an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, making it a destination that can be visited all year round. The spectacular canyon landscapes in the area also make Las Vegas the perfect holiday destination and starting point for tours to the surrounding national parks.

Shopping in your Las Vegas vacation
Shopping plays a big role in Las Vegas. In addition to the most exclusive names in the fashion industry, there are also many great outlet malls where you can bargain. Las Vegas is a true shopping paradise for every taste and for every budget.

The special form of transportation: monorail
A very special form of transportation is the monorail. The driverless suspension railway connects eight of the largest hotels on the Strip to date, making it very easy to explore the city. The train, which is unique in the world, only takes 14 minutes to cover the 6.4 km route from the MGM Grand Hotel and the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Sahara Hotel.


The Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Strip is the most famous street in Las Vegas, which is home to the largest and most legendary hotels in the city. The strip is 7.2 kilometers long, starting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in the south and ending at the Stratosphere Tower in the north.

Gambling – the gambler’s paradise
Even though more and more attractions have been created outside of gaming in recent years, gambling is still the main focus in Las Vegas. The city’s casinos are open 24 hours a day and most of them even offer gaming lessons for those who don’t want to go all out. 68% of all Las Vegas visitors try their luck during their stay.

Spa in Las Vegas
All major hotels on the Strip and in Downtown have their own wellness areas. In Las Vegas there are more than 30 facilities that invite you to relax with massages and other treatments. As diverse as the hotels and casinos in the city are, their spas are also different – so it is worth visiting and trying out different wellness facilities.

Las Vegas Shows – Let the Magic begin…
No visit to Las Vegas is complete without visiting one of the world famous shows. Fantasies, illusions and magic come true in Las Vegas.

Getting married in Las Vegas
There are now over 50 wedding chapels in Las Vegas, the lovers come from all over the world to give themselves the “yes” for life. Above all, celebrities like Elvis, Bruce Willis or Brigitte Bardot. The marriage license at the registry office in downtown Las Vegas costs $ 55. It is available unbureaucratically, with little effort and long waiting times.
If you want to get married in a more stylish way or with a large wedding party, the famous hotels in Las Vegas are the right place for you. Most offer a complete marriage service.

Golfing in Las Vegas
Las Vegas was a popular golf destination in the early 1950s and 1960s. Mild weather, a mostly bright blue sky and a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains on the “Strip” make Las Vegas an ideal place for a golf vacation. For the sporty visitor, more than 15 golf courses of designer greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Peter Dye have been designed since 1998. There are a total of 78 public and private golf courses in Las Vegas.

Nevada Zip Codes