New Mexico History

By | October 15, 2021

According to ebizdir, New Mexico is a U.S. state bordering Texas to the east and south, Mexico to the southwest, Arizona to the west, Utah to the northwest, Oklahoma to the northeast, and Colorado to the north.

The state capital is Santa Fe, while Albuquerque is the largest city. In 2006, New Mexico had approx. 2 million residents.

The northwestern part of the state is populated primarily by Native Americans, of whom Navajo and Pueblo are the largest tribes.


900-1200s – Chaco Canyon, located inside the San Juan Basin, was a major cultural center for ancient Pueblo Indians. Pueblo Bonito was abandoned in the late 13th century after a series of droughts. Read more here and here.

1200-1500s – Pueblo Indians established cities along the Rio Grande and its tributaries.

1536 – The first Spaniards came to visit, among others. Cabeza de Vaca and Estevan the Moor, who had heard the rumors of the seven cities of gold ( Cibola ) that led to many expeditions in the 16th century.

1540 – In his search for Cibola, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado discovers the Grand Canyon.

1598 – Spanish conquistador Don Juan de Onate changes the name of the pueblo town of Ohkay Owingeh to San Juan de los Caballeros after his priest, John the Baptist. The city got its original name back in November 2005.

1608 – The Spanish found the city of Santa Fe, which has since been the state capital.

1640s – The Spaniards began using ” Navajo ” about the Indians who lived in the Chama Valley area east of the San Juan River and northwest of Santa Fe.

1680 – The Pueblo people revolt against the Spaniards, who are forced to flee to El Paso (today in Texas ), but in 1692 the Spaniards return.

1706 – Albuquerque is founded.

1846 – The central parts of Santa Fe are occupied by American forces during the Mexican-American War.

1863-68 – Fort Sumner in De Baca County in the southeastern part of the NM was in charge of the Navajo and Mescalero-apache Indians interned from Bosque Redondo.

1898 – In June, the city of Alamogordo was founded when the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad, led by Charles Bishop Eddy, extended the tracks to the city.

1908 – Carson National Forest is founded on July 1, named after American pioneer Kit Carson. The forest was originally inhabited by ancient Pueblo Indians ( Anasazi ), who left ruins of dwellings and other archeological artifacts at a site known today as the Pot Creek Cultural Site.

1912 – On January 6, New Mexico, after being a territory, is recognized as the 47th state of the United States.

1923 – On January 23, the Aztec Ruins National Monument is erected near the city of Aztec, as part of preserving the ancient pueblo ruins of northwestern New Mexico.

1930 – Carlsbad Caverns National Park was established on March 14 and is today a World Heritage Site in the Guadalupe Mountains in the southeastern part of the state. The caves include a large cave chamber ” the Big Room “, which is 1200 meters long and 190 meters wide, and over 100 meters at the highest. It is the third largest cave space in North America and the seventh largest in the world. See photo gallery here.

1942 – Kirtland AFB is founded near Albuquerque.

1943 – The US government builds the Los Alamos Laboratory during World War II, developing the first atomic bomb, which was first detonated in the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945. Read more about the Trinity Test here.

1947 – UFO MYTH: On July 7, an object crashed at a ranch 120km from Roswell, NM ( Corona is closer to about 48km from the site). The chairman of the ranch, William Brazel, found the wreckage in the field. The incident is now known as the Roswell incident, and is the subject of great distrust of the U.S. military’s denial of UFOs. # 1 years later, the incident was revived when Jesse Marcel stated that what he saw at the time was not of earthly origin. This kickstartedIn 1994, the military concluded that it was a weather balloon filled with crash test dolls that was to blame for the hasty reports of a crashed UFO with aliens. Several witnesses had confirmed what cannot be considered dolls and balloons, but since there is still no hard evidence of the incident, it must be stated that the episode only lives on through the legends.

1948 – UFO MYTH: An alleged UFO crash in Aztec, NM, is sometimes referred to as the “other Roswell “, was the subject of Frank Scully’s 1950 book, ” Behind the Flying Saucers “. In early March, a UFO was reported hovering over Los Alamos National Laboratories. Two weeks later, on March 25, a similar episode took place in Hart Canyon, however, this UFO was shot down by the military. Witnesses claimed to have seen up to 16 human-like bodies near the vessel, which was about 30 meters in diameter, the largest UFO to date reported. The bodies were shipped to Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, and subsequently Hangar 18 became known as the place where all crashed UFOs were brought to. Silas Newton and Leo A. Gebauer, who had tried to sell their device, they called “doodlebug”, claimed that it could find oil, gas and gold, and that the technique should be based on alien technology. This they backed up by telling it to Frank Scully in an article in Varity. When the article was published, no other witnesses had appeared. When JP Cahn of the San Francisco Chronicle asked for a sample of “alien technology,” it was found to be aluminum. Four years later, the scam was revealed in True Magazine. After the article was published, victims of the scam appeared, and one of them was the millionaire Herman Glader, who sued the two scammers who were convicted in 1953. However, UFO enthusiasts refuse to believe that the case is a scam, and continue to advertise a document (Hottel Memo) released on the FBI ‘s UFO page in April 2011. However, the document could be traced directly back to the scam.

1957 – On November 4, two employees at Kirtland AFB saw a white light in an easterly direction over the air shaft. The radar confirmed their observation for a short time, and the men saw a dark object descending at the end of Runway 26. Through binoculars, the object appeared to be 15-20 feet high, vertically elongated and egg-shaped, with a single white light in its center. It got closer to the tower before disappearing at high speed over the clouds. The radar contact lasted about 20 minutes. The results of the radar survey did not show anything unusual, and the object was identical to a small plane, and it was therefore concluded that the witnesses could possibly have seen one. This explanation was used in the final version of the Condon Committee’s report. Project Blue Book investigated the case and the witnesses were again interviewed by Dr. James E. MacDonald in the late 1960s, and he concluded that a pilot would not be able to maneuver that way in rain and at low altitudes, and that the control tower was out of sight at this point. Witnesses maintained that the object did not resemble and behaved like a conventional vessel.

1964 – UFO MYTH: Socorro became famous as a UFO hotspot when police officer Lonnie Zamora, on April 24, claimed to have seen a UFO and two small men on the ground. The incident was sometimes described as the most well-documented UFO sighting that received much media coverage. Project Blue Book could not provide a satisfactory answer to what took place, and the case therefore falls under “Unsolved”.

1965 – The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is completed as the 7th tallest bridge in the United States and 82nd in the world. The bridge can be seen in these movies: Natural Born Killers, Twins, She’s Having a Baby, Paul, Wild Hogs, and Terminator Salvation.

1973 – Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), founded on the Plains of San Augustin between the cities of Magdalena and Datil, 80 km from Socorro, was completed in 1980. The place has been used in popular culture for example in the movie ” Contact ” and “ Terminator Salvation, ” etc. The VLA was at one time used to follow up on “ Wow! the signal ”from 1977 from the SETI project.

1986 – Construction of The Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) in Socorro, NM, begins in February and is completed in May 1993.

1992 – MYTH: The buzzing phenomenon began to be reported by many residents living in the town of Taos, most near Tres Orejas. The phenomenon was mentioned in the TV show ” Unsolved Mysteries “, and mentioned in an episode of ” The X-Files “. The sum is attributed to secret experiments at Los Alamos, top secret aircraft activities, electromagnetic vibrations or low-flying spaceships over the night sky. However, it is only approx. 2% of the population can hear this strange sound phenomenon. Read more here and here.

1999 – On September 29, two German jets crash near the Marathon Indian Basin about 150 miles from Carlsbad. The details of the accident were kept secret from the Americans as it took place under the responsibility of the Luftwaffe.

2012 – On October 14, Felix Baumgartner jumped into a free fall from the stratosphere at an altitude of 39 km and became the first human to break the sound barrier in free fall without mechanical assistance. The town of Roswell hosted the event.

New Mexico History