Wall Mural Tulips

Ombre Wallpapers

Ombre, i.e. slow color gradients, have been with us for a few years now. With the eye-catching and at the same time subtle look, it is no surprise that the ombre never goes out of fashion. If the color gradient appears on photo wallpaper and is attached to your walls in this way, you can look forward to a completely new sense of space. As a specialist in wallpaper and paint we offer you the trendy wallpapers in our range and help you to take a step towards modern interiors. You can choose from fresh colors and exciting patterns. Pink, blue, green or yellow – how can it be today? The clear advantage of ombre wallpapers is that they bring color into your rooms, but don’t overwhelm you with too much color and colourfulness. The stronger nuance usually begins on the bottom side, which slowly progresses to a lighter tone. You want it funky? Instead of subtle gradients with a calming effect, you can also use exciting color gradients in pink and orange.

When the wall is the focus

Furnishing trends are increasingly based on minimalism. As few objects, order, graphics, asymmetry and the like as possible are the order of the day. No wonder: When everything seems more hectic than ever in everyday life and the pulse of the times gives you no rest, you want to have your haven of peace at home. In order to gain some style and extravagance with little interior space, more value is placed on the design of the walls and decorations, such as lamps and carpets. As a professional in this field, we obviously appreciate this and tell you: Ombre wallpaper kills two birds with one stone. Above all, they certainly bring color to your rooms. White walls and minimalist furnishing style? That would be too much or too little. While the color gradients dress your walls in the desired nuances, as such they themselves are subtle. Unlike painted wall colors, the chosen tone is not overly effective. The wall is still the focal point due to the ombre look and the first step into the room makes it clear: “Something is different here”.┬áIf you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find big wall clocks online.

The right wallpaper for every furnishing style

Cover your walls in ombre wallpaper and take advantage of the numerous interior styles you can create. Modern, rustic, Scandinavian, oriental – all possibilities are open to you. The different colors in the gradient offer you all the more nuances to combine. Above all, the floor design can be adapted to the wallpaper with aesthetics. With us you will find, among other things, carpets, which form a harmonious overall picture with the colorful ombre wallpapers. But even simple decorative objects round off the look. Lamps, vases, cushions, blankets, figures – light color accents can be set anywhere, which coordinate with the nuances of the wallpaper. Best of all: your new furnishing style can be easily created and ordered with the products from our range. In addition, the wallpapers can not only be linked to any furnishing style, but also fit into every room. Pastel shades provide fine highlights when designing the new children’s room. In the bedroom, extravagance can be achieved with more exciting patterned ombre wallpaper. The Clouds wallpaper mural lets you enter a new world.

Wall Mural Tulips

Our wallpapers are of high quality and installation is easy. You attach the motif wallpaper strip by strip and have the option of aligning each individual strip directly on your wall.


  • Suitable for any wallpaperable surface
  • Our professional photographers and designers ensure a high-quality visual experience.
  • Brilliant, lightfast, waterproof and odorless colors. All our materials are solvent-free, phthalate-free and harmless in the interior. Suitable for children’s and bedrooms.
  • bridges fine unevenness in the wall
  • Attachment: end to end
  • dimensionally stable, high quality, colorfast for years
  • Material: special photo wallpaper paper, no odor, smooth and environmentally friendly. FSC certified product
  • Easy to assemble: apply paste to the photo wallpaper (included in delivery) and let each custom-fit sheet soak for about 3 minutes. Wallpaper with approx. 2-3 mm overlap.
  • Can be peeled off / removed again in whole strips


Please note that a certain viewing distance is required for an optimal image effect.

When repeat orders, there may be slight color differences due to regular calibration of the machines.

Dimensions: We indicate the dimensions of our paper wallpaper in width x height.

Wall Mural Tulips