Photo Wallpaper

Photo Wallpaper

If you like photography, you will love our selection of images. The new trend in the living area should not be missing in any interior and is a highlight in HD quality. Following the trend, the motif-rich realism of the photography also shines in your photo mural shop and offers everything that pleases the heart, from the stone look to jungle motifs, forests and the plant world. Taking various quality criteria into account, you can choose from a wealth of pure color worlds and patterns, which can appear abstract or unique. In addition to well-tried patterns such as the stone look or the jungle. Here you will find a wide range of modern, effective film, sports and fantasy creations. In our rich portfolio, every single wallpaper is assigned to a category, which is presented as follows:

  • nature
  • Cities & Travel
  • Food & Kitchen
  • artist pictures
  • wellness
  • Around
  • Panorama Banner
  • Other motives

Individual wall design with fantastically beautiful photo wallpaper

Make your living space something special: With a large-format photo mural, you set accents and create a unique atmosphere. High-quality photo wallpapers are ideal options for individual wall design that can be used for any furnishing style. Instead of opting for subtle colors or patterns with a classic wallpaper, opt for a high-quality printed wallpaper that will make your wall an eye-catcher. Professional photos or motifs from art make every wall look fascinatingly beautiful and contribute significantly to more flair in your home. These wall decorations in particular impress with a number of advantages. The beautiful photo motifs are available in different sizes, so that the right motif can always be found for small to large rooms. In addition, the motifs are often available in both color and black and white, so that every taste is catered for here as well. Furthermore, the motif wallpapers can also be combined with various other decorative elements, so that a combination with braids or borders as well as with wall tattoos would also be conceivable. In addition, the high-quality pictures in the form of wallpaper also go well with almost any other wallpaper. There are no limits to your own creativity. If you are interested in wall decoration, you can visit PAULWALLCLOCKS.COM to find oversized wall clocks online.

The right photo wallpaper for every ambience

The right photo wallpaper can be found for every room climate, whereby the different motif wallpapers can also be combined with other wallpapers. A combination with wallpapers with a concrete look would be just as conceivable here as with wallpapers with a wood look or stone look. These go perfectly with the vintage, Scandi or industrial style or to decorate the urban living style, Nordic style and used look. If, on the other hand, you want to pick up on the colors of the motif or just want to have your favorite color on the other walls, you can also opt for wallpaper that can be painted over or opt for monochrome wallpapers, depending on whether the color in question is already included in the extensive range of wallpapers in the online shop or whether the wallpapers have to be painted over accordingly. Of course, a combination with wall tattoos or with delicate tendrils and borders would also be conceivable. Above all, the desired spatial effect that needs to be achieved plays a role here. But the size of the motif and the room in question should also be taken into account when making a decision.

With the photomural through the whole world

You can choose from numerous motifs in this category to effectively beautify your living space: Stroll through the autumn forest with a photo wallpaper or walk over soft sand dunes, enjoy the view of the New York skyline or depict the wild animals of this world in an impressive large format. Stop dreaming of a safari and get the majestic animals from the savannah right on your living room walls . Those who love to travel will find wonderful perspectives from the area of ​​architecture and city views. Get the city panoramas of Berlin, London, New York and the romantic ambience of Paris at home. Whether you want to keep your travel dreams alive or want to bring nature indoors, a wall mural gives you the opportunity to give your living space a whole new meaning. Cities and other panoramic imagesfit well in city apartments or in a stylish penthouse or in a loft. Wallpapers with motifs on the subject of travel are still in vogue, although it is up to personal taste whether you want to choose a motif of a beach in the South Seas or a city motif. The kitchen and the dining room are skilfully staged with a culinary motif. Artist pictures are particularly suitable for the very individual furnishing style. The art picture gallery offers paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Jan Davidsz de Heem with his still lifes or Franz Marc, which appeal in particular to abstract and impressionistic art lovers.

A wallpaper for a stylish ambience at home

Buy your new photo wallpaper online in our shop in Switzerland and make your walls an eye-catcher: the large-format artist prints and photos set the scene for every living space, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen.We carry high-quality printed wallpapers both as paper and as non-woven wallpaper. In addition to image motifs, you will also find effective patterns on wallpaper in our shop: For example, you can dress a wall with paper wallpaper with a wood look or bricks without having to do any manual work. The paper wallpaper is coated with paste like ordinary wallpaper and attached to the wall. It can be trimmed with a cutter knife and thus individually adapted to the respective wall surface. The non-woven wallpaper is now also available as a self-adhesive version for particularly easy and quick processing. The high quality of our wallpaper ensures that the motifs are displayed brilliantly and that they stay on the surface for years. In contrast to murals, photo wallpapers beautify the entire wall and are particularly expressive due to their large image display. Bring nature, fascinating cities and towns into your home with a photo wallpaper Landscape shots , animals and plants in XXL format or as round wallpaper – or even famous artist pictures. We have a suitable photo wallpaper for every taste, with which you can beautify and decorate your living space in a special way. No matter how you want to design your interior, you will always find the right motif for every room in your photo wallpaper store.

Photo Wallpaper