“Piano et Vin” by Milena Niemeyer, Values the Coexistence in Casa Cor Goiás

Living and dining rooms integrated to promote coexistence. Signed by Milena architect Niemeyer, Piano et Vin is one of the highlights of the Casa Cor Goiás 2016-also check out our post on the STUDIO space 777, Andre Lenza. Encourage dialogue and the rediscovery of culture is the proposal that guides the design of the environment, which has 100 m ² full of stimuli to the society of the arts. The role of the Panel in Legno Rosso, Bontempo, meets the contemporary touch of brilliance with the comfort provided by the hot hue of the natural wood blades.


“The possibility to customize the size of the wooden boards as the size of the right foot allowed coat fully the space, as well as the modulation of wood on the table. It was wonderful, because I managed to get around two pillars, giving the feeling of a large furniture,” says the architect. “The Bontempo has contributed always with my projects. Can the optimization of spaces and customer satisfaction – before Bontempo, it was necessary to go to the joinery to make enjoy every centimeter of the House”, he adds.


The piano that gives its name to the environment is one of the items that construct the inspiring atmosphere of large gatherings with friends and family. French neoclassical style, the space features boaseries on your walls – remember here how this decorative element can be materialized by Bontempo. Additionally, bet in Baccarat crystal chandelier, sconces, intricate carvings and gold leaf, suggesting a lucky family trajectory.



The charm of the armchairs and the murano and silver ornaments. The space also features sound, lighting and air conditioning that provide sensory experiences in every corner of the environment as the mood intended by who inhabits it.



The Casa Cor Goiás is open to the public until June 22, in the former building of the CMAC (Central high-cost medicines), in Goiânia. Be sure to attend the show and follow in the next few weeks the House Color coverage.