Recicla decoracion: Cartons of Toilet Paper to Decorate Your Candles

In many houses is that nobody decides to change the roll of the toilet paper, It is not the first time that any bathroom I find some few cartons accumulated, many are those who spend over a month, many times I have read online ideas to take advantage of them and do things with them, it is carton is not that it is the most polluting waste but by its form actually has quite a few decorative possibilities… why not take advantage of them recycle it?

I have seen projects of manufacture of dolls and puppets for children starting from cartons toilet paper also murals for the wall, in fact have already talked about some of them in Decoesfera, I today I focused on a really simple project that can be used to give a special touch for example to the table in a special evening.

We only have to trim a few rolls in more narrow rings, for example, bend them in the form of sheet and paste them some other side creating a kind of Crown to surround a candle or a candle, images better clarify you the idea, I think that if we want to also can be Paint, for example at Christmas of dorado, daily game with the decor of the dining room or even the colors of the food, a simple, but original idea, fun, practical, and very cheap.

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