Recicla Decoracion: Multiple Applications for Glass Bottles

There are so many things that we buy today on day that are packaged in glass, and we always tend to keep those glass vials If at any time we need them but sometimes we got to meet so many that we don’t already know what to do with them, there are all the sizes, high and narrow, low and wide, high and widths;

The most common uses that tend to give them is to save again food, legumes that always come in these packages of plastic with a great tendency to break, sugar, salt, cookies … the most hacendosos in the kitchen also use these glass jars for packaging canned homemade, pepper, tomato sauce, mushrooms, jam … already makes me the mouth water just thinking about it.

But if we think well, we’ll realize that this kind of container you can give many other different uses some of them really decorative.

If glass vials that we choose are pretty, well, I pretty I mean rather wide and with rounded shape, glass smooth … Finally, each that choose the taste, I wanted to tell is that if we fill them with different grains or legumes can serve as embellishment in the kitchen, In addition to having an apparent practical function, if we put them on a shelf or a piece of furniture to the view may be very well.

But not only in the kitchen, also for example in the bathroom, jars of different sizes can be filled with oils, creams and salts …. also soaps or even if the bottles are large enough, there are some peach in syrup of large size … can also serve to keep towels, it is true that usual for these uses are the baskets, but soaps and others end up catching dust, in the glass vial we avoid that things dirty.

We can also think of the possibility to take advantage of the shape of the container but that is not, i.e. the glass can line it either paper or better with fabric, I’ve loved using which you can see in the image below to use glass bottles as vases but to make beautiful wrap in cloth bags, and can be placed on surface or hang them.

Seems an insignificant detail the lining them but otherwise the result is horrible, sometimes people are very careless with children details, I’ve seen cases in which the glass jar is reused without or remove the label of the product which was packed, there is nothing that shudders me more to do flowers in a pot that puts Navarra asparagus or piquillo peppers, costs nothing off the paper and decorate a little.

Finally glass cans, in this case the smallest can be used as candle holder creating with them small lamps both for internal as for external, often with candles the problem especially in outdoor is that they can turn off in the boat we avoid to receive air directly, another problem is stained with wax, in this case shed on the boat.

The conventional candle that sold in stores often are opaque or semitransparent and let in little light, glass jars allow us to get one luminosity quite reasonable, also can put together as many as you want to get the light desired, both inside the House and on the terrace or in the garden.

Not is that you will like these ideas, to my most of them excellent, always keep many glass vials When I get to Canning by myself, but other often have them at home without using and now in times of crisis is good time to take advantage of these ideas that without spending money allow us to get a renewed and very welcoming atmosphere.