Recicla Decoracion: Various Applications for Old Boats

A lot of things that we buy to eat and drink, come in large containers, cans o boats, plastic or metal, many canned or powdered chocolate are some examples, these boats are usually discarded, occupy a lot of space in the trash and being realistic as often not be Recycle and go to occupy the same space in a landfill for years.

However, paying a little attention, we could realize that with some time and patience, without making a large investment, we can make those boats in objects useful and even decorative, the idea is to cover them with paper or fabric, so they have colors and patterns to our liking and then find a tool, one of the most common is the of pen, as we see in the first picture of this article, but there are many other options.

We can also use boats for example to save utensils of kitchen, I am referring to knives, forks, silicone brushes, skimmers, spoons… Nowadays most of us have in the kitchen plenty of work tools that barely fit in drawers, placing them neatly in these boats will be well ordered and always at hand.

As a boat to store other things of eat, I mean that even if the boat you have purchased full of chocolate, if you have a good cover, that there are… We can then reuse it for example to store cookies and to not spoil or candies or pasta… Instead of buying new boats, the idea is to reuse that already have at home.

A curious idea is the use boats to organize the threads, We can hang at the Wall the lifeboats and place a ball in each of a different color, certain it is that if you are not careful with wool, threads end up mixing and then there is who undo the tangle, so it seems not a bad idea at all, but it is also true that increasingly is less people who have yarn for knitting at home.

In fact occurs to me that precisely the threads of wool, We can also serve to decorate the boats, we can cover them with paper, Perhaps it more cheaply, but if we have pieces of fabric or colors wool, can use these fabrics for lining or wool to go by wrapping the pot with wire, it will be very funny and original and more durable than paper.

Boats can be used as pots, in this case rather than cover them, possibly better than the Paint, If we are going to place outdoors or even indoors, to water the plants are wet, we choose a color to paint, put the plant inside and ready, the boat may be just a trim, we place a small pot of plastic inner.

There is also who mentioned the possibility of using them to make compost, natural fertilizer that can be achieved from the organic waste from the home, the idea is to go storing organic waste in the pot, compacting them and when the boat is full empty them on where we want to pay in the garden, although I recognize that this use is not me as attractive as others.

If boats rather than cover them do them holes, We can use them as lamps or as air fresheners, the idea is to introduce within them e.g. a candle or a light bulb and let light out through the holes, or some aromatic essence and the smell permeating the room in which the pot is.

In short, only some time and imagination it takes to find a used boat utility, that does not mean that we reuse all, nor is it to fill the House of boats, but perhaps if some of our friends, some even can give away them, Once decorated and prepared for reuse.