Road Trip in Western Australia

By | September 19, 2021

Many people miss the enchanting west coast with cozy Perth, the colonial city of Fremantle, vineyards in the Margaret River, dolphins in Monkey Mia and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shark Bay! Western Australia is for those who want to see a different side of Australia. Here there are few tourists, outback for real with many, many miles where you yourself are king over the road. Wildlife is varied, fantastic beaches with great diving and snorkeling, wonderful wineries, surfing and adventure! Australia is a country located in Oceania according to holidaysort.

This travel suggestion is for you who want to go on adventures in Western Australia. After two nights in Perth, the journey goes up the coast via the Pinnacles Desert, Kalbarri National Park, which offers stunning views from Nature’s Window, as well as visiting Monkey Mia’s curious dolphins. From here you can head to Kalbarri National Park where you can hike in the area’s many gorges and swim under the waterfalls. From Kalbarri you can continue south through the wilderness to Margaret River. Here you can enjoy fine wine, hiking and surfing. If you have time left, you can continue up to Fremantle before you return the motorhome in Perth and go back to Sweden.

Day 1: Departure Scandinavia

Departure with scheduled flights – we always book scheduled flights with all its benefits – more legroom, meals and drinks, the opportunity to get bonus points. For those who have a special diet, you can order special food on board the flight free of charge.

Day 2: Arrival in Perth

You land in Perth and pick up your rental car (if you do not want to drive yourself, it is of course very good to plan a trip with pre-booked transfers and bus excursions instead of a car) and drive into the city and your hotel. Depending on the traffic, this takes between 30-40 minutes. You then have the rest of the day to catch up on after the long flight. You live centrally with restaurants and shopping just around the corner from the hotel.

Day 3: Perth

Perth is a quiet little town whose center is concentrated in basically a few blocks but the city itself is vast with low-rise buildings. Among the nicest things to do here is to take a long walk in Kings Park, one of the world’s largest city parks with nature, culture and experiences. The city also has a lively and interesting art center in The Art Gallery of Western Australia – often with exciting exhibitions and a well-stocked gift shop. A must is also to make an excursion to Caversham Wildlife Park where you can get in close contact with kangaroos, see the rare quocks and maybe even a Tasmanian devil.

Day 4: Perth – Geraldton

Now you start your “road trip” north along an incredibly beautiful west coast – today’s destination is the city of Geraldton which is about 432 kilometers north. The roads are very good and the traffic becomes sparser and sparser the further north you go. I suggest you drive Indian Ocean Drive and make a little stop on the way. In the twin towns of Dongara & Denison you can taste the local wine and eat seafood, outside the Lancelin you marvel at the huge white dunes but most breathless of all is probably a visit to Nambung National Park. Here you visit Pinnacles, an area filled with high limestone formations. You can take a desert walk or drive around the area on marked trails. Do not forget water just because it is hot and dry here!

Day 5: Geraldton – Monkey Mia

The journey continues towards the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shark Bay and the small place Monkey Mia – today’s distance is also the exact 432 kilometers. Take the opportunity to refuel the car at Billabong Roadhouse – and have a cup of coffee – only in Australia can you drink “flat white” – an Australian version of cappuccino that is purely addictive! Once you enter Shark Bay there are plenty of stops to make; see the unique stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, take a walk and a dip at the marvelous Shell Beach, enjoy the views at Eagle Bluff. Here you look for sharks, dugongs and rays, feel free to bring a small pair of binoculars as you will most certainly be able to see some specimens! In the small town of Denham you can refill with drinks and maybe have a late lunch before you drive the last mile out to Monkey Mia where you now stay for two nights.

Day 6: Monkey Mia

You gather at the beach around 7.30 to hear about the wonderful dolphins that have lived here at Monkey Mia for many decades. If you are lucky, you will be selected and allowed to feed, but no matter what, it is a fantastic experience to see these beautiful animals up close! You then have all day to either just sunbathe and swim at the long beach here. You can take the car and make an excursion to Francois Peron National Park or maybe book a catamaran sailing trip or a fishing trip.

Day 7: Monkey Mia – Kalbarri

Take the opportunity to see the dolphins one last time before you leave Monkey Mia and Shark Bay for this time. To Kalbarri it is 399 kilometers but there are many interesting stops to make the trip a few kilometers longer. Inside Kalbarri National Park there are places like Nature´s Window, The Loop and Z-bend Gorge to visit. The views of the Murchison River and the Red Ravines are second to none! Arriving in Kalbarri, there are many very good restaurants that specialize in seafood from the sea beyond.

Day 8: Kalbarri – Geraldton

From Kalbarri to Geraldton it is only 140 kilometers so there is plenty of time to take it easy and enjoy the surroundings. Maybe you should take the opportunity to spend the morning on Chinaman´s Beach in Kalbarri and start the journey towards Geraldton after lunch? Before leaving Kalbarri, we recommend a visit to Rainbow Jungle – a unique parrot reserve and a colorful experience. Then take the opportunity to stop at “Pink Lake” in Port Gregory – a rare sight as there are only a few around the world, most of which are actually in Western Australia.

Day 9: Geraldton – Fremantle

You now go all the way back to Perth and then a little further out to the coast to the city of Fremantle. Known for his sailing competitions and finish for the America’s Cup but also for his absolutely fantastic architecture. The city has lots of intact colonial wooden buildings and the prison here is one of the eleven that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are markets, restaurants, cafes and several of the very popular microbreweries – take the opportunity to have lunch or dinner at Little Creatures Brewery if you have time!

Day 10: Fremantle

You have all day to explore Freo – this beautiful little town. Stroll around and enjoy the life of the people and the beautiful surroundings. There are museums and art galleries and white beaches for those who prefer sand between their toes. The prison has several very interesting tours, of which a 2.5 hour tour that describes escape routes and includes both hiking and boating!

Day 11: Fremantle – Margaret River

The coast south of Fremantle is lined with chalk white beaches and emerald green sea, the small towns here Mandurah, Rockingham, Bunbury, Busselton offer opportunities to swim with dolphins, visit art galleries, shopping, underwater observatories and more. Today’s mileage is 264 kilometers and let it take all day so you can spend time experiencing Australia’s famous southwest!

Day 12: Margaret River

This is a mecca for all connoisseurs – Margaret River is famous for its vineyards, feel free to follow one of the recommended wine routes and take plenty of time to enjoy long lunches and walks. You not only taste the good wine, but here you will find olive oil, cheese, chocolate and most things in the way of delicacies.

Day 13: Margaret RiverPerth

In slow motion you go back to Perth – if you are not full of wine experiences, we can take a tour of the Swan Valley just east of Perth itself – also an area known for its good wines! Day 14: Return to Scandinavia You drive back to the airport and return your rental car and check in for a flight back to Scandinavia.

Day 15: Return to Scandinavia

Arrival in Scandinavia after a fantastic adventure.

Overnight stays

Two nights in Perth in double room in mid-range hotel
One night in Geraldton in double room in mid-range hotel
Two nights in Monkey Mia in double room in mid-range hotel
One night in Kalbarri in double room in mid-range hotel
One night in Geraldton in double room in mid-range hotel
Two nights in Fremantle in double room in mid-range
hotel nights in Margaret River in a double room in a mid-range hotel
A night in Perth in a double room in a mid-range hotel

Road Trip in Western Australia