Road Trip With Friends – Australia’s East Coast

By | September 24, 2021

Take a road trip in Australia with your best friends. Cool cities, a deserted outback and fantastic beaches await you here. The car and the accompanying tent give you the freedom to experience Australia at your own pace – and at a really good price. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to itypetravel.

If you are a couple traveling together and want more freedom than a bus pass can offer, a road trip by car along the east coast of Australia is the right choice for you. In your own rental car you can find your own places – the smaller towns, the fantastic national parks and the incredible beaches where not many reach out – and you are completely independent of bus lines, departure times and stops.

The included tent gives you the opportunity to save some housing costs along the coast. The beautiful Australian weather invites to camping, both in well-equipped campsites and in remote but insanely beautiful national parks, where you have to share space with kangaroos and eucalyptus trees.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

Day 2-4: Sydney

We have booked the first two nights at a centrally located hostel in Sydney. Spend your days exploring Sydney. Check out the Opera House, climb the Harbor Bridge, enjoy the sun on Bondi Beach and soak up the city atmosphere before the freedom and open spaces attract.

Day 4 – 29: Road trip

After a couple of days in Australia’s largest city, you pick up your rental car and head north towards Cairns. You have 25 days to drive the more than 2,500 km between Sydney and Cairns. Freedom is the main theme of this trip – but we are happy to help with some suggestions on good places to stay. Some of our favorites along Australia’s east coast:

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park is located west of Sydney, and it takes approx. 1.5 hours to drive there. The national park got its name because of the oil from the eucalyptus trees, which gives it a bluish shimmer. The park offers incredible views, beautiful waterfalls and good nature walks.

Myall Lakes National Park

In this area of ​​New South Wales there are several larger lakes, and it is a nice area to camp in, with the possibility of fishing or boat trips on the lakes.

Coffs Harbor

Coffs Harbor is a medium-sized town with about 26,000 inhabitants. The city’s location by the sea makes it attractive and a popular holiday destination for Australians themselves. There are many accommodation options and the city offers a wide range of activities.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay has about 5,400 inhabitants, but tourists often double the population. It is a nice little town and an absolute backpacker paradise. The atmosphere is good and relaxed during the day – the nightlife is wild and the beaches are fantastic.

Surfers Paradise

The city is known for its hectic nightlife and is a favorite among backpackers because of this. Surf schools offer lessons on the beach – and what better place to learn to surf than Surfers Paradise!


Noosa is a popular holiday destination, where it is buzzing with life and holiday atmosphere. Visit the Noosa Head National Park, which has attractive hiking trails and beautiful stretches of coastline. Koala bears live in the area, so you can be lucky and discover the small animals in their favorite tree, the eucalyptus tree.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is definitely one of the highlights of the East Coast. The island is about 125 km long and 15 km wide at its widest point, and is thus the world’s largest sandy island. Nature is magnificent. The whole island is a national park, and there are rainforests, dunes and beautiful lakes with water so clean that you can drink it.


Whitsundays is the general name for the entire National Park, located off Airlie Beach. Whitsundays consists of 74 islands, of which Whitsunday Island is the largest, with 109 km2. It is a fantastic experience to sail around the islands with their chalk white beaches and turquoise waters. If the weather gods are gracious, Whitsundays is probably the closest you can get to paradise.


Cairns is Queensland’s most visited city and is the starting point for a wealth of exciting nature experiences. Most associate Cairns with the world’s largest coral reef; Great Barrier Reef, and it’s definitely a “must” to take a boat trip to experience it. Like most major cities in Australia, Cairns also offers many other types of adventure sports. Cairns does not have a nice beach, which is why they have created a large lagoon with salt water, which is free for everyone. As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic experiences waiting for you along Australia’s east coast. Moreover, this is just a selection of them.

Day 29: Return trip

You return the car and start the journey home.

Day 30: Homecoming

Overnight stays

Two nights in a hostel in Sydney
Twenty-five nights in a tent

Road Trip With Friends - Australia's East Coast