Rocco Double, New Lamp Antonito and Manolin, Who Falls in Love with Guille Garcia-HOZ

That usually follow Decoesfera, you know our passion for enlightenment as an element of decoration and the lamps as object of desire. Personally I refuse to hang at home lamps that do not tell me anything, in fact I have a year without lamp in the dining room because none convince me.

The Decorator Guille Garcia-HOZ It happens to be the same, his passion for the different, original and craftsman pieces, led him in the edition of Casa Decor 2016 to Antonito and Manolin lamps and as I am his loyal follower in Socialmedia, has led me to discover this new Rocco double.

This new piece, Rocco double, both liked guille, is made to date by a three points of light ceiling lamp manufactured entirely in brass and a wall with two arms of brass and wood base.

The new Rocco double It proposes a solution of 6 points of light spread pyramid mode and has an architectural conception that combines with a multitude of styles and modern houses with ceilings so low that it costs to find Ceiling lamps that are well and not “eat” the space.

Reminds a little of the style of the New York-based artisan Lindsay Adelman, that I love, but obviously I can not access his pieces, first because they are not sent to Europe and second because I cannot pay them.

As in all designs of the Antonito and Manolin study, each piece will work under custom made and individually, and can adapt sizes and finishes. Brass parts are hand-burnished and they have an own patina, which makes each one an object unique and unrepeatable.

The designs of Trini Salamanca and Pablo Parraga, apparent simplicity, have been designed and carried out with a clear premise: sustainability, both structural (materials of first quality and an impeccable work) as aesthetics (formal balance) and we also love since we met their parts, can be easily integrated into any decor.