Samos 300 Beaches

By | January 25, 2021

Samos has a lot to be proud of. The sweet Samos pig that even Lord Byron was said to love, its ancient ruins and sights as well as the hundreds of beaches that attract thousands of tourists year after year. On Samos you can swim at over 300 beaches – large and small – and discover all they have to offer.

General about the beaches on Samos

According to medicinelearners, many of the island’s beaches and bays are pebble beaches with pebbles, but there are also several shallow sandy beaches that are more comfortable to lie on. At each place you can find several bathing places, but if you rent a car you can also get to the hidden gold nuggets where tourists usually do not come. Samos has lots of such little gems – you just have to find them and venture into gravel roads to finally reach your goal.

The choice of beach also has to do with how you want it and who is in the party. If you travel with small children, a deep pebble beach may not be the best. Then you would rather have a shallow sandy beach with restaurants in the background. Therefore, in that case, you are right to stop at the tourist destinations where all accessibility is available.
If, on the other hand, you can imagine a little more unusual beaches to be able to snorkel and discover life in the sea, you should try it out by looking for the more remote places.

Some popular beaches

Around Kokkari which is located in northern Samos, there are many nice beaches and there it is also a bit more windy, which is suitable for those who want to windsurf or have a little adventure.

If you travel with small children, you can instead focus on the calmer beaches such as Psili Ammos, not far from Pythagorion and Vathi. Here is the island’s most shallow beach with all facilities and two taverns for those who get hungry later in the afternoon. Cliffs rise around the beach and you can always find shade with the help of pine trees.

Anyone who really wants to be at peace and at the same time experience paradise on earth should take the bathing boat from the port of Pythagorion out to the island of Samiopoula which is south of Samos. The beach is fine-grained and the sea is clear blue and behind it the cliffs rise, much like on a deserted island in the South Seas. It takes about 1 hour out here with a smaller boat.

If you want to swim in a lagoon like in the Caribbean, you should head to the northern part of the island to get to Livadaki Beach. When you see the beach from above, it actually looks like a round swimming pool with a sandy beach and low cliffs all around. The lagoon is an excellent haunt for snorkelers who can calmly swim around to watch animals and fish. Here it is rarely windy and the sea is calm. In addition, the view is postcard beautiful. If you live in a hotel in the city of Samos, it is not far to this divine beach which must be reached with a foamy drive of 3 km, but the rewards are really huge when you stand there then. And even though it is so protected, there is still a small restaurant and sunbeds on the beach.

Samos 300 beaches