By | January 23, 2021

Greece has many islands and one of them is Samos which has recently been named the best charter destination by a large number of travelers. Samos belongs to the North Aegean Islands and is located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. There are about 35,000 inhabitants here and you can basically look over to Turkey from here, as it only differs 2 km between the places. On the island there are over 300 beaches and the vegetation is green and lush and here a sweet wine is grown on muscat grapes. Samos has a lot of mountains, whose natural water from springs flows down and waters the valleys and makes the vegetation as prosperous as it is. The genuine and small-scale is constantly evident, but this has also been expanded with charter hotels and tourist resorts. Samos also has the city of Samos, just as the island of Bodrum in Turkey has the city of Bodrum.

Get to Samos and get around

According to localcollegeexplorer, there is an airport on Samos where charter and domestic flights go. Charter goes from several different places in Sweden and if you want to go regularly, you must first change to another place, usually in Athens. From the airport it takes 30 minutes by bus to the city of Samos. You can then move on to other seaside resorts such as Vahti and Pythagorion, all at least as charming and romantic as the island in general.

If you live in the city of Samos, you can easily get to all the island’s villages and towns in a short time. It takes only 25 minutes to Pythagorion and if you want to go to Athens, Pathos or Turkey, you can take one of the many ferry connections.

You can also rent a car, moped or motorcycle, which is common in Greece. If you want to cycle, there are several bicycle rental places to take note of.

Facts about the city of Samos

For those who want to stay in the city of Samos, here is some valuable information. This town is located in a valley in the Gulf of Vahti that stretches a long way along the island, more precisely 5 km. Samos is located on the east side of Samos island and here you can get excited about many nice beaches. Gangou Beach is a pebble beach, about 1 km outside the city center and the island’s most beautiful sandy beach Psili Ammos, located between Samos and Pythagorion. The mountainous nature in the background are perfect hiking trails and excursion destinations for those who want to look around.

Samos is a typical Greek city with genuine architecture and narrow pedestrian streets and in the center you will find the famous lion statue on Pythagoras Square. This statue is a symbol of the island’s liberation from the Turks and is proudly regarded as the island’s most famous landmark. From here, the city center branches out into a number of cozy alleys and streets, lined with cafes and restaurants as well as shops of all kinds. Everywhere you can also find buildings that are now decorated as a museum and most contain objects and artifacts from ancient Greece.

A must is also to walk around along the harbor to see the incredibly colorful fishing boats and boats that are bouncing here or watch the ferries and excursion boats that dock at regular intervals. The small boats are usually painted in Greek colors in white and blue but usually have paraphernalia and cargo in other strong color shades.