Sights of Antigua and Barbuda

By | November 18, 2022

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean Sea each offer something different. Antigua is known for its beautiful ports, sailing competitions, water sports and its national park. The towns and villages are a bit busier than on the neighboring island. That is also because most of the sights can be found on this island. On the neighboring island of Barbuda, there is mainly peace, pink sand beaches and many birds. There are some historical sites here and there and the rugged coast offers secret caves just waiting to be discovered. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Antigua and Barbuda.

Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua and Barbuda

#1. Museum of Antigua and Barbuda
In 1985 this museum was opened in St. John’s. The building and the objects tell about the history and cultural heritage of their country. Various exhibitions are regularly organized. There is also a library and museum shop.

#2. Fort James in St. John’s
At the entrance of the harbor of St. John is this fort that was supposed to protect the city against attacks from outside. It was built in the early 16th century. Because it is located on a hill, it has a special view over the harbor and the northwestern part of the city. The cannons are still well preserved. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Antigua and Barbuda.

#3. Betty’s Hope
Around 1650 this plantation was established as a sugar plantation. The success of this plantation has resulted in a lot of development on the island. The existing mills were used to grind the sugar cane. Today it is an important monumental heritage that must be well preserved. One of the two mills has been restored to allow regular demonstrations. There used to be a hundred such mills here.

#4. Devil’s Bridge
On the Atlantic coast at Indian Town Point is a natural rock arch. A similar arch was always a sight on another Caribbean island, namely Aruba. Unfortunately it has collapsed. This natural phenomenon on Antigua is still intact. This bridge is part of the Devil’s Bridge National Park, where the annual Kite Festival is held.

#5. Half Moon Bay
If you want to combine sport and relaxation on the beach, you should definitely visit this place. The beach is divided into two parts. One part of this crescent-shaped site has heady surf ideal for surfers and the other side is quite calm and clear. In the northeastern part it is ideal for snorkelling, as there is a reef. There are not very many facilities other than a bar and toilets.

#6. Nelson’s Dockyard National Park
Actually, this is the most visited park on the island of Antigua. Its 18th century charm and well-restored buildings make it a wonderful place to stay. You can visit the Marinewerf museum, a restaurant or stroll through the marina. Yachts and ships are still maintained in the yard.

#7. River Fort Martello Tower
The relatively small tower stands near the town of Codrington on the island of Barbuda. It is a quintessential British small fortress with similar ones found in many British countries. They date from the time of the Napoleonic Wars. They are often 40 feet high, round and have a number of peepholes from which to shoot enemies. The round and solid masonry structure provided a good defense against all kinds of attacks. Most of the well-preserved towers are often classified as historical monuments. Because this Martello tower is close to the beach, it also served to quickly see ships approaching.

#8. Codrington Lagoon
This long lagoon is located in the west of the island of Barbuda near the town of Codrington. The shallow area is mainly known as a habitat for almost two hundred different species of birds. The Frigate Birds in particular are very special. This kind of seabird is also called the Pirate birds. They are easily recognized by a bright red breast under the beak, which is especially inflated during the breeding season.

#9. Darby’s Cave
In the rougher north of the island of Barbuda are a number of caves and underground entrances. These are often hidden in the steep and rugged rock formations on the coast. A very famous one is the Darby’s Cave. This is where Arawkindians and runaway slaves used to hide. What is special about this cave is that trees and other vegetation grow there. Another special cave is the Indian Cave which is located in the northeast of Barbuda. It is recommended to visit it with a guide, as there is not a very clear path leading to it. The area is a prehistoric site with many Native American rock paintings.

#10. Sailing
The rough and windy area around the island of Antigua, with its idyllic harbors and deep bays, is known as a very important sailing destination. Marinas such as Falmouth Harbour, Jolly Harbor and English Harbor are full of all kinds of colorful boats and yachts, large and small. All kinds of excursions by boat, catamaran or kayak are therefore offered. The famous Classic Yacht Regatta and other International sailing competitions often take place here in the spring. The Stanford Sailing Week also attracts many visitors to this beautiful island every year.

Sights of Antigua and Barbuda