Sights of Canada

By | April 20, 2022

According to Simplyyellowpages, the capital of Canada is the city of Ottawa, which received this status in 1857. Even by Canadian standards, Ottawa can be called a quiet and clean city. The main attraction is the Parliament, sometimes you can even attend a meeting of the main legislative body of the country. Fans of unusual architects will be interested in taking a look at the Peace Tower, which has as many as 53 bells, as well as the incredibly picturesque quarter located around the market – Bayward. For those who want to hear great live music, trips to the National Center for the Arts, where many of the country’s musical groups enter, as well as the famous Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, will be pleasant. Within the city limits is the beautiful town of Kingston, which annually hosts a huge number of various festivals, among which the most famous is the Irish Festival. The third largest river port, Thunder Bay, is also located here. The largest province of the country is Ontario, where the capital of Canada is actually located. The province is known worldwide for its wine production, and most Canadian wines are produced here. The main natural attraction, of course, is Niagara Falls, which annually attracts many tourists from all over the world. Despite being the first province in the country in terms of population, Ontario is not as heavily urbanized. Untouched northern territories, more than 30 nature reserves, a huge number of clean lakes and rivers are still preserved here, and all this is in the neighborhood of a huge metropolis and the capital – Ottawa, as well as the unofficial capital – Toronto. Toronto is the largest city in the country it is also considered the standard of cleanliness and order. There are many firms and companies here, thanks to which it is also called the shopping center of Canada. Recognizing this city from many other major Canadian cities is easy. It has its own unique atmosphere, here, next to majestic skyscrapers where banks and financial institutions are located, there are many clean and green parks where small forest dwellers live quietly. The most interesting and beautiful places in the city are: the entertainment complex located on Ontario Square, the incredibly beautiful gilded tower of the largest bank Royal Bank Plaza, as well as the symbol of the city – the CN Tower, more than 500 meters high. Connoisseurs of ancient architecture should definitely visit Quebec City in the province of Quebec. Here the fortress city wall has been preserved, the only one in North America. In addition, there is still a whole area with medieval buildings – the Latin Quarter. On the narrow streets of this ancient city there is a huge number of shops, bars and souvenir shops. The city Aquarium is located near the St. Lawrence River, as well as a zoo, a visit to which will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. The city of Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec, it is also one of the oldest cities in Canada, which attracts a huge number of tourists. This city is located on a river island, beautiful old streets diverge from the center, most of whose names are given from the names of Catholic saints, which is why Montreal received the unofficial name – “City of Saints”. Now Montreal is not only the historical center of Canada, but also many skyscrapers,

National cuisine of Canada

Original Canadian cuisine does not exist, all its components were brought by various peoples of the world who migrated to this country and live here to this day. On almost every corner in any city, you can find a restaurant or cafe where you will be offered a dish for every taste. Restaurants with English, French and Italian cuisine have become more widespread, as well as quite often you can find Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, and recently establishments with Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine have gained great popularity. Canadians prefer dishes made from natural products (meat, fish, etc.). One of the most popular Canadian dishes is filet brochette, which is a barbecue made from sirloin tenderloin, bacon and mushrooms. This dish is served in many Canadian establishments. Appetizers are most often various seafood, pâtés and cheeses. As for drinks, Canadians prefer beer, the most popular beers are Labatt and Molson, but in each province you can try a unique beer made according to a special recipe.


Canada has a huge length of railways, thanks to which getting from one part of the country to another will not be difficult and will not cost much. Exclusively for tourists, the world-famous Canadian Pacific Express still runs here. Automobile roads are quite well developed, with a total length of 1 million kilometers. Most of the highways run along the border with the United States, as well as in places with a large population. There are four international airports, as well as the main waterway – the river. St. Lawrence.

Sights of Canada