Sights of Cape Verde

By | December 3, 2022

South of the Canary Islands you will find the lesser-known islands of Cape Verde. Nine of the ten islands are inhabited. The most famous and attractive islands are São Vicente, Sal, Santo Antão, Boavista, Fogo, Majo and Santiago. With the promised subtropical climate, it is an excellent sun destination at a reasonable distance (six hours by plane) from the Netherlands. Especially mountaineers, hikers and divers will find enough challenges to enjoy an active holiday. But also those seeking tranquility can enjoy the many beautiful sandy beaches that Cape Verde has to offer. Thanks to the sunny and pleasantly warm weather during our winter months, Cape Verde has become especially popular as winter sun destination. At a flight of more than six hours you can enjoy yourself in the luxurious all-inclusive resorts that you will find on the Cape Verde Islands. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Cape Verde.

Those who are more adventurous can of course also visit nature and the more authentic side of these islands. Cape Verde also has a lot to offer in that respect. This more unexpected side of the Cape Verde Islands is often less emphasized, but it is certainly present. Always make sure you are well prepared for a holiday to Cape Verde. Arrange your Cape Verde visa, check whether you need any vaccinations and ensure good protection against the strong UV radiation from the sun.

Cape Verde ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Praia
You will find this lively city on the largest island ‘Santiago’ of Cape Verde. The capital of Cape Verde is also the most modern part of the island. Although there is still much to be found in the cultural field, it is also characterized by more modern buildings on, for example, Avenida Cidade de Lisboa, interesting exhibitions and a vibrant nightlife. The old town hall and the palace are real attractions in the colonial part of the city. The Naval Museum and the Ethnographic Museum are Praia’s most interesting museums. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Cape Verde.

#2. Pico de Fogo
The highest point of Cape Verde can be found on the island of Fogo. The Pico de Fogo is an active Stratovolcano. Nearly a thousand people live in the crater in the village of Cha das Caldeiras. They are mainly concerned with the influx of tourists, growing grapes for wine and taking care of the coffee plantations on the fertile slope of this Pico de Fogo. The area around this Pico de Fogo belongs to the National Park of Cape Verde.

#3. Santiago
Cape Verde consists of a series of islands, of which Santiago is the largest and most important. In the southeast lies the capital Praia. Due to its mountainous landscape, this island is also the greenest of them all. In the historic old capital, Cidade Velha, there are a number of special sights. For example, this was once a place of residence for the Portuguese. Divers will find old shipwrecks in this area and on the mainland there is the old fort with its cannons and an old pillory. In the vicinity of the town of Rarrafal, which is located in the northwestern part of the island, you will find the most beautiful beaches.

#4. Diving
Cape Verde is no stranger to many water sports enthusiasts. Divers and surfers in particular find their way to this exciting destination in large numbers. Surfers often visit the islands of Boavista and Sal. Divers comb the entire area around the islands and even encounter humpback whales and dolphins. Some very interesting dive sites in the region are: Tres Grotes, Santo Antão, Buracona en Regona, Dois Olhos en Langosta verde, Cavala, Choclassa profonda, Relitto Kwarcit-Boris, Ancora, Farol, Caldaja, Pontinha e Pontinha profonda, Dunas, Champignon , Ponta Preta funda, Peridao, Morro das Pedra, Punta Alvacova, Bera d’coral.

#5. Carreta Carreta turtles
Cape Verde is very committed to the Carreta Carreta turtles. You will find them on almost every island. Very special are the places where you can help feed and care for these beautiful animals through an educational excursion. Sometimes parts of the beach are closed off because of the breeding and hatching of these Carreta Carreta turtles. Especially on the islands of Boavista, Sal and Maio people are very fond of these animals.

#6. Serra Malagueta Natural Park
A beautiful piece of nature with green hills, over which some 124 species of plants are scattered, can be found in this natural park on the island of Santiago. For bird lovers, this place is a relief. You can see here the Ardea purpurea bournei, Tyto alba detorta and the Alcyon leucocephaia, for example. There are about 19 recorded birds and also some reptiles, monkeys, bats and many rodents.

#7. Musea da Tabanka
On the island of Santiago in Assomada you will find one of the few museums in Cape Verde. This museum, which is also known as a cultural center, gives you a glimpse into the culture and customs of the country. For example, music is very important for Cape Verdeans. It is therefore known for its Morna, which can be compared to the Argentine Tango. This museum is located in the center of the town of Assomada.

#8. Hiking
The islands of Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Boavista, Brava, Fogo and Santiago are ideal for various hiking trips at various levels. The island of Santo Antão is known for its mountainous area. On Brava you will find more untouched nature. Fogo is famous for its volcano and Santiago for some culture and the beautiful coast. Those who make use of the opportunity to go ‘Island hopping’ have a very diverse offer for the most diverse walks.

#9. Markets in Assomada
If you would like to know more about the customs and, for example, the Cape Verdean kitchen, then it is recommended to visit the large market of Assomada on the island of Santiago. A wide variety of goods, vegetables, fruits, traditional delicacies and local people can be found on this market. The market in this place is the largest on the island.

#10. Carnival / Mardi Gras
Cape Verdeans are not averse to a party. The Mardi Gras party here immediately reminds you of the beautiful carnival parades in Brazil. Colorful creations such as feather headdresses and scantily clad women dance through the streets of Mindelo. This party is celebrated around February on the island of São Vicente.

Sights of Cape Verde