Sights of Cayman Islands

By | December 4, 2022

In the western Caribbean you will find the islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. These islands belong to overseas Great Britain and together form the Cayman Islands or Cayman Islands. Especially the divers among us know that the Cayman Islands are particularly known for their excellent diving locations, some of which have a real wreck to discover. But also peace seekers, beach and nature lovers such as bird watchers will have a great time here. The beaches again offer many different types of water sports. The islands are easy to distinguish from each other. The largest island of Grand Cayman has the most to offer in terms of leisure such as restaurants, nightlife, sights and very accessible reefs. The second island is Cayman Brac. This island is dominated by rough and robust rock formations, which makes it difficult for many hikers. The view, on the other hand, is often spectacular. The smallest island is Little Cayman. This is also the least populated and therefore the least developed. There is still a lot of untouched nature and there are beautiful quiet beaches. With a dive around this island you can be surprised by a number of octopuses, sharks, turtles or eagle rays. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Cayman Islands.

Top 10 sights of Cayman Islands

#1. The Seven Mile Beach
Perhaps this beach is one of the most visited attractions of this destination. This beautiful white sand beach is located on the western shore of Grand Cayman Island, which is also the largest of the Cayman Islands. Although the most luxurious resorts are located on this stunning coast, the entire beach is open to the public. Many different activities are offered on the beach.

#2. Bat Cave
On the island of Cayman Brac with its spectacular limestone cliffs and rock formations, there are several walks to be made. For example, the walks lead you past the lighthouse with its incredibly beautiful view and past Little Cayman Brac Outlook. This is a nice attraction, especially for bird watchers. But the most special is the Bat Cave. No fewer than thirty thousand bats reside here. Although the local population is not happy with this mainly fruit and nectar-eating species, they are very suitable for spreading all kinds of plant species. These bats are then also common in the forests and swamps.

#3. Cayman Islands National Museum
The National Museum is housed in one of the few 19th century buildings on the island. Much research and preservation of all kinds of Cayman heritage has been done in this ‘Old Courts Building’. Among the many objects and documents is a ‘catboat’ from 1920.

#4. Cayman Craft Market
In the capital George Town you will find a park-like environment by the sea. Here you will find the most beautiful and unique handicrafts with various beautiful creations of the mainly local population every week. The most used materials consist of nothing more than reed, leather, black coral, shells and wood. Special jewelry is also offered for sale.

#5. Jolly Roger
A nice excursion is offered on this replica boat of the 17th century Galleon Christopher Columbus ‘Nina’. This ship guarantees adventure and lots of fun. Real pirate life is reenacted here by a very capable crew. Children can even help with the work on board, while the parents enjoy a delicious cocktail. There is time for swimming and/or snorkeling along the way.

#6. Stingray City
About eight kilometers from the capital George Town is an excellent diving and snorkeling location known for its abundance of stingrays. This area is called Sandbar. In 1980 they were discovered here by some fishermen and since then many excursions have been offered here. You can even pet some specimens. Many of these animals have become tame because they are often fed squid, which is their favorite meal.

#7. Hell
On the island of Grand Cayman in West Bay you can find an area where black limestone formations can be admired for 1.5 million years. This typical limestone forms a very bizarre appearance, which would make it typify ‘hell’ for some. Funny thing is that you can send a postcard from ‘hell’ to someone at the local post office.

#8. Cayman Turtle Farm
There is always something going on in the large Marine Park at West Bay on Grand Cayman. You will learn more about everything that lives in the sea, but also about predators, caimans and of course the sea turtle. There is a saltwater lagoon where you can snorkel among different fish or where you can come nose to nose with a shark through a tank. Just under 11,000 sea turtles, from large to small, live on the turtle farm. There are a few food and beverage outlets so you can spend the whole day there.

#9. Pedro St.James National Historic Site
This oldest building in the Cayman Islands once belonged to wealthy Englishman William Eden. Fifty years after it was built, the country’s first government was formed here. Since then, this house has been called the calling card for the emergence of democracy. Today it is open to the public and you can experience 200 years of history with an amazing view of the azure blue sea.

#10. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
On Grand Cayman in the north of the island is a beautiful and very carefully landscaped park of approximately 26 hectares. The adjacent lake attracts many waterfowl and other wildlife. In addition to the impressive plants and flowers, you will find a herb garden, a traditional Cayman house, butterflies, blue iguanas and an orchid garden. The park is about a 45-minute drive from George Town.

Sights of Cayman Islands