Sights of China

By | December 6, 2022

The country of China is divided into People’s Republic of China and Republic of China, which is actually Taiwan. Most of the country therefore belongs to the People’s Republic of China. This part of China is mainly visited by tourists who like to visit cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Canton. The diversity of the cities also applies to the landscape and climate. Mountain areas, the Tibetan Highlands, the Chinese lowlands, the Taklamakan Desert and the many rivers are beautiful examples of the natural beauty of China. And the Chinese culture and traditions also have a considerable attraction for tourists. The many temples and religious customs from all kinds of religions are a common item during daily trips. Unfortunately, choices often have to be made. The country is so immense, so you often have to make a clear plan. A top 10 of China is handy to be able to consult. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to China.

You need a visa to visit China. You can apply for your visa for China well in advance. If you also visit Macao and/or Hong Kong in the meantime, you will need a visa with which you can travel to China several times.

Top 10 Things to Do in China

#1. Chinese wall
As early as the seventh century, a military defense wall was built in China, which we now call the Great Wall of China. However, the current wall that runs through wooded hills also has parts that are much older. The first emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered this. Over the centuries, much has been built and rebuilt, especially during the Ming Dynasty and later the Qin Dynasty. As part of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China has been part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites since 1987. The Great Wall of China has several gates, lookouts, fortresses such as the Shanhaiguan Fort at the Gulf of Bohai and long hiking trails. Originally, the defensive wall consists of about twenty thousand kilometers. Unfortunately, some of this has also been lost. The part that you can walk as a tourist is not far from Beijing near the town of Badaling. Here it is also possible to travel by cable car. You can also choose to visit the approximately ten kilometer long and less busy part between Jinshaling and Simatai. Mutianyu is one of the most popular pieces of the Wall. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of China.

#2. Terracotta Army near Xi’an
The great leader Qin Shi Huangdi has been given a very special final resting place in China. The mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was built among the hills in the vicinity of Xi’an (Xianyan). It consisted of temples, palaces and many grave gifts. One of the most impressive and striking gifts is the terracotta army which has been covered by a thick layer of sand for hundreds of years. Since 1974, the thousands of sculptures of soldiers and horses have been uncovered. A very special part of history has been released.

#3. Forbidden City
The Ming and Qin dynasty left many valuable archaeological findings in China. The Forbidden City, which is located in the city of Beijing, consists of several palaces, pavilions and temples that together form a small city. The reigning emperor resided in the inner court and his court in the outer court. The Forbidden City is now a real tourist attraction. The centrally located ‘Hall of Supreme Harmony’ is the largest wooden structure in the Forbidden City. In the national Palace Museum Gugong, which is also located here, you can admire all kinds of details from the Ming and Qin dynasty. The collection consists of various objects such as art, sculptures, furniture and tableware.

#4. Hong Kong
The vibrant and vibrant city of Hong Kong is a paradise for lovers of modern architecture, exuberant neon signs, trendy nightlife and grand shopping malls. Another side of Hong Kong is the sometimes overwhelming nature, the many beaches, islands such as Lantau and the delicious food. Although the city has many skyscrapers, the highest point ‘the Peak’ of Hong Kong is located at 552 meters at Victoria Peak. The view from here is well worth it. Other Hong Kong attractions include: Nathan Road in Kowloon, Harbor City, Ocean Park, Big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery, the beach at Repulse Bay and Temple Street Market.

#5. Pingyao
In the province of Shanxi is the walled city of Pingyao. The city was walled in during the Ming dynasty and experienced a booming time in trade. Pingyao has also been the financial center of China for a long time. The city’s long history is exceptionally well preserved within the enclosed city walls. You can enjoy Chinese architecture from between the fourteenth century and twentieth century. The center of Pingyao consists of temples, shops, streets, city walls and residences.

#6. Datong Datong
, which is partly built up in storeys, can be found in the Shanxi province. The city’s most notable structure is the Xuankong Temple. This temple hangs as it were against the mountain Mount Heng. ‘The Hanging Temple’, as the Xuankong Temple is also called, is the only temple in the world where three religions are practiced, namely Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Other special sights of the city of Datong are: the Huayan and Shanhua Temple, the Buddhist caves of Yungang and the Nine-Dragon Wall.

#7. Huangshan
The Huáng Shān mountain range is located in the eastern province of Anhui. The mountain region of Huangshan has about seventy-two mountain peaks, some of which are regularly in the clouds. As part of Unesco, the mountain range has no shortage of visitors. The majority are quite impressed by the beautiful landscape, the deep gorges and the many views. The well-known Ying Ke Pine trees provide a complete Chinese picture. If your condition allows it, you can follow various hiking trails. Otherwise it is also possible to use the Taiping cable car.

#8. Taishan
The sacred mountain Taishan in eastern China is very important within Taoism. As one of the five sacred mountains within this faith, the Taishan is especially important for ceremonial activities related to sunrise, renewal and birth. Sacrifices have been made here for many centuries. To reach the top ‘Jade Emperor’ of Taishan mountain, you need to be in good shape. The journey of more than nine kilometers goes up via a fairly steep staircase. There are plenty of opportunities to rest along the way. You will pass several kiosks, monuments, temples such as the Dai Temple and ruins.

#9. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
In the northern province of Hunan, is the spectacular Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Spectacular are the many pointed rock formations that have formed over the years. In addition, this first national park of China is also very popular for the glass bridge and the column ‘Avatar Hallelujah Mountain’ which is located in the Wulinguan part. The name was obtained from the movie Avatar, where the mountain was used for inspiration.

#10. Shanghai
The skyline of the metropolis of Shanghai adorns many a photo of the average tourist. This district is also referred to as Pudong. As the largest city in China, this place also has a lot to offer. Think of the stunningly beautiful architecture including the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Shanghai Museum. And Yu Garden, China Art Museum, Xintiandi district, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Natural History Museum, Shanghai City Hall and festivals such as the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival are well worth a visit.

Sights of China