Sights of Finland

By | April 17, 2022

According to itypejob, the capital of Finland, Helsinki, lies on the Baltic Sea near the Gulf of Bothnia, but, despite its port status, it is better known as a city with clean and fresh air. Most of the old buildings of the capital have the so-called “northern” architecture, the most famous buildings in the city are the complex of buildings on the Senate Square, made in the Empire style. Not far from the Senate Square is the Market Square, which is considered the noisiest and liveliest place in Helsinki, as well as the hallmark of the city and its symbol – the fountain with the sculpture “Havis Amanda”. The most famous and popular place among tourists and the townspeople themselves is the Suomenlinna group of islands, on which there is a powerful Swedish fortress and the base of the Baltic Fleet, which once belonged to the fleet of the Russian Empire. Now there are many interesting places, museum, restaurants, you can also see the oldest Finnish ship “Alma” and visit the Art Center of the Nordic countries. You should definitely visit the oldest city in Finland and the former capital – Turku. This city is known as a place of accumulation of museums and fjords. The oldest building in the city is the Turku Cathedral, in addition, this cathedral is considered the spiritual center of the country. The cathedral has a large territory, many famous historical figures are buried here and its own museums operate. An equally interesting place in the city is Turku Castle, which has become its main attraction. Now the castle houses the historical city museum. Fans of outdoor activities and picturesque nature can go to the center of the “lake district” – Mikkeli. This city is considered the best place for skiing, dog sledding and fishing. Other types of winter entertainment are also possible in Mikkeli. Very often, classical music concerts are held in the city congress hall. You can go fishing with excellent results and swim on the Nykälä River on rafts and kayaks by visiting the Kaihunlanden-Kalaskusteskus fishing center. An ideal place to relax at any time of the year is Savonlina. The city is simultaneously located on several beautiful islands, which are interconnected by bridges. Olavenlinna Castle has survived to this day almost unchanged, which is quite rare for Scandinavian castles, and now it is the main attraction of the city. The construction of the castle began in the second half of the 15th century, and it was built to protect the Swedes from Russia. Be sure to visit the local history museum, where you can get acquainted with the most interesting photographs, documents and exhibits of this region. In addition, the museum exhibits three ships that were built in the 19th century. One of the most famous places in Finland is Lapland. Located near the Arctic Circle, the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, is considered the best place for a winter holiday. An interesting and exotic place is the ice cave, cut right in the hill, and in the cave is the office of Santa Claus, his workshop and post office. In addition to the themed Christmas entertainment, Rovaniem is home to the famous Ounasvaara ski resort.

National cuisine of Finland

Finnish cuisine is close to Russian in its simplicity and at the same time satiety. The harsh conditions associated with the local climate left a big mark on its development. Since Finland is the center of fishing, then, of course, in the first place here are fish dishes prepared in a variety of ways. The most popular are trout in its own juice, salmon baked with cheese, freshwater fish caviar with sour cream and onions, dried fish soup and more. From meat, game and venison are most often used: roast venison, fried venison, Karelian meat and other dishes. Most of the dairy products are represented by a variety of cheeses and a sweet and sour dairy product – viili.


The city transport of the capital and most other cities is represented by buses and trams, in Helsinki – the metro. You can buy tickets at newsstands and from the driver. Taxis are widely used, in addition – this is the most convenient and fastest mode of transport. The initial price is 5 euros, then the payment is calculated by the taximeter. Characteristic is the fact that many taxis offer payment by credit card.

Currency exchange in Finland

As of September 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 0.73 EUR. The national currency is the euro. Currency exchange is carried out at banks, post offices, airports and many hotels. In the capital, the most favorable exchange rate is often in banks, and in most cases they ask for a passport. You can cash out at ATMs, and credit cards of the world’s major systems are accepted almost everywhere. Banking hours: from 09.15 to 16.15, Saturday and Sunday – days off.

Sights of Finland