Sights of Flemish Coast, Belgium

By | November 12, 2022

According to topschoolsintheusa, the Flemish Coast is the coastal strip of Belgium located on the North Sea. It is also the only coastal strip in the country. Besides the beautiful beaches, the coast of Belgium has more to offer. There is also a lot of culture, history and beautiful nature. The most visited and popular seaside resorts are Knokke, Blankeberge, Middelkerke and Ostend. In addition to the many museums, water sports, lively boulevards and delicious dining options, there are also a number of amusement parks and sea aquariums. The little ones naturally prefer to have fun in Plopsaland.

Top 10 sights of the Flemish Coast

#1. Knokke
In this fashionable seaside resort you will find the most luxurious beaches, shops and casinos. It is a much-visited coastal town, especially among the Belgian ‘madammekes’. Here people drink Champagne on or on the beach, whether or not while enjoying a delicious meal. But there’s more. There are many water sports to practice and there is often plenty to do on the boulevard. You can rent pedal cars and explore the area. Or get on the slow train and drive along the promenade. Nature lovers should definitely visit the nearby ‘t Zwin nature reserve.

#2. Ostend
The wonderful coast of Ostend has beautiful beaches to offer and a beautiful boulevard. But there is more to do. For example, visit the beautiful Fort of Napoleon or walk along the Atlantic Wall with the remains of cannons and bunkers along it. In terms of museums, you have several options. There is the impressive Mu.Zee with its contemporary art or you can visit the old sailing ship ‘de Mercator’ in the harbor.

#3. Blankeberge
It seems that the tourist is central to this popular seaside resort. In the summer months, tourist trains are even used to process the traffic. The wide beach and the beautiful pier attract many tourists and people for day trips. You can also visit the reptile house Serpentarium with its snakes, turtles, iguanas and spiders. Or visit the Sea Life Center where the underwater world is central. In the city itself you will find a number of historical sights such as the Belle Epoque Center, the old town hall, an old fisherman’s house ‘Majutte’s house’ and the Paravang in the harbor where you can rest and enjoy the particularly beautiful view.

#4. De Panne
Nowadays this seaside resort is visited more often in combination with the nearby amusement park ‘Plopsaland’. It is therefore an ideal combination, given the distance. There is even a tram connection to make it even easier. In addition, in De Panne you have the beautiful nature reserve De Westhoek. The park has a small 340 hectares containing the Calmeynbos, Krakeelduinen, Oosthoekduinen, a beautiful beach and the nature education center De Nachtegaal. If you’re looking for more action, you should definitely take a sailboat ride on the beach.

#5. Middelkerke
The largest beach in Belgium can be found here. In addition to the entertainment on the beach, there is plenty to experience and see. For example, visit the ‘Dronkenput’. Here they wanted to create a well as a water supply for the large influx of tourists. Soon this water bowl started to hang obliquely under the weight. This gives you the feeling of standing crooked next to this water bowl, which is a strange sensation. There is also a museum to visit that is entirely devoted to a day at the sea. So you see a range of swimwear, some of which are hilarious. Or view the different architecture and how it has changed over time. The Art History Museum can be found on Joseph Casselaan in Middelkerke. The annual comics festival on the Zeedijk is a must. Many artists, draftsmen and other enthusiasts ensure that the comic book heroes come to life. Of course the famous Suske en Wiske is not missing here.

#6. Beaufort Sculpture Park by the Sea
Every year, the Belgian coast forms an amazing backdrop of diverse art objects. Every seaside resort from Knokke to De Panne is part of this sculpture park. Some specimens make a sinister impression and others are overwhelming in appearance or size. With the help of a walking guide, a route is mapped out along the many Beaufort works of art.

#7. ‘t Paelsteenveld
This park in Bredene was built around 1985 in order to be able to offer more to tourists next to the beach. It is also wonderful to be able to visit the tranquility of the park after a day at the busy beach. The park covers approximately ten hectares. This includes Dahlia Gardens, a butterfly garden and biotope and a promenade.

#8. Japanese Garden ‘Shin Kai Tei’
This beautiful Japanese garden is located in the Koningspark in Ostend. It symbolizes the history between Belgium and Japan. While walking through this garden, which is located on the coast, you will be surprised by the beauty and the different landscapes that have been created. In particular, the turtle-shaped pond is a sight to behold.

#9. Oostduinkerke
Where other seaside resorts are known for their entertainment, it is in this seaside resort for its nature. The Oostduinkerke dunes have the upper hand here. On this beautiful beach shrimps are still caught in a very old-fashioned way, namely on horseback. The horse pulls a dragnet behind him in the surf. A number of museums can be found in the village, including the National Fisheries Museum. You can also visit the Florishof Heritage Museum, where you can get a good picture of life in 1900.

#10. Seafront Maritime Theme Park
In this park you can discover all the secrets of the sea. The fairly new complex is situated on the former fish market. Among the possibilities is to participate in a mission aboard the Russian submarine ‘Foxtrot’. Or visit the lightship ‘West-hinder II’. It also tells about the history of the fishermen and the hard life they led.

Flemish Coast, Belgium