Sights of Kenya

By | November 18, 2022

The African Kenya or the Republic of Kenya has long been an unknown travel destination. Kenya, located in eastern Africa, has fantastic beaches on the Indian Ocean and dozens of impressive nature parks with the well-known ‘Big Five’. And sports enthusiasts can also go well in Kenya. Mount Kenya, for example, is a popular mountain among mountaineers. The Lenana mountain peak is particularly popular. You can also make beautiful diving trips in Kenya or practice other water sports. If you prefer to leave sports or other activities behind, there are extremely suitable beaches where you don’t have to do anything at all. Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Msambweni Beach and Shelly Beach will certainly not disappoint you. But the interior of Kenya, where traditional tribes still live, is also worth a visit. In addition to an overwhelming landscape and flora and fauna, Kenya has a rich cultural life to share. For example, tourist villages have been built, such as Bomas of Kenya. The tradition of the country and the indigenous peoples are central to this. The most famous tourist destinations of Kenya are Mombasa, Malindi, Nairobi, Lamu and Nakuru. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Kenya.

Top 10 places to visit in Kenya

#1. Masai Mara Game Reserve
Near the border of Tanzania and Serengeti Park is the number 1 park in Kenya, namely Masai Mara Game Reserve. This south-western park, which is named after the original Maasai nomad tribe who lived here, covers about fifteen hundred square kilometers. The Maasai or Masai people in Kenya still live according to age-old traditions. Masai Mara Game Reserve is a top attraction for many tourists staying in Kenya. In addition to a spectacular tour, various tours also offer suitable overnight stays in the park, where you stay on camping grounds or in super luxurious lodges. Animals that you may encounter along the way are buffalos, elephants, lions, rhinoceros and leopards. This is also called ‘the big five’. In addition, you may be lucky enough to witness the migration of wildebeest and zebras at the right time of the year (July-October). They migrate in large numbers during the dry season in search of drinking water and food. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Kenya.

#2. Lake Nakuru
The spacious Lake Nakuru is located about one hundred and sixty kilometers from the city of Nairobi. Around 2013, the earth has moved in such a way in Africa that tectonic plates have come to lie in such a way that the rainwater in Lake Nakuru is no longer drained. Several bird species, including flamingos and animals such as giraffes and rhinoceroses like to come to Lake Nakuru to drink. Their protected habitat within Nakuru National Park gives them the opportunity to roam carefree. This of course produces beautiful photos. Other places of interest in the area of ​​Lake Nakuru.

#3. Tsavo National Park
As one of Kenya’s largest and oldest parks, Tsavo National Park has no shortage of attention. Tsavo National Park is located between Nairobi City and Mombasa. Since the opening in the spring of 1948, the beautiful park has received many visitors who are attracted by the overwhelming nature, the varied wildlife that lives there and the adventurous trips that you can take. Tsavo National Park is divided into east and west. The east is clearly flatter and also dries out earlier. In the western part of Tsavo National Park you can discover much more mountainous landscapes and wetland areas such as Mzima Springs and Lake Jipe, making the animal life here more visible.

#4. Samburu National Reserve
The northern and smaller park Samburu National Reserve is a park on the Ewaso Ng’iro River. The river, which is almost always filled with brown water, and the wooded area have an irresistible attraction for the animals. They can count on being able to drink here and the trees provide a good hiding place. Samburu National Reserve also has quite an impressive variety of resident bird species. The park ‘Samburu National Reserve’ is accessible via two entrances, namely via Ngare Mare and via Buffalo Spring.

#5. Diani Beach
For many, Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean is the most beautiful beach in Kenya. The popular beach is located about forty-five kilometers south of Mombasa and has many luxury hotels and lodges in the immediate vicinity. The tourists imagine themselves in a paradise. Various excursions can also be booked from Diani Beach. But there is also plenty to do near Diani Beach. For example, you can practice various water sports, play a game of golf, go shopping or simply enjoy the calm horizon while sipping a nice cocktail. All the ingredients for a carefree holiday are certainly present here.

#6. Gedi Ruins
On the coast of Kenya, south of Malindi and north of Watamu, are the ruins of Gedi. The former city is said to be dated between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries, but may also be older. The remains of a mosque, houses, a fort and a palace are described as Swahila architecture. But there are certainly clear Persian and Arabic elements to be discovered. The current inhabitants of the Gedi ruins are the meerkats. This monkey species likes to visit tourists in exchange for something tasty.

#7. Bomas of Kenya
In the suburb of Nairobi, Langata, you can visit a traditional village. The wooden huts with thatched roofs are synonymous with Kenya’s cultural past. The village of Bomas of Kenya was established in 1971 as a tourist attraction. In the theater daily shows with ritual dances and other performances are performed. Kenyan society is clearly presented as an example. Think of Masai, Luhya, Taita and Kamba. In the Utamaduni restaurant you can also eat traditional African food.

#8. Nairobi
As the capital of Kenya, Nairobi has many interesting and fascinating sights to offer. Nairobi is located on the river of the same name in the south central part of Kenya. The city can be flown directly to Jomo Kenyatta International in Nairobi. Other well-known cities in the area are Mombasa and Kampala. Nairobi is a fast growing city with its own university and influential business and political districts such as Upper Hill and Eastleigh. Among the city’s special attractions are the beautiful Jamai mosque, parks such as Uhuru Park and of course the Nairobi National Park, which borders Nairobi. But museums such as the Nairobi National Museum and Nairobi Railway Museum are also worth a visit. A little outside the city is the Karen Blixen Museum. This museum is located in the former home of the writer and author of the book ‘Out of Africa’, in which she described her life in Africa. The Westland district is then excellent for shopping in malls such as Sarit Center Shopping, Westgate Shopping Mall and Nakumatt Ukay Shopping Mall.

#9. Hell’s Gate National Park
You will not soon forget a visit to Hell’s Gate National Park. This northwestern park was established around 1984. You can see with your own eyes what influence nature and weather influences can have on the landscape. A prehistoric lake has completely dried up and now shows a completely different side. Especially at Hell’s Gate Gorge it becomes beautifully clear how the water has left deep grooves. Where water once flowed, now meters high walls with various colors and shapes can be discovered. A beautiful yet tough walk in a most beautiful setting. In addition, there are also two geothermal power stations in the national park that provide electricity to many households. And of course there is also wildlife to discover in Hell’s Gate National Park. It is a habitat for animals such as cheetahs, gazelles, buffaloes, birds and hyenas.

#10. Mombasa Marine National Park
The underwater world of Kenya is perhaps just as interesting as the wildlife on land. The colorful schools of fish, the often present coral and the clear azure blue sea give you a beautiful view below sea level. Mombasa Marine National Park is located between Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the park also offers diving, snorkelling and windsurfing in the vicinity of the Lamu archipelago. In any case, make sure you have protective clothing, sunscreen, sufficient drinking water and of course a good camera.

Sights of Kenya