Sights of Luxembourg

By | November 18, 2022

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country located a few hours drive from the Netherlands. A reasonable proportion of Dutch tourists on their way to France, Spain or Morocco pass through Luxembourg, making good use of the fact that excise goods such as fuel, cigarettes and tobacco are cheaper here than in the Netherlands. The result is long queues at petrol stations, especially during the summer holidays, when the waiting time to refuel on the motorways can be more than half an hour. Tourists who visit Luxembourg themselves do so mainly because of the beautiful nature in a predominantly hilly landscape. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Luxembourg.

Top 10 sights of Luxembourg

#1. Casemates of Luxembourg
The casemate of Luxembourg is a kind of military barracks for defense and shelter. Part of the 23-kilometer-long network existed underground and had 24 forts and 16 important fortifications. Much of this has been destroyed because Luxembourg was declared a neutral territory. About 17 km has remained and is included in the UNESCO list of world culture. The casemates “de Bock” and “the Pétrusse valley” are open to the public.

#2. Grand Ducal Palace
The beautiful palace in the south of Luxembourg is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. This building was inaugurated as a town hall in 1572. From 1817 it became the residence of the head of state. On Christmas Eve, a Christmas message from the Grand Duke is broadcast from the ‘yellow room’. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Luxembourg.

#3. Mudam museum
International exhibitions and projects from all areas of contemporary art can be found in this special museum. The building in which this museum is located is already worth a visit. Art and architecture come together in this beautiful building designed by Ieoh Ming Pei. This architect has an impressive list of real estate projects. Ieoh Ming Pei also spearheaded the reorganization of the Louvre in Paris.

#4. Musée national d’histoire et d’art à Luxembourg
This museum gives a good picture of the history of Luxembourg. There are also archaeological collections to admire. Also there are underground chambers

#5. Cultural routes
The country of Luxembourg has a lot of historical buildings, castles, museums and more cultural heritage. That is why there are various discovery tours with cultural routes in the hinterland. The routes are also referred to as ‘boundaryless architecture’. The viewings are mainly in Clervaux, Wiltz, Vianden, Ettelbruck, Diekirch, Saeul, Mersch, Echternach and Remich.

#6. Cathedral of Luxembourg
This episcopal church of Luxembourg was built in 1613. In 1935 some extensions took place, which more than doubled the surface. Some Grand Ducal relatives are buried in the crypt of this cathedral.

#7. Sporting in Luxembourg
Luxembourg is a fantastically versatile country for all kinds of sports. For example, various sports are offered such as: mountain biking, golf, climbing, horseback riding, hiking and hunting.

#8. Cycling
Luxembourg is a fantastic country, especially for cyclists. For example, there is a 575 km long, car-free network of cycle paths with particularly good signage. In total there are about 900 km of cycle paths, some of which are on old railway lines. The Luxembourg Ardennes are particularly good for mountain bikers. The landscape is perfect for all kinds of trips. There are also many packages that can be booked, for example for cycling without luggage. The 16 different marked trails totaling about 300 km take you through dense forests and deep river valleys.

#9. Castle of Clervaux
The striking white castle of Clervaux is not to be missed. In this castle, which dates from the 12th and 17th century, there is a small war museum, a model museum of various castles in Luxembourg and an exhibition by Esward Steichen ‘The Family of Man’ with photos about man with different themes.

#10. Philharmonie Luxembourg
Musical events can be heard and experienced in the Philharmonie, also known as Grand-Duchesse Josephine-Charlotte Concert Hall. This extravagant architectural building has unprecedented perfect acoustics with shoe-box concert halls.

Sights of Luxembourg