Sights of Madagascar

By | November 18, 2022

The French-speaking island of Madagascar is located east of Africa. It is separated from each other by the strait of Mozambique. Since the abolition of the monarchy and then independence from France in 1960, Madagascar has been on its own two feet. Nowadays, a president is elected during elections. Madagascar is a country that clearly lags behind our Western existence in development. As a result, there are even a number of authentic villages where indigenous tribes live quite soberly but happily. The Betsilo tribe near Fianarantsoa is a wonderful example of this. However, the most beautiful thing about Madagascar is nature. It is an excellent destination when we talk about biodiversity. This natural wealth is combined with beautiful landscapes, impressive views and a colorful culture. But Madagascar is also an excellent place for an active holiday. Climbing the mountains within the Andringitra Mountains can provide exciting hours. And the rivers also challenge you for adventurous trips. And then we haven’t even talked about the underwater world. The southwest coast of Madagascar is known for its kilometers of colorful reefs, which you will not get bored with as a diver. In short, Madagascar is much more than just beautiful beaches. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Madagascar.

Top 10 places of interest in Madagascar

#1. Allée des baobabs
The typical baobab tree is characteristic of the island of Madagascar. Particularly between the western cities of Morondava and Belo sur Tsiribihina, the national trees of Madagascar reach high to the sky. When you follow the national road ‘route Nationale 8’ you will automatically pass the Allée des baobabs. The baobab trees here are about thirty meters high. Especially during sunrise or sunset, the colors provide a beautiful spectacle. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Madagascar.

#2. Montagne d’Ambre National Park
The Montagne d’Ambre national park to the north is more than worth a visit. In the park you can discover beautiful waterfalls, vast lakes and a predominantly green landscape. A greater contrast with the surrounding area is hardly possible. This national park of Madagascar is accessible via the town of Joffreville, where the visitor center is also located. Montagne d’Ambre is a habitat for various animal species. You can spot monkeys, such as the lemurs with their striped tail and the lemur. But you can also discover chameleons, lizards, snakes, ferret cats, birds, butterflies and frogs.

#3. Ranomafana National Park The Ranomafana National Park
is located in the wet part of Madagascar, near the town of Fianarantsoa. This southern park is often visited for the hot springs, the often present lemur monkeys, crayfish and the extremely impressive nature. There is also a lot of biodiversity to be found in this park. Although there are marked trails to walk, it is strongly recommended to do this under the guidance of a guide. The weather conditions can surprise you here.

#4. Marojejy National Park
This rougher park of Madagascar is located in the northeast above the town of Andapa. Marojejy National Park was discovered around 1948 by the botanist Henry Humbert. This professor then fought for the special area to become a protected nature reserve. And it worked. Since 2007, Marojejy National Park has been listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. The rainforest, the jagged rocks and the transitions of different landscapes will not leave you unmoved. There are also various reptiles, monkeys, birds, rodents and bats to spot in this park.

#5. Isalo National Park
Compared to the above parks, Isalo National Park is mostly arid and dry. Isalo National Park is therefore located in the southwest of the island, where there is much less precipitation, especially during the summer months. The whimsical rock formations around the Isalo Mountains sometimes provide beautiful pictures. One of the most famous places is the Fenetre d’Isalo. A walk through Isalo National Park takes you past sandstone formations, deep gorges, mysterious caves such as ‘Grotte des Portugais’ and often dry grasslands. But the most special thing is perhaps the silence around you.

#6. Rova of Antananarivo
In the capital of Madagascar is the strikingly beautiful palace complex Rova of Antananarivo. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the kings and queens of Madagascar stayed here. The first and most notable palace was built for Queen Ranavalona I and later for Ranavalona II. Their graves can be found at this location. The current palace complex largely burned down in 1995. After that, reconstruction was started. Because Rova of Antananarivo is high up, you have an extremely impressive view of the region from this location.

#7. Nosy Be
Tourists who come to Madagascar for the luxury and beautiful beaches are likely to stay on the island of Nosy Be. This mostly large island is located in the northwest of Madagascar in the Mozambique Strait, a strait in the Indian Ocean. Just like the island of Madagascar, the island of Nosy Be has an overwhelming nature and idyllic beaches. Several resorts offer snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and sailing opportunities. If you are looking for more adventure, then you can do well in the Réserve naturelle intégrale de Lokobe nature park. In the colonial town of Hell-Ville you can visit the local market, enjoy a stroll along the promenade or visit the Musée Océanographique (Maritime Museum).

#8. Zahamena National Park
East of Lake Alaortra, in eastern Madagascar, lies the Zahamena National Park. Officially the park is called ‘Réserve Naturelle Intégrale de Zahamena’. The now protected nature reserve has a rainforest filled with diverse flora and fauna. Here you will also find lemurs, amphibians, reptiles, birds and the Madagascar grass owl. But also about sixty species of orchids, various palm trees and extremely special plant species, including medicinal varieties.

#9. Tsimbazaza Zoo
In the capital Antananarivo you can visit a zoo that was founded around 1925. Tsimbazaza Zoo is officially a zoo, but can be described more as a park. You can admire stuffed animals in the museum of Tsimbazaza Zoo. And in the zoo itself you have the chance to see all kinds of native animal species up close. All the animals you encounter come from the island of Madagascar. Think of all kinds of different lemurs, lemurs, ferret cats and tortoises. The plant species are also present in many variations.

#10. Tuléar
In the southwest of Madagascar near the port city of Tuléar, you can enjoy fantastic diving and/or snorkeling. Especially around the waters of Ifaty, which is located just above Tuléar, many coral reefs can be discovered. The underwater world is very beautiful and colorful. It is also quite possible that you will encounter whales here during the summer months. Ifaty place is small and very quiet. There is something more to experience in the port city of Tuléar. You can visit the local market, a museum with local art and of course enjoy local drinks and dishes.

Sights of Madagascar