Sights of Morocco

By | November 18, 2022

Morocco is the most northwestern country in Africa. The Dutch mainly know the country as the country where the ancestors of which a reasonable number of compatriots descend. Where tourism to Morocco used to mainly consist of family visits by immigrant Moroccans and their descendants, there is now a clear shift towards Dutch tourists who are curious about what the beautiful country on the other side of the Mediterranean has to offer. Marrakech has now become a popular destination for a few days of vacation. Also popular are the tours where royal cities are visited. A third type of tourism that is clearly on the rise is beach tourism. More and more sun worshipers are flying to Morocco to enjoy the sun, sea and beach. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Morocco.

Top 10 places of interest in Morocco

#1. Marrakesh

The city of Marrakech is also called ‘the red city’. Red is therefore a color that pops up everywhere in the city. The atmosphere of a thousand and one nights can especially be tasted within the medina (old city) of Marrakech. All kinds of street artists do their thing on the large square Djema el Fna. At night it is teeming with various eateries and the square changes into a large open-air restaurant. The souks can be found in the various alleys behind the main square. Marrakech has nineteen gates. One of them is the Bab Agnaou city gate. The gate is in the shape of a horseshoe and contains inscriptions with texts from the Quran. Against the Atlas Mountains is a very beautiful park ‘the Menara Gardens’. There is a pavilion from the 16th century.

#2. Fez _

Fez (or Fes) is the former capital of Morocco and consists of three parts: Fès el Bali, Fes-Jdid and Ville Nouvelle. In the car-free Medina (old town) you can still see donkeys being used as pack mules through the small narrow streets. Fes is world famous for its Fes hats. A well-known example is the British comedian Tommy Cooper. He always wore an original Fes hat. Aladdin and his monkey also wear one. Red with a tassel. The Bou Inania Madrassa is a training institute of Fes with a beautiful architecture. It is also the only madrasah with a minaret in Fes and the only one open to non-Muslim tourists. Do not forget to visit the En-Nejjarine square in the ancient city of Fès el Bali. Soak up the atmosphere and see the splendor of the mosaic decorations. Here is also the Nejjarine museum of woodworking. The Palais Royal in the ‘new city’ is admirably large and is located near the Jewish quarter of Mellah. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Morocco.

#3. Meknes

Because of its many palaces, Meknes is nicknamed ‘Versailles of Morocco’. There are many walks in Meknes that take you through the old city from the heart of Place el Hédim with its beautiful fountain and the Dar Jamaï museum. The Almohad mosque from the 12th century is also located in this old city. In the shopping street Skakine you can expect all kinds of offers that belong to a large shopping street. Many pilgrims and tourists do not refuse a visit to the Mausoleum of Moulay Ishmaël. The beautiful entrance gate immediately sparks the imagination about what beauty must be behind that gate. There is a mosque, tomb and gardens. There is a section for non-Muslims to visit.

#4. Ouzoud

Nature and peace seekers should definitely visit the village of Ouzoud. This village, known for its Cascades d’Ouzoud waterfalls, has more to offer. There are many restaurants where you can eat very well. And there are miles of olive trees, where you will find a wonderful cooling water source nearby for a refreshing dip. The nature in the vicinity of the Gorges de Oued el Abid river occasionally gives you the chance to see monkeys. This hilly area is also perfect for mountain biking or climbing.

#5. Agadir

The green city of Agadir is a modern part of Morocco. There are few historic buildings here, but a beautiful modern boulevard. An important landmark in the city is the white minaret of the Loubnan mosque. There are also various shops, terraces and a shopping center. In Agadir you will also find beautiful sandy beaches with many resorts and luxury hotels nearby. At the Sous-Massa, where two rivers meet, many species of birds can be spotted that enjoy this wonderful green region.

#6. Tangier

Tangier is a city with a lot of culture and history. Because of its beautiful landscape, it has attracted many artists and writers in the past. On the Grand Socco is a square where markets are regularly held. You will find second-hand items, spices and other colorful goods. The female saleswomen are known for their special clothing with a straw hat. The Mendoubia gardens with beautiful fountains are also located in this area. In Tangier you will also find a number of museums, including the Forbes Museum. The museum has a large collection of lead soldiers, with which various battles are exhibited in great detail.

#7. Casablanca

Casablanca means ‘white house’. It is therefore not surprising that this city is known for its white buildings. The port of Casablanca plays an important role in this industrial trading city. The harbor is one of the largest artificial harbors in the world. The great Hassan II Mosque has a prominent place in Casablanca. From here you have a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Also visit the old Medina (Old Town) with its colonial bell towers. It has two city gates and a fortress from the 18th century.

#8. Merzouga

The city of Merzouga in Morocco is very special. Especially for its location. This city is located in the middle of the Sahara desert. Here it is possible to taste the Berber life. Of course you do this with a camel safari. One of the options is also sleeping during the tour in the desert in a Bedouin tent. It will leave a special impression.

#9. Tetouan

Tetouan is a city with a very old inner city. With its former melting pot of Berber, Arab and Spanish cultures, it has left a special atmosphere in the medina. Several beautiful houses adorn this town. Here you will find many craftsmen who still earn a living with their craftsmanship. The most beautiful beaches in Morocco can be found here between Ceuta and Tétouan.

#10. Rabat

Rabat is the capital of Morocco. In the old quarter there is a ribat (monastery fortress) on a rock. Later a mosque and a palace were added. It was named Kashba Oudaia. One of the most important funerary monuments of Islamic culture is located here in Rabat. This is the Mausoleum Mohammed V. The sarcophagus of King Mohammed V can be admired in this enormous complex.

Sights of Morocco