Sights of Odessa, Ukraine

By | November 18, 2022

In 1794, the city of Khadjibey was renamed Odessa by Catherine the Great. After several building projects were completed, the city began to resemble cities such as Prague and Budapest. Soon it is even called “the pearl of the Black Sea.” Odessa is a great holiday destination with a lot of variety. You can enjoy delicious food, drink, sniff culture or visit the excellent theater. There are beaches and a number of wooded parks for those who want to enjoy nature a little more. Noteworthy is the celebration of April 1. This day in which we also want to fool everyone is celebrated here as we know carnival. People of all ages prefer to dress up as comically as possible and like to drink a beer.┬áCheck topmbadirectory for how to get to Ukraine.

Top 10 sights of Odessa

#1. Primorsky Boulevard and Potemkin Stairs
For a lovely walk you should go to Primorsky Boulevard. It passes through a picturesque and green area with many linden and chestnut trees. Even more special is the location. It is located on the cliffs on the coastline. This provides an amazing view of the Black Sea. At the end of the boulevard you come to the famous Potemkin Stairs. The ramp with 192 steps was designed by Franz Boffo. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Ukraine.

#2. Archaeological Museum
This valuable and oldest museum in Odessa takes you on a journey to ancient Egypt, Italy and Greece. Many archaeological remains from that time are exhibited in this museum. The museum was founded in 1825 and has continued to develop ever since. For example, the museum has been supplemented with various objects from excavations around the northern Black Sea.

#3. Pushkin Museum
In this museum, which was his apartment at the time, it is explained, among other things, how and where the famous Russian poet found his inspiration in Odessa. Official manuscripts of Alexander Pushkin can be admired in this museum. There is also a street named after him and his statue is in Odessa.

#4. Monument to Catherine the Great
On the most beautiful square of Odessa, the ‘Catherine Square’, is the monument to the eponymous founder of the city. Catherine the Great founded the city in 1794 because she considered it a very strategic location for a port on the Black Sea. A monument was made in 1900 to honor her on behalf of the city.

#5. Odessa’s Cathedral (Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral)
In the year of the founding of Odessa, this first and most important church of the city was built. Another name for the cathedral is ‘the Transfiguration Cathedral’. Because the Italian Architect Francesco Frappoli was approached during construction for the completion of the structure, it was somewhat delayed. Odessa’s Cathedral was finally completed in 1808. Of course, some adjustments have been made over the years.

#6. Odessa Opera & Ballet Theater
This masterfully built theater is one of the most beautiful buildings in Odessa. The original theater was built in the early 1800s. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fire in 1873. After that, the theater was restored in neo-baroque style by the Viennese duo Felner & Helmer. The acoustics must be exceptionally good.

#7. Park Shevchenko
This largest park in Odessa also contains the football stadium ‘Chernomorets Central Stadium’. The park is more of a large piece of forest than a city park. There is a monument to victims of the Second World War and many people come here, of course, for the beautiful view of the Black Sea.

#8. Odessa Catacombes
This system of corridors in Odessa was created by the extensive use of limestone. This choice was made because wood was not much available. Most buildings are therefore made of limestone. The corridors have a length of no less than 4000 kilometers.

#9. Privoz Market
Almost everything in the field of food can be found at this very extensive market. Because it borders on the ‘free’ market, it is particularly large. According to some the largest in the world. Both old, new and cultural objects are offered in addition to the food. But you’ve also come to the right place for fun, soaking up culture or enjoying the music.

#10. Arcadia Beach
This beach is the most popular in Odessa. During the day many people lie on the beach and in the evening the doors of various clubs open here. It is also the most visited beach. Other famous beaches are Lanzheron, Delphin, Fontan and Otrada.

Sights of Odessa, Ukraine