Sights of Peru

By | November 18, 2022

Peru is located on the west coast of South America. Impressive for its diversity in landscape, culture and history. Peru has a special history in which the Inca culture plays a major role. For centuries, this Indian people have dominated the country and their culture has been able to visibly develop. The beginning of this lies in the Andes area. When you travel to Peru, you cannot avoid getting a piece of the Inca culture. Usually a visit to the secret city of Machu Picchu is high on the list. Other special sights in Peru are the beautiful but often difficult to access nature parks and jungles. Because Peru is also recommended in terms of natural beauty. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, think of rafting adventures, sandboarding in the sand dunes at Huacachina or follow a challenging hiking trail. It’s all possible in versatile Peru. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Peru.

Top 10 places of interest in Peru

#1. Machu Picchu
This secret city from the Inca civilization is a well-preserved part of history. It can even be honestly called a wonder of the world. Machu Picchu, where about seven hundred and fifty people could live, was built around the fifteenth century under the leadership of Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui. It was not until the twentieth century that Machu Picchu was discovered by the American explorer, Hiram Bingham. According to others, the German prospector would have found the place as early as the nineteenth century. Since the Imca city became part of Unesco World Heritage, thousands of visitors come every year to see this long kept secret of Peru. Machu Picchu is accessible by train and bus through the village of Aguas Calientes.

#2. Caral
In the province of Barranca on the Supe Valley, special traces of the ‘Norte Chico’ civilization can be admired. This pre-Columbian community has left us special sights, such as a twenty-eight meter high pyramid from the era BC. The old city of Caral has since established itself as a cultural tourist destination, where you can visit a museum and protected natural areas in addition to ancient ruins. Other archaeological sites in the area are: Chupacigarro, Lurihuasi and Miraya. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Peru.

#3. Arequipa
The Peruvian historic city of Arequipa is very popular. In particular, the area around the square ‘Plaza de Armas’ can always count on many visitors. As a nickname, the city bears the name ‘La Ciudad Blanca’, the white city. Many of the structures, including the beautiful cathedral, are built of the white stone sillar, a volcanic stone. You will also find this type of stone in other Peruvian cities. The most special sights of Arequipa are the church ‘La Compañía’, the cathedral ‘Basílica Catedral de Arequipa’, the monastery ‘Monasterio de Santa Catalina de Siena’ and the beautiful Bolognesi and Grau bridges.

#4. Sacred Valley of the Incas
Valle Sagrado de los Incas is a beautiful area east of the city of Lima. The mountains surrounding this sacred valley on the Urubamba River give the place a mystical aura. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The excellent location near several rivers made this place attractive to build villages. Today we can enjoy the remains that once made this place famous. Many special sights can be found between the village of Písac and the ruined city of Ollantaytambo. Other nearby archaeological sites can be found at Sacsayhuamán.

#5. Nazca lines
Another special legacy of the Imca’s are the drawings that we call Nazca lines. In the Meseta plateau of Peru, various drawings of animals and other forms can be discovered. Centuries ago, these lines were drawn in the desert sand and then the drought and the sun caused them to become ingrained. Among the images are images of monkeys, birds, spiders, llamas and figures. The Nazca lines are probably drawn between 200 BC and 900 AD.

#6. Manu National Park
Manu National Park is located in eastern Peru on the border with Bolivia. This more than fifteen thousand hectare park in the Amazon basin of Peru is mainly visited for the rugged wilderness, the Inca ruins and the enormous biodiversity that can be discovered there. Most tours go by water. In a canoe you will pass special beautiful places with waterfalls, the hot springs of Manu and a colorful collection of colorful animals such as parrots, caimans, dolphins and turtles. With a bit of luck it is even possible to admire a Jaguar. It will therefore not surprise you that Manu National Park can only be visited under the supervision of a certified guide.

#7. Lake Titicaca
With a size of more than eight thousand square kilometers, Lake Titicaca can call itself the largest lake in South America. Lake Titicaca, which lies on the border of Peru and Bolivia, has a number of islands. The islands of Isla del Sol, Taquille and Amantaní are very popular for their cultural attractions, handicrafts, costumes, good food and archaeological sites such as Ch’uxu Qullu and temples. Other noteworthy islands in Lake Titicaca are the man-made Uros Islands. The inhabitants, Uros, built these islands to escape the mainland with the dominant Incas. The islands are made of reeds.

#8. Lima
The capital of Peru is characterized by a beautiful skyline and a historic city center. Lima was founded in the sixteenth century and was then called ‘La Ciudad de Los Reyes’ city of kings. Most of Lima’s historical sites can be found in the Lima and Rimac districts. Especially around the central square ‘Plaza de Armas’ you will find many historic and colorful buildings such as the presidential palace ‘Casa Pizarro’, the town hall, the cathedral ‘Basílica Catedral de Lima’ and the archiepiscopal palace. You will also find beautiful Spanish baroque architecture and a mix of other styles in the center. The range of museums is also enormous. Especially the archaeological museum of Lima ‘Museo Nacional de Arqueología’ and the Larco Museum with pre-Colombian art should not be missed. In the public park ‘Parque de la Reserva’ you can then relax at the beautiful fountain.

#9. Colca Canyon
Anyone who thinks that you can only admire deep and impressive gorges in the Grand Canyon is wrong. Colca Canyon in Peru has particularly beautiful rock formations and gorges that are a lot less known than those in the Grand Canyon, but certainly no less beautiful. Colca Canyon is located about one hundred and sixty kilometers from Arequipa. From this place you can drive along a winding road along deep gorges. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful views, old churches, natural sites and the flying Andean condor. The most beautiful viewpoint of Colca Canyon is located at ‘Cruz del Condor’.

#10. Chan Chan
Near the northwestern city of Trujillo, impressive ruins known as Chan Chan can be admired. The ruins are remnants of the former capital of the Chimú Empire from the fifteenth century. The remains that you can admire are parts of palaces, a mausoleum and living and living areas. The most special part of Chan Chan is the Tschudi complex.

Sights of Peru