Sights of Serbia

By | November 18, 2022

Serbia is known as friendly, hospitable and varied. Although the country has a rough past, it is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Not surprising, because Serbia has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history and entertainment. The nightlife in Serbia is therefore hip and trendy. The country has a varied nature which is perfect for sports activities. Kayaking, skiing and rafting are all possible in this surprising country. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Serbia.

Be sure to visit Belgrade to fully absorb the Bohemian atmosphere. In addition, the country has a lot of natural beauty that you can admire in Djerdap National Park and the Fruška Gora, for example. Make archaeological discoveries in Mediana and experience the conviviality of Novi Sad. To make your trip even more complete, we have listed a number of unmissable sights for you.

Top 10 places of interest in Serbia

#1. Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. If you want to get to know this city quickly, Tram 2 is highly recommended. This tram runs in a circle around the city and introduces you to many beautiful sights along the way. The Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade is also definitely worth a visit. You will also find a beautiful fortress here that is over 2000 years old. Belgrade is home to the largest Orthodox church in Europe, called the Cathedral of Saint Sava. This is a huge structure where the nave of the church can accommodate no less than 10,000 people. The city of Belgrade also has a lot to offer. Free guided tours are provided daily. This tour starts at Republic Square. Are you visiting Belgrade and would you like to relax for a day? Then you are in the right place on the Ada Ciganlija peninsula. Here you can enjoy the many water sports options while the city beach invites you for a nice picnic. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Serbia.

#2. Djerdap National Park

The Djerdap National Park is the largest National Park in Serbia. The park is no less than 100 kilometers long. The most famous attraction in the park is the Derdapska Klisura. This is the largest and longest gorge in Europe. The gorge is also called the iron gate. In the park you can walk, cycle, swim and kayak to your heart’s content. Many different types of animals can be found in the park, such as bears, lynxes, wolves and jackals. If you are a lover of relaxation and nature, this park is the perfect place. Discovering the park with a guide is extra interesting and highly recommended.

#3. Fruska Gora

Fruška Gora is a low mountain range that lies for the most part within the borders of Serbia. Only a small part of the mountain range lies within the national borders of Croatia. The highest mountain in this area is 539 meters high and is called Crveni Čot. The low mountains are 90 million years old. There are many marked trails in this area. When you follow the marking you will pass beautiful views and mountain huts that are also located along these trails. Thirty-five monasteries and 16 lakes are located in the low mountain range of Fruška Gora. They are perfect for swimming or fishing. Do you want to stay in this area for a few nights? Then there are several options.
there is also a small campsite.

#4. Djavolya Varos

Djavolja Varos means devil’s city. This fascinating place can be found in the south of Serbia in the Radan Mountains. There are about two hundred hoodoos in the area. These are earth pyramids that have been created over the centuries by erosion. This special natural phenomenon has still not lost its effect. This makes it a real must-see if you are in Serbia for a holiday. The earth pyramids can grow, but also disappear. The locals who lived in the area therefore call the place devil’s city. The transformation of the pillars by the light of the sun and moon is a source of inspiration for many artists. When you are in Serbia, visiting Djavolja Varos is highly recommended. From the parking lot it is a short walk to the hoodoos. Sturdy shoes are therefore not a superfluous luxury. In addition, there are also guides who can tell you everything about this special phenomenon.

#5. Mediana

Mediana is a municipality within the city of Nis. It is one of the most important archaeological sites of Serbian Late Antiquity. Archaeologists discovered here the remains of a residence with villas, thermal baths, a water tower and food storage places. They excavated several marble and bronze statues from the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. You can still admire the remains of it today. The remains consist of a colonnade with more than 1,000 m² of mosaics. The site is free to visit and is located about five kilometers outside the city. In Mediana there is also a museum where you can make even more interesting discoveries.

#6. Niche

Nis is located in the south of Serbia and is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. In the center of Nis you can enjoy the local cuisine or have a drink on one of the many terraces. A somewhat crazy sight in Nis is the Cele Kula, also known as the Skull Tower. This tower is made of 952 skulls and many bones. Niska Banja is recommended for a day of relaxation. This spa is located about 10 kilometers outside the city in a wooded area. In the archaeological museum of Nis you can admire many different objects from the Mediana. In Nis you will also find a small concentration camp from the Second World War. This camp is not that big in size than other well-known camps.

#7. Tara National Park

Tara National Park is located in the westernmost part of Serbia. In this national park you will find many forests where you can take a wonderful walk in the shade of the tall trees. Entrance to the park is free as there is no official entrance. On the map of the park you will find 18 marked trails to discover the park. There is even a path to Banjska Stena. This is a popular viewpoint among hikers. From this vantage point you have a spectacular view over the Perucac lake. If you want to take a walk through this park, it is recommended to do so in groups. It is possible that you encounter wild animals along the way. In the artificial lakes it is even allowed to fish, swim or kayak. Cycling through the park is also an option. These are available for rent for a small amount per day.

#8. Nov Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia. Compared to Belgrade, Novi Sad is a quiet and more friendly city. It has therefore not yet been discovered by mass tourism. In the city you will find a lot of colorful and ornate architecture. In the summer, the city beach on the Danube is highly recommended for an afternoon cool down. Do you like history and art? Then you can choose from many interesting museums such as Novi Sad City Museum or the Museum of Vojvodina. One of the best festivals in Europe takes place in Novi sad every year. In fifteen years time, the EXIT Festival has become perhaps the best festival in Europe.

#9. Drvengrad

Drvengrad is also known as Köstendorf. The village is located two hundred kilometers southwest of the city of Belgrade. It is a traditionally built village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica built for his movie “Life is a miracle”. The director built the village because he lost his city (Sarajevo) in the war. Drvengrad consists of a cinema, sports hall, swimming pool, pastry shop and even a souvenir shop. A film and music festival is held in the village every year. This festival does not have the allure and status of Hollywood, while you can admire interesting films and bump into celebrities. Near the village you will also find four ski slopes and a hotel.

#10. Uvac

When you visit the Uvac nature reserve, planning a boat trip is highly recommended. During this boat trip, the guide will tell you everything about the untouched nature and the protected animal species that live in this nature reserve. You can also admire the nests of the griffon vulture. With a wingspan of 3 meters, the griffon vulture is quite impressive to see flying around this area. The view from the viewpoint of Uvac is spectacular. To reach the viewpoint you take a walk of about half an hour. The caves in the reserve are also worth a visit. They are accessible by boat. The Uvac nature reserve is most beautiful to admire in May.

Sights of Serbia