Sights of Spain

By | November 18, 2022

Spain is the largest country in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the generally pleasant weather and the many sights, Spain is a very popular holiday destination. Spain has even been the number one flight destination among Dutch tourists for years. Spain has hundreds of kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches and also beautifully formed cliffs and bays. Both on the coast and inland, the country has many beautiful towns and villages that are worth a visit. Cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are among the most visited cities in Europe, mainly thanks to the Spanish atmosphere. Spain is history, culture and a beautiful lifestyle combined in a beautiful country. It is not for nothing that many tourists who have visited Spain once return several times to discover even more beauties of the country. In terms of places of interest, we could make Spain a top 100 or perhaps a top 1000. On this page we have limited ourselves to ten sights that we think are really worth seeing. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Spain.

Top 10 places of interest in Spain

#1. The Alhambra and the Generalife
When you talk about the absolute top attraction of Granada, you inevitably come to the Alhambra out in Granada. These palaces once belonged to the Islamic sultan of Granada Muhammed III and other Moorish rulers. The ‘Palacio de Generalife’, which was built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, is located within the old city walls of Alhambra on the hill La Sabika. Here is also the former defensive fortress Alcazaba. The Generalife Palace has several courtyards and gardens that were used as resting places by the Islamic kings. Good examples of this are the ‘Patio de la Acequia and Cypress Patio de la Sultana’. The architecture can best be described as Moorish with Renaissance influences.

#2. Seville
When choosing a Spanish city that you must see, the choice is very difficult. Is it the Royal Madrid, the historic Toledo or the palm city of Elx that you must see? We choose Seville, the largest city in the Andalusia region. The city where flamenco lives in the Bario de Santa Cruz district. The city where the El Arenal district houses many attractions on a few square kilometers. The city where cloths above the walking public should provide some cooling during the hot summer months. You simply have to see Seville once in your life. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Spain.

#3. Sagrada Familia
Antoni Gaudí is the architect responsible for a large number of important buildings in Barcelona such as Casa Milá, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and Casa Vicens. His most impressive creation is Sagrada Familia, a basilica that has been waiting for more than a century to be completed. Many rightly see this building as Gaudí’s masterpiece. If all goes well, Sagrada Familia will be completely finished in the year 2026. Most of the interior is already finished. Work is concentrated on the exterior of the basilica, consecrated in 2010. A visit to Barcelona is not possible without having admired Sagrada Familia. Keep in mind that there are often long queues for people who don’t bought a ticket online in advance.

#4. Canary Islands
For many, this archipelago is synonymous with sun, sea and sand. What people do not always immediately realize is that the Canary Islands have a unique character for Europe in terms of nature. The volcanic origin of the islands has created beautiful landscapes. Sometimes very green like La Palma and the north side of the island of Tenerife, sometimes very rough and rocky like Timanfaya National Park on Lanzarote. In this park, which is partly open to the public, you can still experience the volcanism up close.

#5. Dalí Museum
The Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, who died in 1989, is one of the greatest artists in the field of surrealist art. An important part of the objects he made can now be admired in various museums. The Teatro Museo Dalí, located in his hometown of Figueres, is considered the Dalí Museum, where, in addition to works by the master himself, works by other artists who were admired by Dalí can be seen.

#6. Camp Nou
Football is sacred in Spain. Every weekend, the matches in the Primera División are followed by millions of passionate football fans. What Feyenoord-Ajax is in the Netherlands, that is FC Barcelona against Real Madrid for the Catalans. The football stadium in Barcelona is one of the most appealing football temples in the world. The stadium, which is more than half a century old, is no longer one of the most beautiful stadiums in terms of architecture. It is mainly the history and the magic of the club that make Camp Nou a must-do if you are in Barcelona or the Barcelona area.

#7. El Escorial Less
than fifty kilometers from the capital Madrid is the immense complex El Escorial. This former palace of Philip II was built in the second half of the sixteenth century. The World Heritage listed building is a combination of castle, abbey, basilica, mausoleum and library. Every year, the Real Monestario de El Escorial attracts a huge number of visitors from home and abroad.

#8. Las Médulas
Las Médulas used to be a gold mine where the Romans extracted many kilos of gold. The technique used to mine gold has created a unique landscape, which is now one of the most beautiful natural areas in Spain.

#9. Ibiza nightlife
If there is one place on earth known for its nightlife, it is Ibiza. The island is seen as party island number 1, where young and old can go every day of the week in the famous clubs on the island. For the top DJs in the world, Ibiza is therefore a place where people regularly take place behind the turntables. Those who go out in Ibiza can preferably dress festively and even extravagantly. Age and background does not play a role here. To go to the big parties you have to dig deep into your pockets. The entrance is already well priced and those who want to order a number of drinks have to take into account prices that are sometimes a multiple of what you pay in the Netherlands.

#10. Bilbao
The Basque city of Bilbao is a destination that does not directly meet the expectations that a Spanish city arouses. This is due to the lack of the typical Mediterranean climate in so many other places. Bilbao belongs in this top ten, among other things, because of the different character of the city. Its location on the Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostella could also be a reason to mention Bilbao. For us as Spain lovers, there are two main reasons to visit Bilbao. First of all, you will find a beautifully designed Guggenheim museum here: Museo Guggenheim de Bilbao. The main reason for us to visit Bilbao is that this city is seen as an important culinary city. This is where the pinxtos come from. These are the delicious Spanish skewers that are mainly eaten as tapas.

Sights of Spain