Sights of Sweden

By | November 18, 2022

Norway, Sweden and Finland together form the northern part of Europe known as Scandinavia. Sweden’s most famous cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. As a holiday destination, Sweden is slightly less known than, for example, Denmark. And that is a pity, because Sweden is a nice and varied country with a very beautiful nature, hip cities and a completely different history than the one we know. This makes the country very suitable for fascinating tours, fun city trips or for camping. You probably have to make some choices. Sweden is a large country with a variety of fun destinations. You can visit places such as the historic Hanseatic city of Visby, Swedish Lapland, Östersund with the beautiful Frösö church or the bustling port city of Helsingborg. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Sweden.

Sweden ‘s top 10 sights

#1. High coast
The coastal area of ​​Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia is so special that it has been included in the list of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites since 2000. The High Coast, which is called ‘Högekusten’ in Swedish, can be found on the east coast of Sweden. For a long time the ice exerted its gravitational pull here, but since the melting of this, the earth’s crust has slowly continued its way up. Every year, the granite High Coast rises by about eight millimeters per year. The area of ​​more than one hundred kilometers includes a national park ‘Skuleskogen National Park’ and nature reserve ‘Västanöfallet’. A particularly beautiful piece of nature that is typical for the coast of Sweden. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Sweden.

#2. Stockholm
As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm has a lot to offer. The atmosphere of the city is often determined by the number of bridges, canals and other water areas that cross the city. Partly for this reason, Stockholm is also called the ‘Venice of the North’. Among the city’s attractions are the Royal Palace Stockholms Slot, the Skansen Open Air Museum, Drottningholm Palace, the Maritime Vasa Museum, Djurgården Island and the Skogskyrkogården Cemetery. A walk through the center of Stockholm gives you a clear picture of the variety in architecture. The medieval city center shows a completely different side than the modern Söder Torn in the Södermalm district or the Johanneshov district. You will then find entertainment in the amusement park Gröna Lund. From April to October you can use dozens of attractions here, have a nice meal in the many catering establishments or listen to a concert in the open air.

#3. Abisko National Park
The northern Abisko National Park was established at the beginning of the twentieth century. In addition to a natural science research center, the park also contains part of the popular historical walking route ‘Kungsleden’. In terms of nature, the Abisko park has spectacular gorges such as the Abisko Gorge, mountains and rock formations such as ‘Lapporten’, large lakes and many bird species.

#4. Padjelanta National Park
Slightly further south than the Abisko Park lies the Padjelanta National Park. The area around Radjelanta can best be described as a unique mountain landscape. Here you will also find several lakes, glaciers, a mountain plateau and birch forests. Traditional Saami peoples still live in this area. During the summer months, their reindeer graze peacefully in the landscape.

#5. Drottningholm
Palace The majestic Drottningholm Palace is located just outside Stockholm on the island of Lovön. The Swedish royal family resides in the southern part of the palace. Other parts are open to visitors. Drottningholm Castle was built around the end of the seventeenth century by order of Hedwig Eleonora of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp. The design was partly based on the Palace of Versailles in France. The garden was later created by King Gustaf III. The Chinese rococo pavilion comes from the eighteenth century.

#6. Ice hotel
In Swedish Lapland you can spend the night in a proper way in a real ice hotel. The ice hotel is located in Jukkasjärvi and will be built against an existing hotel. There are rooms for rent between the months of December to April approximately. You then sleep on reindeer skins in a room with an average temperature of about five degrees below zero. Of course, special thermal clothing is available. Lovers can also get married in a chapel carved out of ice.

#7. Laponia
The Swedish Laponia is a nature reserve with no fewer than four national parks and two nature reserves. This Swedish Lapland, as we call it, is special enough to be included in Unesco’s natural heritage list. The biological diversity as well as the Saami history form a beautiful whole that is very valuable for the future. Tourists can enjoy dazzling routes along glaciers, mountain massifs, wetlands and a unique culture in which nature is of paramount importance.

#8. Hoogovens van Engelsberg
On Lake Åmänningen just outside Ångelsberg you can visit an industrial open-air museum, where you can learn more about the Hoogovens van Engelsberg. The blast furnaces were introduced in the seventeenth century to process iron ore. At the peak of trade, there were about fifty buildings belonging to the company here. The factory was finally shut down in 1919. The Hoogovens van Engelsberg now shows the era of what it looked like around the end of the nineteenth century. Special tours can be booked for enthusiasts in the visitor center.

#9. Petroglyphs of Tanum
In the western region of Bohuslän, ancient petroglyphs have been discovered at the town of Tanum. The drawings are from the Bronze Age. The drawings show all kinds of scenes related to, for example, a marriage, tools, ships and hunters. In the nearby Vitlycke Museum you can discover more interesting facts about this special legacy from the past. Since 1994, the petroglyphs of Tanum have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

#10. Malmö
The southern city of Malmö is very popular with young people. As a student city, there is of course plenty to do. The compact center has more than enough nice cafes, restaurants, trendy design shops and Swedish fashion labels. The series ‘The Bridge’ has also put the Swedish city of Malmö on the map. There is even a real bus tour along famous places in the series. Culture vultures will also get their money’s worth here. Malmö has a number of striking sights to discover. Think of the Malmö Konsthall, the festival Malmöfestivalen, Malmöhus Castle with fascinating museums and visiting the Lilla Torg and Folkets park districts.

Sights of Sweden