Sights of Taiwan

By | November 18, 2022

The island of Taiwan, located in East Asia, has been a sovereign state since the end of World War II, now also known as the Republic of China. This also includes the smaller archipelagos of Matsu, Kinmen and Wuciou. Previously, the island of Taiwan was known as Formosa. Where China and Taiwan (Republic of China) have fought against the Japanese, they really must be seen separately. China and the Republic of China each have their own political government. Taiwan is a destination where culture, religion and natural beauty go hand in hand. Divided over the island, you can admire an immense number of temples or other religious buildings, where all kinds of rituals are performed every day. Taiwan’s nine national parks are an excellent addition to this. The tranquility and natural beauty of this still relatively unknown destination are a pleasant change from the busy cities with many skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings. Add to that some breathtaking beaches and good food and you have a nice overview of this versatile island. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Taiwan (China).

Top 10 places of interest in Taiwan

#1. Tainan

The southwest city of Tainan or Tainan City is home to a number of interesting and captivating sights. In the history books, the city of Tainan comes back as a trading post of the United East India Company, also known as VOC. Fort Zeelandia is a clear indication of this. The Dutch fort nowadays bears the name ‘Anping Fort’. Because Tainan is one of the oldest cities in Taiwan, there are many historical monuments, temples and churches to admire. In addition to this fascinating history, there are also various festivals, museums, shops, parks, markets, hot springs and a zoo to visit. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Taiwan.

#2. Taroko National Park

The adventurous environment within the Taroko National Park is ideal for making beautiful hikes. Around 1937, the area around the Taroko Gorge was designated a national park. The first name ‘Tsugitaka Taroko National Park’ was given during the Japanese military dictatorship under the regime of Emperor Hirohito, also known as Emperor Showa. Later, around 1989, the park was named Taroko National Park. In terms of sights you can think of waterfalls, rivers such as the Leewoo Ho River where you can make beautiful rafting trips, the Taroko gorge and incredibly beautiful views.

#3. Taipei 101

The tallest building in Taiwan is located in the capital Taipei. Until the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it was even the tallest building in the world for a few years. The Taipei 101 measures about five hundred and eight meters, with a floor space of about four hundred and twelve thousand square meters. The 100-storey building is furnished with commercial spaces as well as offices, a restaurant and, of course, an observation deck for enthusiasts.

#4. National Palace Museum

The ancient art collection of the National Palace Museum in Taipei originated from the private collections of Chinese emperors. For a long time they were kept in a palace in Beijing. During the civil wars, the collection was brought to safety and today we can see it with our own eyes. The collection includes vases, paintings, documents, ceramics, bronze objects and calligraphy.

#5. Foguangshan Monastery

The Buddhist monastery of Foguangshan was founded around 1967 by Hsing Yun. He wanted to bring culture, talent and education together here. Today’s Buddhist monks are happy to take you on a fascinating tour, where you receive various information about Buddhist teachings. To really experience it, it is even possible to spend the night there.

#6. Kenting National Park

The oldest park in Taiwan is Kenting National Park. This natural park is located on the southernmost point of the island. Kenting National Park consists mainly of wooded hills, mountains, valleys, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lots of coastline with beautiful beaches. The Eluanbi lighthouse is open to the public all year round. And the nearby ‘National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium’ is also a nice tip to take with you during your visit to the beautiful Kenting National Park.

#7. Yangmingshan National Park

North of Taipei City is Yangmingshan National Park. The mountainous landscape is arranged differently from the other eight national parks due to the change in temperatures. In Yangmingshan National Park, for example, you will encounter more than a thousand different types of plants and there are about one hundred and twenty different bird species to spot. Other attractions of Yangmingshan National Park include the Chung-Shan ceremonial structure, volcano craters such as those at Mount Qixing, and the hot springs of Yangmingshan.

#8. Shilin Night Market

Night markets are very popular in Taiwan. Usually they are always busy and there is a lot of entertainment. The Shilin Night Market on Jihe Road in Taipei is the largest market in the city. The night market is located in the Shilin district, which is also known as an area of ​​the city where many expats gather. The Shilin Night Market opens around four in the afternoon and often closes well after twelve. In the covered ‘food court’ you will find hundreds of food stalls with various dishes. You can easily eat well for little money here. The streets and alleys around the food court, such as Wenlin Road, Anping Street, Dadong Road and Danan Road.

#9. Sun Moon Lake

The almost fairytale-like Sun Moon Lake is located in Nantou province. This largest lake in Taiwan therefore attracts a lot of interest from both residents and tourists. The twenty-seven-foot-deep Sun Moon Lake is at its busiest during the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chuseok or Harvest Moon Festival. This three-day festival is all about the full moon and the harvest. It is therefore a religious festival. During the festivities, all kinds of offerings are given to the moon and shows are performed.

#10. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The historical monument ‘Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’ was inaugurated in 1980. The memorial at Memorial Hall Square in Taipei was erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, a Chinese political and military leader of the Republic of China. The memorial building contains all kinds of documents, objects, photos and exhibits that refer to Chiang Kai-shek, Chinese history and that of Taiwan.

Sights of Taiwan